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Source: OddBawZ

When it comes to Italy Tanks in War Thunder there aren’t many unique options that don’t already exist in other Nations. So, when it comes to Italian VC… War Thunder give it a trick up its sleeve! An Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot shell!

Italian VC Firefly is only Firefly that has access to APDS. It sits slightly higher than the British Firefly at Battle 5.0! reason for this is that this tank can frontally penetrate Panthers through the angled front plate. This includes IS-2, T-34 and in some cases even a Jumbo!

I’ve been asked to play this tank for some time, so I decided to spade it to find out if it was any good.

Spoiler… it is! 🙂

INTRO (00:00)
DART GUN (01:58)
OUTRO (25:27)



  2. DestinationLyra

    “Little bit.. Crass” M8, do you know the *why* they are ‘doing the thing’? Unlike you, my news source doesn’t come from the BBC & other *Ilk* , remember the 60Million.

  3. “thats a lamp post” as he hits a tree.

  4. Same. Feels kida weird to celebrate now. And the fireworks are very distracting

  5. They turn off chat so people can’t talk about the war in Ukraine but put fireworks up to celebrate the Russian victory against the nazis…
    I’d say it was at least a conflict of interest but i’m probably being too fair, it’s more likely good old fashioned Russian propaganda.

  6. “I don’t mean the Russian people or anything…”

    Oh right, I forgot that all the death and destruction was being committed by autonomous robots programmed by a hundred years of tyranny and not by actual people. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. If you don’t want to get demonetized just call them GERMANS. That’s what they were actually. And don’t start the crap about Russia. Just play the fuckin game lad.

  8. the captions hate ur accent lol

  9. Commander
    Cannon Breach

    That’s very sporting of you to give them a chance, Odd. Good show.

  10. When I first saw those fireworks i thought someone was hacking the game lol

  11. I’m quite frustrated with Gaijin / the game right now but I just can’t stop watching your videos because of that cute accent, too cool!

  12. I’m hoping that you would one day share your control settings and graphics settings to us so that we can enjoy a sip of your experience in War Thunder!

  13. I dont really get why the brits don’t have they shell

  14. Yeah cmon guys let’s hold off on victory day those innocent Asov and bandera neo nazis are getting destroyed by the russian army

  15. Moonstone Knight

    They nerfed German PzGr 40 20mm.
    Whirbelwind next please

  16. Is the premium Italian bf110 any good?

  17. seriously though why does the Firefly have that weird patch of 30mm armor on the right side of the turret? like it’s just random, and I don’t see any weld marks or anything

    • In the real life Sherman there’s a huge steel box that has the electric turret drive there. If that were modelled correctly it would be thicker. That’s the reason why! 🙂

    • @OddBawZ Ah, that makes sense actually. Thanks Odd! I just got this tank the other night and had no idea it had this round on it – definitely going to go have some fun for this event coming up!

  18. The fireworks are so distracting and way too low on the battlefield that it blocks the view.

  19. Yesss, this is the one I’ve been waiting for. This girl’s a hidden gem and easily my favorite tank in the game at 5.0.

  20. This game is not even worth to download and play,,it is soooo fk baad game thats hillarious,,u play a game where enemy is seen yet u cant see them,,and u have to be killed untill u have researched or u buy with tard game.

  21. u shoot a target 5 times yet u die by 1 hitt.

  22. Two different types of meds for migraines one for preventing them and another that “alleviates” them. Turns the brain to mush, feeling like a cloud that got beat up for my pocket change.

  23. You playing that Sherman makes me appreciate my tiger

    Nice gameplay

  24. sorry odd but you must only have bots but i do have 200 plus ping and a game i have played since beta they do not fix unless it makes them cash. play all the bells and whistles and get shot through 12 trees and a buildings because the algorithm plays you when players with low gragh plaayers

  25. Removes chat due to “country issue” *Installs fireworks for Victory Day parade” Don’t ever change Gaijin.

  26. unless they fix the ping200 in aus after 6 years giving up this game and something else and more than a few in a personal forum are

  27. Frankthetank123098

    SM 92, The better P38

  28. Don’t matter we have challenger a d comet 1

  29. I completely get what you’re saying. It’s not political it’s just with everything going on, V Day doesn’t seem the same even weird. Like how there’s some years people say Christmas doesn’t feel as Christmassy.

  30. Ricardo Carvalho

    Victory Day?
    More like “Lend-Lease saved our asses day”.

  31. Those poor little asu-57’s. So mean

  32. the shot mk8 is accurate, and the gun is accurate, the ammo is jank, the sabot the WORST as it has the issue of sabot binding

  33. Germans have 1 at 1.0

  34. Those 1st kill leavers ruin many games!!!
    I hope Gaijin can somehow do something against that!


    The l3

  36. Тимур Нохаев

    Hey Bawz, russian dissident here. Your words about the v-day are spot on. Russian government turned once peaceful and mourningful day when we remembered our fallen heroes to a militaristic and cringy festival with nuclear weapons on red square, kids wearing ww2 military uniform with Z. The main moto changed from “Never again” to “We can do it again”. Peace to all of us.

  37. It’s sad victory day is now in such a bad light, it’s almost the same as our liberation day but with parades, all because some bald gremlin feels paranoid


    Hey man I just wanted to say I know how annoying war thunder is I love your videos and just remember to take a break when it gets to Much to bear

  39. Shackelton rockets and FV4005!!!

  40. Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s not great it’s still pizza.
    And a Sherman is still a sherman.

  41. Do anybody know when premuim will me half off aahin?

  42. The fireworks were pretty annoying for someone who also has ‘boomer eyes’ and the slow integration processes of an elderly brain but I preferred to give Gaijin the benefit of the doubt as to their motivation for adding them.

    It’s worth remembering that May 9th has long been celebrated in one country as the end of the Great Patriotic War but across the whole of Europe as ‘Europe Day’ and the liberation from occupation represented by the end of that same conflict, WW2.

    That’s everywhere in Europe of course except ONE country, the Untied Kingdom, where too often it is interpreted by those of a certain gammony persuasion as too European (and thus beyond their Pale)…

  43. Charles Courtwright

    the 17pdr with sabot is only inaccurate due to it being very early sabot, the apcbc is very accurate

  44. 220 pen at 5.0 balances it out

  45. Biohazard Industries WR

    Meanwhile the swedish rockin APDS in reserve tier lol

  46. I get migraines every so often too. It’s a bitch to deal with. My empathies dude.

  47. Bruh i need to start grinding Italy those Pasta bois have alot of secrets

  48. dont get what he was saying about victory day. It has nothing to do with russia so whats the issue?

  49. “Because modern Russia is doing a bogaloo in 2022 maybe we should cancel their victory day celebration for their 1945 victory in WW2”

    Bit of a hot take.

  50. 9 May Victory Day should be celebrated no matter the current thing. It’s a simple concept really – celebrating great things from the past.

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