It’s back!

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Source: Circonflexes

One of my favorites is back! 😀
your replays here: !


  1. Circ squad

  2. #NotificationSquad ASUUUUUH DUUUDES

  3. Once again it’s easy on the eyes.

  4. Is like a T71 hull with a T21 turret oh War gaming don’t ever change

  5. That one guy goes to the Test Server to play KV-13 xD wtf

  6. That enemy E25 charge at the end though

  7. It's not what you think

    Is suicide the appropriate response to playing British TD lower than the Tortoise nowadays?

  8. The_Prophecy [PINK]

    The T71 DA COMRADE!!!

  9. Was that guy really capping on the test server???

  10. mine…..mine….mine…….mine

  11. I love the mobility of this thing, it seems a lot better than the mobility of the T71 which doesn’t make sense since it’s pretty much the same chassis. Hope we’ll get this one for free with the switch.

  12. Go to circons last video i predicted that would post this before he even did.

  13. It is not used to be.

  14. I have 3 marked the T71 ages ago, on which one of the new ones will the marks remain?? Single shot or autoloader version?

  15. What was this tank i saw it in tanks gg for quite some time

  16. circon, did you notice that when you fired, it sounds like you are firing from the last shell of an autoloader? because when the shell is loading, it sounds just like a clip

  17. So this is the old bulldog?

  18. That KV-13 was a legend

  19. 1 Bond for a mastery, oh joy, so good.

  20. Paying arty on a test server the mind boggles

  21. This 1 bon for epic medals, lol it´s like provocation. 1? rly 1?

  22. The fuck is that?
    What the fuck is that?

    It look like ugly mcfuck T71 forgotten son

  23. There’s something supremely distracting about seeing a KV-derpteen on the field.

  24. bring back the T-50-2

  25. Was really hoping this was going to be an American premium tank.

  26. Still waiting on the T92 light tank…

  27. why are thy adding a new t71?

  28. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    So the people who have the T71 will get this tank too? Because I want the bulldog and I don’t want to have to grind another tier 7 to get it

  29. Is it me or the thumbnail looked like an E4???

  30. T71 is my most played LT but I don’t play WoT very often these this test server footage?
    Will they remove the autoloader?

  31. it’s like Type 64 with worst reload time, but better health XD

  32. wait, didnt the ‘old’ or current T71 have 3 crew members?

  33. Still 145 pen though..

  34. @Circonflexes – Less then 50 games for this 3rd mark?

  35. Idk why place a light tank inbetween 2 medium tanks, makes no sense. WG could of introduced a medium autoloading tank, wg is pulling those new tanks out of their ass anyway so there would be no difference anyway. Maybe nerf t71 and place it in tier 6 and rework m7 and place it into tier 7 and make it an autoloader so there would be a smooth transaction…

  36. How to add more fun into WOT add in a new t71 🙂

  37. That turrent looks like 36.01H

  38. Circon is blue???? WHATTT!!!

  39. Guys help me out, I’m a little lost for content, I’m only a 1 year long player, what’s this tank about?

  40. Looks like the luchs has some competition for cutest tank

  41. The next patch Caernarvon is going to be able to have 4,97 sec reload with the right equipment – that means: 3400 dpm for a tier 8 heavy. WTF

  42. This is the old model of T71… and the current one was the ugly version!

  43. preff mm on this?

  44. Fabián Véliz D'Angelo

    Everytime I see Circon, he’s blue

  45. i changed 999 likes to 1k 😀

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