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World of Tanks is bringing a new tree of Italian autoloading tank destroyers in update 1.18 – here’s all the tanks!



  1. Pretty sure World of Tanks have no idea what Trunnion Tilt is.

  2. More op fantasy tanks 🙂

  3. i have not played them on testserver and that is the mai point – still tests on testserver. lets hope wg uses the chance to rebalance some of the more freaking stats. what is a less good point on the tanks is the huge variety of guns which is – on the negative side – either a free xp drain or a longer grind to get the tanks fully researched. as a good point the variety gives more options. i think it will be worth to check the guns in the middle what they offer compared to the top guns in regards of accuracy, reloadtime and playstyle

  4. For a guy who’s been in Mexico for ten days, you don’t have much of a tan!

  5. I am concerned about these tank going into the game as is. It’s armour is waaaaayyyyy over tuned. It’s the Chieftain of TD’s

    • what? No. The reason why the Chieftain is op is because of its speed. It is a heavy tank but has the mobility of a medium, and don’t forget the 10 degrees of gun depression. The Italian TDs are slow af. It’d be better to compare it to the 279e, just that this tank has no lower plate. But regarding the upper plate and the turret, those tanks are very similar armor wise.

  6. Cash grab then when the quota is met! WG is going to pull the nerf bat out of the trunk!

  7. Wait are they out? I didn’t see it while on NA at like 7pm Saturday night

  8. plz play now
    can”t wait

  9. BrainlessNukerPerson

    Differences between WoT pc and WoT blitz italian td’s:
    WoT pc:Long intra clip, more than 4 shells, short magazine reload
    WoT blitz:Autoreloader, 4 shells, mid intra clip

  10. Is the vipera gonna be a premium tech tree tank? Couse it wouldnt be fair not to

  11. They’re pretty mediocre

  12. Chronological Gamer

    Bassotto is mine preferite

  13. They all look like excaliburs to me 👍

  14. wish u were kidnapped in mexico not gonna lie

  15. at least have a sombrero on when you visited Mexico :p

  16. this is a bullshit, I will grinding arty instead of dealing with this shitty tanks

  17. Where’s the 105mm for the Semovente? Big sad

  18. I think for the Minutauro someone confused the effektive armor values with base armor.
    What are you doing dimitri? The armor was surposed to be 300mm effektive not base! You did the same with the weakpoints as well? God damit dimitri

  19. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    Short sclip reload long intraclip => less painful from damaged ammo or injured loader but also less benefit from vent and premium consumable, also, no gun rammer

  20. Crazy to have tank destroyers with upgradeable turrets.

  21. i definitely like how the speed and intra clip reload and the penetration are limited since it will balance the veichle a bit but i definitely don’t like how war gaming made the armor so flipping thick, the Kranvagn will look balanced compared to the tier 10 italian TD so i hope wg is going to nerf the armor of these monsters.

  22. Hopefully a lot of us are wrong and this tree won’t be broken, and will just fade into irrelevance like the Tornvagn

  23. This is not amazing, it’s another Kranvagn QB

  24. what is alpha damage?

  25. Neither of those tanks operate with HESH ammo. 😜

  26. well gessing QB not going on test server to try these out but if he does really love him to play the tier 6 and 7 beings alot of people will be around there to start

  27. The tier V and VI actually existed and were used.
    so refreshing to see some Real tanks i WoT again,
    shame the rest were totally made up :/

  28. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    Chieftain is laughing

  29. More over-armoured hull-down tanks. Wargaming’s creativity at its finest

  30. new italian quasimodo tanks

  31. tier 9 to 10 will be even worse if they keep these two tds as they are…

  32. Will you streaming today QB? @quickybaby

  33. The bloom after shooting on the Minotauro is twice as bad as on the contracarro 1 mk2

  34. wait for the tier X nerf, the most overpowered thing in WOT history

  35. Seems WG is back on track with releasing op vehicle lines to just nerf them after everybody spent their free XP to get them 🤣

  36. what to do when its hulldown? it makes me wanna play arty even tho i hate it

  37. sorry I do not see the TD line in my research line`?

  38. WG: We heard your cries and we will deliver a nerf hammer upon Kranvagn! Just to replace it with a tad bit slower and much more impenetratable line of tanks!
    I also did an overpowered build with all crew perks and purple equipement and let me tell you, that this is Obj 268/4 all over again… but better. With this build this monster of a tank with 300mm front armor can drive over 42km/h. Have fun playing against it.

  39. Classic Wargaming. Worsening the game with each update and tech tree. I still think that 80% of the player base should leave and give a wakeup signal that their game is going in the wrong direction. No more fun, just grinding for silver, to shoot premium ammo, and upgrade the equipment sloths, etc. GG WG.

  40. you can better snipe in the italian heavy than in the td

  41. They should honestly buff E5 at least a little bit lowest wr heavy tank come on man.. “decent performance” my ass

  42. I love the tier 10. I ammo racked a Obj 279e from across the map on Malinovka, from full health. I don’t think he was to pleased as he was still getting into

  43. Those tanks are fine, the problem are that the maps are way too small and that most of them are just corridor maps. If the maps would be larger and better designed, then the weaknesses of those tanks (namely their poor speed) would be much more obvious and you could actually outplay them.
    But in terms of their armor, those are finally ‘heavy’ tanks which I can enjoy playing. Because currently playing tanks with thick armour like the E-100, Maus, Type 5 Heavy are just really annoying cos everyone just pens you so easily with their gold rounds, making those tanks kinda obsolete. Even in the current Arcade gamemode where the penetration is reduced by 20%, some HEAT rounds are still able to go through the Turrets of the aformentioned tanks fairly reliably. To now get a line where armor actually is useful, is great. Hopefully makes playing slow, but heavily armored vehicles fun again.

  44. Tier X will be the unnerfed Obj268 v4 version 2

  45. What you can certainly do against this Minotauro is to stun it with arty to delay the inevitable defeat.

  46. Nerfing the Kranvagn to introduce the Minotauro… Hail to the new hulldown king (with Chieftain) for the next 3-4 years before getting nerfed

  47. WG nerfs the Kranvagn…
    … and releases another meta monster.

  48. HowDidThisHappenNow

    Nerf Kranvagn to make player spend there way into this new line

  49. love it 10:03 xD (sry Quicky)

  50. 6 69k subs. Nice.

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