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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is teasing the Italian Autoreloading heavy tanks – here’s all we know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 02:18 it atcually kinda looks like a TOG II* to me

  2. “Balance”

  3. Yes WarGaming we deffinetely need an Italian Defender.
    Except it has a completely inpenable turret with no weak spots and 10° of gun depression.
    …aaaand good mobility too because why not.

  4. Mhhhh Christmas time will be fun in wot this year, 5 t8 Italians on each side stomping me in my sta 2

  5. the next opTank

  6. What do I see there? “Hull-down daddy” you say? Don’t we have ENOUGH already?


  8. Hmm, so the old tanks will not be played much.. power creep!!

  9. I mean the tier 10 will be meta killing but awesome and I can’t wait to play it

  10. Happy birthday my birthday is 10.10

  11. happy birthday

  12. happy birthday bro 😎

  13. Hold on I have the same birthday as QuickyBaby, WOW

    Edit: No wonder I like his videos

  14. Niño Frech Rodney Selehencia

    Happy birthday Quickybaby

  15. Happy bday! It’s obvious that the most clever and a sympathetic people are born in October…including me of course 😂😂😂😂😂


    Developer diaries: 0:56

    Tier 7: 2:18

    Tier 8: 3:18

    Improved auto reloader: 5:12

    Tier 9: 8:26

    Tier 10: 9:43

    Looking at the stats of the tier 8 premium: 12:28

    Conclusion: 17:44

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy birthday from Italy!!!

  19. Happy birthday QB I’m sure the tier 8 is doing to be the new scary heavy you dont want to see in the enemy team

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! October 2nd is my birthday as well alltough you’re 12 years ahead of me

  21. Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Quackybaby! Greatest of wishes for the coming year!

  23. hey QB — quick question: from what tank does the heavy line start from again? thanks

  24. Hi guy, i go the soviet tech trie for spg, get up to T9…ok , then i unlock T10 and buy…and i work hard for my silver, not like the rich…what happen, a bad downgrade, the gun is shit and only 50% shells
    WTF wot ! I sell after some matches loose 4 million and bite in my granite table, thanks a lot wot for make supermonkey with me ! But thats ok because i am a international toilet….shit on my head i love it and say thank u !

  25. “What do you think YouTube?” At least he’s not calling it Twitch any more.

  26. “don’t break the balance” …… Wargaming, you broke the balance in 2015 and just kept flogging the dead horse. You can’t break what’s already broken and say it’s fixed…

  27. Happy birthday to mi favorite tanker 🥳🤩🎂🎁💐

  28. I am guessing the tier 8 will either be a marathon or loot boxes.Preferably the former.

  29. 60 Blueprints for Italy in my Store 😉

  30. Rinconceronte haha

  31. And here i thought the Tier 8 design was the Tier 10

  32. Happy happy happy birthday 🥰

  33. Will see if it resist my 268v4s strength

  34. Is that abrams? Mod71 looks like it.

  35. Shashank Jerripottulu


  36. I like how the progetto 71 has no cupola

  37. Happy B-Day

  38. He not let the video going to the end, so dont viev the owerpowered frontal turet armor of that premium tank, its like Defender on steroids….

  39. Happy birthday Quickybaby 😀 🤠🎂

  40. happy birthday Mate

  41. youre talking too much

  42. Where exactly is the drawback for all the positive sides of the tank(s)?

  43. so, happy birthday my dear QuickyBaby 🙂

  44. If they can put in tanks made this long after WW2 then they should easily be able to add in the chieftain we have all been asking for

  45. Happy bday quicky!

  46. Omg shut UP…

  47. Bro just say that the have the gears of war reload.

  48. Good video, but now I have the question that arises every time a new branch of vehicles appears and that seems to be superior: how long will they last until they are nerfed, a few months? A year? Anyway, I’m used to it to these future disappointments …. I still await the branch of Japanese tank destroyers, Hungarian vehicles, who later changed their mind to “form” a European technology tree and many other announcements that have been forgotten, and not only in this Wargaming game, It already seems tragicomic ………. XD.

  49. As someone who just started playing the game i have had the toughest time not paying money for certain things. Most of everything is locked behind pay walls which is frustrating to try and play for fun. Even after watching some ofnyour videos on tips and tricks which did help a lot(thanks for that btw!!) It still is difficult to find match making that is fairly close to each team. Either you roll or you get rolled there is no in between.

  50. I’m super excited for these

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