Italian Defender Bisonte C45 – Loot Box Bait? | World of Tanks Bisonte C45 Gameplay and Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bisonte C45 Gameplay, Tier 8 Premium Italian Autoreloading Tank. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks – Bisonte C45 in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11 Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 | Introduction
00:35 | What this tank?
02:35 | Armor Profile
04:35 | Good and Bad?
06:40 | How Reload system works
11:09 | Equipment Setup
15:38 | Battle
20:40 | Conclusion

It time to look at yet another new premium tank in World of Tanks. This time it is a special one, introducing new reload mechanic into game with first Italian tank in World of Tanks.

What do you think?


  1. So what do you think, how they make this tank available? Sadly I think Boxes, but hoping as a special “unleaked” tanked as an advent calendar tank…
    What do you think about it?
    Video Chapters:
    00:00 | Introduction
    00:35 | What is this tank?
    02:35 | Armor Profile
    04:35 | Good and Bad?
    06:40 | How the Reload system works
    11:09 | Equipment Setup
    15:38 | Live Battle
    20:40 | Conclusion

  2. i think it will come with loot boxes we dont have any leaks for boxes like previous year with double barrel tanks its for new italian heavy tech tree

  3. The reload is bad, the armor is weak head-on,the new relaod-mechanic silly, the mobility needs a buff and the accuracy is poor. I don’t think this is a good all-rounder and will always be fun. So why spend money on it. Just for appearance?

  4. Dez it was on the back of the train in the first holiday video

  5. I played against RagingRaptor in his c45 while he was hulldown and it was pretty easy to pen him with gold under the gun

  6. Last year was 703 122 and e75ts on 10 boxes hope i repeat

  7. Buttered_Popcorn_Jelly_Bean

    DezGamez, why are you not asleep yet? 😂

  8. Bro, you need to reduce the bass in your recordings. Totally out of whack with every other audio setting.

  9. I will pull it from the loot boxes with the cheapest pack.

  10. GLD because of Autoloader and after each Shot the V stab and IRM does nothing against that
    after if you have food it help but i do not play with Food 🙂

  11. Simple solution and great tactic would be to put it in the lootboxes and then in the Black Market for gold auction to maximalize profit and shut the lootboxes complains.

  12. It’s beesonte

  13. Whats the name of the song on 4:18

  14. The conclusion… This is why I love your content PapaDez 😘 And this tank is quite meh i think (sadly)

  15. 😖 gun handling looks British TD line charioteer FV4005 very frustrating

  16. Sick track starting at 3:06. Also thanks for the video. Looking forward to the event.

  17. Thanks! I hate it. At least I’m not interested in getting it.

  18. 2:53 song name?

  19. So we are getting pasta heavy tanks next week?

  20. Perfectly explained. Thank you so much.

  21. The only “Job” Tier8s have in a Tier10 Battle is feeding Toptiers juicy damge.

  22. I think one of the only tier 8 tanks that can pen the turret of this new tank might be the ISU 152 K

  23. Bad tank. Point blank.

  24. its a defender without turret weekspots … no gun handeling and broken armor only lowerplate weekspot but without commander hatch weekspot !!! its a better defender …..gun handeling will work fine just like defender gun handeling works !! you cant kill it coz you cant pen it but he will take multiple shots and he will pen you

  25. I don’t completely agree with you, but dude i do love you and respect you now for saying it.
    “Don’t lock the new content behind loot boxes”

    This vehicule must be a challenge vehicule like projetto was. They just completely go for the greed again.

  26. You should buy loot boxes only if you are active in this game and if you want to get gold, premium time and credits (and if you have some money to spare, of course 🙂 ). NEVER buy them to get tanks… If you really want this (or any other) tank, just wait a little bit and it will probably be on sale in a couple of months

  27. It will not be OP, it will be introduces as OP, just like double barrel to sell the lootboxes. And deez I can’t believe that you play in the card that this will be in advent calendar, this will be loot box bait!

  28. I still dont realize this tank is a tier 8 heavy tank, I just have that natural instinct that this tank has an autoreloader so it has to be a Medium

  29. Justin justintheman

    I seen junkers play it today
    Nah its a box tank cause they need to have something in the box unique so you can buy it

  30. This is how many free to play Players here

  31. Dez just pronounce it like it is written

  32. Actually only the armor and looks of the tank are good …

  33. Hmm, not a very promising review 🙁

  34. It looks like an M4A1 Abrams

  35. adamsın

  36. I fight today in random against one,and its fucking strong tank

  37. prog 2 really as its just as slow

  38. inside advent calander ? I Think someone has been drinking too early

  39. Victor Latorre romero

    Compensation explained easily: if you interrupt the reload of a round by shooting, the reload will start again from 0 but will be shorter

  40. yeah heavy tank with 0 armor.. bait tank. Pros will use it properly, rest will be free dmg.

  41. Yesterday you kill my whit this tank😎

  42. more like italian chieftain+auto-reloader

    when hull down turret is mostly impenetrable with the tiniest cupola ever

    autoreloader to flex on retards that cannot identify an autoreloader…

    reduced penalty for firing early unlike the ita meds that have had gun handling+ reload nerfed

    fuck you wg

  43. Liberty or Death 1776

    Bad gun handling, long intraclip, slow…I’ll stick with my Spaghetto.

  44. I almost wish The Daily Bounce was wrong with this list, and we will get something more interesting, but so far is Harkonnen very accurate.

  45. Played in a game last monday and there was one there, player didn’t reply to any query.

  46. Bisonte=bison

  47. I’ve been putting vents, vert stabs, and rotation mech, on more of my tanks. I feel hitting more reliably is more important than 10% more dpm

  48. It is now biscotti..

  49. Yeah lootbox tank deluxe was abit the same with the IS 3a <<<< Tinkertricks eu servers

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