Italian Leopard! – Prototipo Standard B – Italian Tier 9

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Stronk tenk

  2. Enjoy, what do you guys think of the new tier 9 medium? : )

    • Fritten Neuntausend dude. 212 is workable af. Especially with 260 gold. You havent played E50 then before the panther II got the long-long 88

    • @Circonflexes, why (in the beginning of the video), don’t you wait ~1s longer for an extra shell to be loaded? (you seemed to be waiting for an extra shell to load, but then you fired with ~1s left … )

    • Fritten Neuntausend

      “dude” huh? Read again, “dude”. Gun=workable. In combination with stock engine=bad. I would even consider to grind the engine before the gun. Than you can use the base gun to full extend. And i played all line to tier 10, including E50 (not bought all t10s though), and it wasnt worse.

    • What do you think about the 3 sec intra reload wait?

    • Too long reload for that last shell and intra round reload of 3 doesn’t make sense with the rest of the auto reloaders. Good game though. You should try to hold on some of your shots. A few of them you were less than 1 sec away from another shell.

  3. It will prolly get nerfed by the time i get to it

    • Arun Shukla but it isnt OP

    • That is the way. For relatively casual players like me, you get there and it’s either nerfed or already powercreeped.

    • mal doran laughs in Skkda T50

    • You sir, just figured out WG’s intent. How many tanks have I seen perform well on the battlefield, but by the time I grind the tank out, they have nerfed the shit out of it to where its no longer playable.

      Its why I gave up this game. They don’t care about the game, ONLY making money and Im glad to say “not off me any longer”. Best decision I ever made.

  4. Felace Gianpiero

    I almost read the title as Italian Leopardi ( wich was an Italian poet and a today’s meme)

  5. World of Tanks Sucks

    More fun to play in than the tier 10

  6. 2:22 what a waste

  7. Thats’a spicey meataball

  8. Enemys M103 was so fucking clueless

  9. I know I’ll be the asshole that says it, but I find it amusing when you pronounce it “pro getto” :D. I think it’s something like “projeto”. Sorry about that, I’m a butt I know.

  10. Dont know about the standard B but the premium progettos are fucking EVERYWHERE and clipping the hell out of everything in every battle.

  11. First game ace? Dayum

    Poor Skill had to play 47 games to get an ace 馃榾

  12. This was so boring to watch.

  13. Chandler Kristoff

    I was really hoping for another P.44 Pantera replay haha.

  14. Gunna be honest this tanks playstyle looks so boring.

  15. Chandler Kristoff

    Still waiting on that Progetto 46 to be sold by itself, cmon Wargeeming.

  16. So good gun, good mobility, dried pasta for armor. Got it.

  17. This map is just awful now.

  18. Just realized the gun on that thing looks like the one on the 41 90

  19. 1 sided map of all maps

  20. Shootgreedofirst

    Italian Leopard is actually the name of a cologne I’ve invented.

  21. Soo.. the Italians now have better versions of the German tanks than the Germans do… huh.. nice.. glad I stopped playing

  22. aw yiss, motha fuckin top tier massacre
    it was a close game; gg!

  23. In Soviet WoT, spagett toucha you!

  24. LLTB, a T8 light tank is able to pen a T9 medium tank…鈥︹︹..from the front. LMAO!

    WG, you make me laugh at you…鈥︹︹..a lot! LMAO!

    • srexob715 Well some tanks drop armor for mobility and firepower. That was the whole concept behind the Leopard program. Why use resources on armor if you will get easily penned in just a few years time, but new and superior weapons. Also I think it is a good part of the game, that you lose survivability to gain both firepower, mobility and view range.

    • I just find it interesting(and hilarious) that a T8 light tank can pen a T9 medium tank from the front…鈥︹︹︹.while the KV-5, a heavy tank, has trouble penning tanks in its own tier.

  25. I love this game. Not because its fun to play, but because some of the dumbest things ever happen in it. I gave up going to comedy shows.

  26. Many Miles Away

    I find it absolutely hilarious that WoT had to poach an early German Leopard 1 prototype to help finish the Italian tech tree

    • It was either that design or the Italian version of it either way you’d be getting an auto loading Leo 1

  27. who is that weird pideyx_cz? looks like he was spamming or something the whole time

  28. WatcherMovie008

    Circon, not gonna give an opinion about the KV-5 nerf?

  29. Just to ask, is there any vehicle in-game that you CAN’T Ace?

  30. Completely legit that this tank has 268mm of pen with APCR as standard ammo,while T54E1 has 210mm of pen with Ap as standard…L E G I T! BRAVO WG !

  31. “btw tier 9 isnt seal clubbing” nice one circ

  32. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    not a leopard. didnt get ammo wracked whenever you got looked at.

  33. The intraclip reload sounds sexy a f

  34. Did he stop playing it after this battle, to keep the high XP?

  35. Please look at czech Community Contributor- Konvalina11. He have aimbot and he had a downward mod. Please make some video about this Community Contributor. we want him to get a ban.

    Thank you for your help 馃檪

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