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  1. Do you realize how disappointed I was that thumbnail did not lead to an Alphamaxnova1 video?

  2. Antuanette Tarazona

    *Thicc duck, thicc cannon, thicc gnocchi.*

  3. dantheflyingman32

    French duck potez 631?

  4. More racism from the racist american

  5. im so happy the T-28 is 1.7 again.

  6. Phlydaily can you play American Suffer HE Shell from M551 day-3

  7. Andre Gabriel Timcang

    Phly remember 4years ago when WT’s april fools included the leo2A5 and T90A?
    Well look where we are now, having the 2A6 and new russians

  8. How does he switch selected weapons? Can’t find it in options.

  9. ruben giessenburg

    Day 2: please play the La 7 or La 9

  10. Day 14 : pls play the etendard IVM so I can learn the meta

  11. Day 88: Play the Bf109-K4, its been years

  12. Day 12 oph asking phly to phinally play the La-7 and for him to read comments

  13. GroundRB daily 😢

  14. @phydaily if thats the Italian duck then you must use the fat Italian goose [p108 woth 102mm] pls

  15. Jonathan Parker

    Italian 2.3 is honestly one of my favorite lineups. I’ve got six slots with the F.C.20 and Re.2001 CB for CAS, then the Sahariano, M14/41 premium, M15/42, and the M3A3. Couple more slots for the AB 43 and the 75/34 M42, and it’d be even better. Hell, you could even throw in the Ju-87 and have a 2.3 bomber, attacker, AND fighter for most efficient spawn point usage.

    So sad I can’t use that lineup for events or the battle pass. That Rank III restriction is so pointless, should be Rank II where so many fun vehicles are.

  16. Day 1: idk if u already have a video about it but can you make a video about how to grind silver lions

  17. ศุภวิชญ์ แสงสุวรรณ

    Hey phly. PLEASE make video of KV2 in top tier rb with only HE round. Show them the power of HE

  18. Phly please do a small tutorial at a beginning of a vid explaining how to setup selected weapons thing you got. The war thunder controls binding is terrible lol

  19. frame drop thunder

  20. Seeing this

    Happy Italian duck noises

  21. Amir Ridderstam

    I have a question to daily whit country has good tanks, planes and more I have the Russian faction and just whanted to know. I got the kv1 and kv2 and the kv2 reload is kinda slow. You make great vid keep it up. Love from Sweden

  22. The .50 Cal P26 is actually really effective at 1.0

  23. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    They got their chocolate on their side that’s why.,

  24. Kindly do a how to bomb correctly guide

  25. Time to start a new tech tree I guess.

  26. Sinan Bozkurt50_

    Merhaba Türkiye varmı ?

  27. P-63C-5 Kingcobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. Gabriel Jorbenadze

    Day 3 of asking Phly to play Mi-4AV

  29. day 2 : pls revisit the vt1-2

  30. Sturmtruppe 1918

    What’s the Intro songs name

  31. Play the AH-64D again

  32. Wait, isn’t that technically a duckroll?

  33. I’ve discovered this little monster a few months ago and was wondering when Phly would make a video on it. Today my wish is granted!!

  34. i once kill PZiii with soviet 4 maxim machine gun AA and seeing phly struggle to kill it usim bigger gun is weird

  35. Aditya Pradipta

    Please play Hunter F.6

  36. Nicolas Kielblock

    It looks like a box with wings

  37. 0:01 What’s that song? I heard it from 2014, but don’t know it.

  38. BAALofEKRON 666

    Nice! Finally Heavy Metal getting the appreciation it deserves! 😃

  39. Day20:Hey phly could you play the type-62 in the chines tech tree

  40. Hayden Rasmussen

    Day 2 of asking Phly to play the BM-13N Katyusha

  41. I keep trying to get back into Warthunder but it just makes me sad to see that countries really don’t feel unique to me anymore, everyone seems to have US assets or German assets, and it just ruins the fun for me to be fighting the same tanks I use but different countries. Maybe it’s just me but I feel it kills the fun. PhlyDaily is the best to watch when it comes to Warthunder and is one of the reasons I keep coming back to it.

  42. war and ships Explained

    Please do the p.108a serire . Italy 102 gun meatball plane

  43. Waited so long for this thing nice vid.

  44. Maybe to complete the trilogy of planes with omegachad cannons you should play the PBJ-1H again after this?

  45. Timestamps were killed in the discription. 😭

  46. Why isn’t WT adding any anti air between 5.3 and 8.0 in USA? ☹️ The m42 suxx.

  47. fireworkforforke

    what is the song in the first 5 seconds of the video?

  48. I mean Phly is the only one to not get rekt all the time by fighters in 2 seconds

  49. Wjat is the song in the first 5 seconds

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