Italian HAM – World of Tanks – Progetto M40 mod. 65

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Source: Circonflexes

Playing game at one of the easiest tiers in the game. People asked for it, so lets go!


  1. 11pm circon? yes.

  2. Spaghetto 65 should have 390 alpha, then the tank would be perfect.

  3. At least when people get wrecked by “Circon” and then they finally see it was you they probably rage a split second then think oh…. it was circon….

  4. How’s your mother circon? ☝️?

  5. and 2 years ago you we were all complaining about the current maps as well 😀

  6. Circ excels in all tiers

  7. 2 repair kits on a tier 10 medium is quite a meme.

  8. italian ham? you mean prosciutto

  9. I have been calling them Prosciutto tanks since day 1.

  10. 1300 Ace ? Not even a ace in tier IX Conqueror 🙁

    Gg though

  11. Wasn’t Minsk supposed to get fixed like 6 months ago?

  12. I hope everything is ok with your mom ?

  13. dat type 5 meme tho
    would’ve been top kek if you actually got penned

  14. Seal clubbing at tier 10 again, I see.

  15. >Be Circon
    >Be on Minsk
    >Say “I always do bad on this map”
    >Get Ace Tanker

    *Ah, well, The Memelord is at it again.*

  16. Italian HAM? Looks like you have been playing with Foch… :thinking:

  17. best map in the game currently is Ghost town, imo

  18. that 430U tho

  19. RIP normal mediums, can’t compete with this thing :/

  20. whale clubbing 😉

  21. Holy shit i didnt even notice i got a shout out in the stream 0_0

  22. Stop sealclubbing Circon, oh wait its a tier 10 battle.
    Then stop spamming gold, oh wait he is shooting standard ammo.


    • Dont worry we can grasp towards the next straws:
      – It’s because of the crew skills (Especially funny at tier 10.)
      – Complain about Food Consumable (Even do we made a lot of credits this game.)
      – Premium Repair Kit
      & probably some i am missing here, they’ll find a way to complain. ; )

    • +Circonflexes directives and improved equipment?

    • -Stop loading ammo
      -Stop using the hud, reel players turn it off

  23. bring back dragon ridge!

  24. mrcannotfindaname

    2 repair kits on 430u, genius, i’m gonna do it

  25. That 430U’s consumables be like: *I sAw QB dO iT oNcE iN tHe ToRtOiSe, LeMmE jUsT tRy ThIs In My RuSsIaN tAnK. wAiT wTf I’m On FiRe Oh nO*


      Ivan! Throw me another wrench so i can fix this ammo rack! Im sorry Oleg, were out of wrenches! *cries in communism*

  26. What mod does circ use for the wn8/moe?

  27. Too bad WG will nerf this when it comes to console. I want to seal club tier 10. 🙁

  28. Glad to see you back on high tier..:)

  29. “I miss fucking Stalingrad” ? Well, that sounds… Weird 😀

  30. I’m curious if you like amx m4 1954. I know you liked a lot m4 1951..:)

  31. 2 Repair kits and a Med kit Circon


      Or what if he has THREE repair kits? And a very good fire crew
      Dun dun duuuuuun

  32. That t62a at the start looks Bass’s.

  33. 4:27 I wish I got that number of crits when I PEN with any howitzer HE

  34. Is the new matchmaking actually going to do anything to help? Or will it just induce another stage of a waking nightmare

  35. Man new video by circon time to unsub again ?

  36. This map is cancer along with Paris and a lot of other maps that shouldn’t be seeing high tier play.

  37. I miss pearl river, northwest, severogorsk,and hidden village. Swamp was aids though. That one can stay gone. Stalingrad was hit or miss for me. I wasn’t great on it but I did enjoy the scenery.

  38. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    I hope your mum is doing OK, all things considered Circon. Thank you for yet again another timeless demonstration of how to play WOT’s, your videos doing what you do never got old man! Cheers!

  39. @Circon did you check out Crossout?!? Also a game with shooting on wheels and stuff.

  40. Ironic that the Russians didn’t like Stalingrad

  41. I play GTA what’s this.

  42. make WoT great again nerf japanese heavies and remove french armored cars/afvs

  43. You were giving that type 5 a real show for it’s money with that staredown, how’d that go for yah XD

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