ITALIAN TANKS are kinda here…| P40 Leoncello (War Thunder Italian Tanks Gameplay)

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ITALIAN TANKS are kinda here… | P40 Leoncello (War Thunder Italian Tanks Gameplay)


  1. I now stopped playing warthunder because it now installs this piece of malware that installs updates for no reason. also because of there peer to peer download system it affects me even when i play something like csgo. its very frustrating i hope they do something about it.

  2. not historically accurate you didnt leave your vehicle and surrender the moment you started

  3. the only other tank i can think of that’s better than P40 is the P43. And that thing is simply an enlarged version of the P40, probably better gun and more armour

  4. Unless you wanna figure out where wargaming is getting their magical jap tank documents, there is not much else to add.

  5. >:( you cant research french planes if you dont pay

  6. Looks like the Panther’s Italian cousin

  7. 103,393 golden eagles! Wot In TaRnAtION!

  8. Stug III A has the same 100mm HEAT round, and the Pnz.IV F1 has the same smoke feature. While this has slightly thicker side armor, hull down it’s the same thickness (except the mantle). But those tanks are at 2.3!!! So why is this 3.3? It’s the same speed as the aforementioned counterparts… Sloped armor? Terrible balancing by greedy Gaijin as usual.

    • mazack00 Because in the future it will be even more deadly.
      They need to had another 3 shell and the APCB they use now is the wrong one.
      The APCB of the 75/25 had 75 mm of penetration, the one on the 75/32 had 85 mm of penetration.

  9. Iv researched that Italian tank destroyers are potentially dangerously powerful
    Their guns are similar to the german 88mm

  10. So M8 Gray Hound you can get by getting 5 ground kills at tier 3 or higher???

  11. Italy had tanks in ww2? Wt?

  12. Looks like a discount t34

  13. Hungarian tanks next. Whose with me???? Guys? GUYS??

  14. Are those french tanks?????

  15. I want Finland to War Thunder, but it won’t work very well

  16. French bomber group vid!

  17. Anchovy will be very happy to see this.

  18. Viva LA France I with it didn’t cost me money ?

  19. Noone can bitch about: Well this tank should be shitty, and this should do this, and this should do this. This game cannot be anymore realistic than it is. If it wants to be more realistic:

    All the tanks in every tree, up until cold war, would be trash and useless. They’d break down, or be unable to damage their opponents. The reliable tanks have shitty guns and armor, the good guns and armor break down constantly or have other mechanical issues.

    You’d get tracked and most likely bail out of the vehicle automatically, because WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL IN YOUR DAMN TANK?! You can’t fix that shit without getting out!

    Engine fires would be a one-shot, sure, you won’t burn up, but your fuel just burnt away and the engine has a MASSIVE hole in it.

    Your crew=Dead because you didn’t bail out when your armor was penned but did nothing. The only tank crews that stayed in their tanks after being penned once were Russians, BECAUSE THEY WERE CHAINED UP INSIDE. Hell, some tanks were welded shut!! And the only other crews were ones being heroes. Which statistically, would be as unreasonable as having a female soldier in Battlefield 1 as an option.

    So! Do you want ultra-realism? Fuck off. You want the game to be easier? Fuck off.

    This game is the perfect balance.

    *except for how hull breaches work.. I’m sorry, if the crew isn’t going to bail out from having their driver and gunner blown to pieces, why do they care if a hole opens up where there is noone to be hurt?

  20. Play motha Russias new sky hunter the i29 most stronk

  21. Hell yeah, the pasta tank!

  22. So al we have is two shamelessly expansive premium tanks. Basically. Plus the ”Patton” variant having no HEATFS like the Tiger or the STA 1/2 tanks. In 6.3 That is sux! XD

  23. Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter

    That cringey shout in the beginning man….

  24. WERES THE FIAT2000

  25. Phly, play the p40 Leoncello and the P. 108A serie 2 with the 102 mm pasta sauce launcher

  26. Phly, what are your PC specs? Or can you recommend me a good setup for 1200 euros? Im looking to play battlefield, WT, and WOT. (Yes most of them are FTP online games but who the hell cares anyways)

  27. I only had $20 to spend and had to choose between this and the French starter bundle. I went with the French, and already have all the tier 1 aircraft unlocked.

  28. P40 and p 108 102mm

  29. Hey Phly, do a video on the 122mm Hammer of Stalin (IS-2 1944). Time to kill some Nazis!

  30. I would love to have Poland in War Thunder ;).

  31. Drive out the Italian M26 and have the G.91 with hydra rockets as CAS and see if they absolutely wreck tanks!

  32. Máté Csaba Tóth

    This is the Anzios secret weapon!!!!!

  33. Hey phly do ASU-57 in tier V

  34. Wow there is big update

  35. French and Italian tanks and I will be happy for 5 more years.

  36. Everybody’s like “huhuhu french army is a joke, surrendering cheese eating monkey” but the real joke was the italian army, the guys managed to loose to everybody and always surrendered to whoever is a bit stronger than them, they joined the ally cause you know, all vs one is easier, the germans beat their ass a little bit and they said “we’re with the germans sorry” and they managed to loose to the british lmao the guys who had the worse tanks after the italians.

  37. Fake, there is no guy pushing it

  38. When WOT will have P40???

  39. “Rectangle with wings!” – My Opinion of this channel

  40. phly use Russians finest tank the t28 motherlands battleship and annihilate

  41. Mini -Panther- Panini tank 🙂

  42. It’s sad that this is Italy’s greatest tank design of WW2. Compared to everything else in war thunder this just leaves me unsatisfied because the best thing Italy has is low tier and is now premium.

  43. This game will be dead . Is to hard to get tier 6 to boring. And after i have tier 6 im bored

  44. UUH, 3 percent!!!?

  45. I hate the heat round, I never use it

  46. Try out the nashorn and the Ho 229

  47. Naradhipati Andaru

    You said something in french but the tank of today is italian.

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