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is bringing a new tech tree Italian in update 1.11.1 – here’s all the new tanks!


World Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I thought i will skip only t7 with blueprints. Now i will do same with t8

  2. imo the rhino should of been the CW reward tank , while the carro de 45t should of been the tech tree tier tank , just swapping its class from medium to heavy

  3. these tank names are soo long

  4. Please don’t ask to buff that tank before it is released. This tank is good enough… And I’m really not looking for yet another tank that changes the meta. If it underperforms after 6 months? Sure.. but remember you asked to buff the manticore.. and that tank is definitely good enough too

    • And to add to this… you should not compare it to the Kranvagn but rather the ST-II. I don’t think AutoREloaders should be compared with autoloaders.. but a double barreled tank is pretty close to autoreloading

  5. Frederik Jul Laursen

    Will u ever try to play war thunder?

  6. Italian “heavies” with hangman’s knot on their neck: WG pls…
    Polish medium line: First time?

  7. Vilius Rapševičius

    Tier 9 looks the best to me, has the same dpm as the tier 10 and turret armor along with hull when using gun depresion are really good.

  8. The tier 10 needs a serious turret armor buff. Currently even using the max gun depression a lot of gold ammo can go through. Either keep the weakspot and make other parts of the turret at least *work* when using the depression, either remove the weakspot because its bad enough

  9. The t9 is the only good one maybe t8and 10 can be ok situation wise but t7 is awful

  10. they should put weakpoints on tanks 😮

  11. Holy crap, these tank are garbage, i’m sorry… T 57 heavy and Kranvagn are already existing in the game right now guys…

  12. And then u see a chieftain 😂 no weakpoiint double of dpm, faster so this tank seems garbage and getting shot from top is death for the rino

  13. I love the fact that they add vehicles with low dpm which are not too fast either. Maybe that brings the avg. match time up a bit. And while I feel like it would have been okay to make the Rinocerontes Turret a bit harder to pen, when being on level ground, I do like the weakpoint on top and the possibility to hide it behind its gun. It just looks to me like there is a challenge to play this tank. Its not just a straight forward hulldown + left mouse button tank.

  14. This just in: Tech tree tanks suck, more at 7.

  15. Tier 9 is like baby chieftain

  16. tbh I can make this tank work with apcr on test server with 3k avg DMG, i think it’s actually very good but maybe just my playstyle

  17. I feel these tanks are going to get speed and/or Dpm buffs within a year of release.

  18. shave when you hit 666666 subs?

  19. No quicky.. armored tanks are just supposed to have some weakpoints

  20. Big weakpoint? e5 says hello

  21. The rhinoceronte wouldnt be a rhino if it didnt have the sharp triangle on top.

  22. This branch doesn’t make sense to me. A lot of work to be done by WG…

  23. Nah they did not do a good job making the double barreled tanks not pay to win, the obj is the obvious choice over the is-2-ii

  24. T9 is a Bourrasque on steriods 😀

  25. It’s not O.P thats whats important for me.
    We do not need a other 279e in the game

  26. At first look they seem pretty much balanced, maybe give the tier 10 5 km/h extra. They are not too strong but manageable.
    My personal tactic for the tier 10 would be to fire two shots and reload, then fire two again, that makes for 980 damage in 4 seconds and the reload per shell is just one second different. That way, you always have one shot in reserve to discourage the enemy from pushing.

  27. IS-3-II vs Obj 703 II
    QB did you notice that the one is tier 9 and the other is tier 8 premium?! oO

    Also: just another point to show that they are now very comfortable of putting a much better premium tank in than the tech tree tanks, sooo it seems the premiums are really what they really care about, not the tech tree ones (who would have guessed? 😉 )

  28. Dude, trim your moustache. Looks like pubes, and blonde ones at that.

  29. stop complaining! otherwise they buff it and then we have another overpowered tank for two years like the Obj. 268 4 …

  30. Federico Maria Ostuni

    I’m incredibly disappointed, i’ve been waiting to the Italian heavys since July and WG makes the tier 7 and 8 trash, the tier 9 overall good and the tier 10 like one of the worst things I’ve seen in a HEAVY, I would say that the panzer VII would be a better tank to grind… As an Italian person I’m more disappointed than other people and community contributers

  31. You say heavy Tanks are getting to fast. But you also saß the New Tier 8 heavy is to slow with a topspeed of 45 is to slow

  32. How i can disable big battles. I hate 30 vs 30 battles.

  33. stop. making. auto. loaders

  34. tier x would be cut out chieftain without the zit on the top

  35. Peter Ferenc Mezei

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of that moustache… 😀

  36. If you raise the gun up on the rinoceronte, the weak point dips back down into the turret hiding it completely, it also doesn’t weaken the underside of the gun. I suppose it will be a skill to learn like turning your turret away in german heavy’s

  37. I have 268 standard pen on 105 charioteer gun and it sucks at tier 9/10 bounces critical hits and misses hardly ever pens even the side of tanks…..soft stats make or break tanks. Had a game last week the kv2 beside me was hitting tanks that I missed at range…it bollocks.

  38. Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

    So I guess get the rhino for looks? Cause it looks really damn cool, personally I will be going up this line just to look at it

  39. If it didn’t have the weak point on top… would be a Chieftain. Go ahead and say it. It’s okay to admit the Chieftain gets to have stupid hull down capabilities while the tech tree tanks absolutely have to have glaring weak spots to keep them from enjoying that same gameplay style.

  40. Themis Spanopoulos

    Ενδιαφερεται κανεις να παιξει στο event με την κλαν μου?

  41. Julio Cesar Rojo Alvarez

    Anyone know how to get acces to sandbox?? thanks

  42. ~11:30 – why compare italian tier8 tech tree to italian tier 8 prem next to russian tier 9 tech tree to tier 8 prem? makes no sense, either both tier 8 or tier 9 tech tree to their tier 8 counterparts

  43. Oh the fixation on destroying arty lol. If you get to destroy arta you’ve already won the game. Can it go toe to toe with IS7 or 279e. Kill arta does not win games…’ve already won Quacky lol

  44. Qb have you heard about team clash 2021 that starts tomorrow?

  45. No one: the tier ix heavy looks like a bourrasque on steroids. 🤣

  46. Very disappointed in this tech tree, I was very optimistic and now I’m very sad this sucks!

  47. More like Trashoceronte! This line looks dead on arrival!

  48. When will you break down the Renaissance event? I am confusion.

  49. Interesting

  50. how much XP is it if you have the t6 stock to get the T10 heavy italian instantly?

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