It’s Been Awhile – Challenger 1 Wolf – Armored Warfare Gameplay

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Source: Slick Bee


  1. nice silk keep it up

  2. can u play the palidan or pzh 2000

  3. pull out game strong

    I’ll eat your ass slickbee

  4. fred “Moogie” smith

    2 thumbs up

  5. Daniel Castro Ortega

    m1a2 abrams

  6. Mister Torgue Flexington

    t15 hifv

  7. M1A2 Abrams

  8. use the t90 russian bias

  9. The Changling Gamer

    Use the British Swingfire

  10. What’s slicks intro song

  11. Armored warfare is Michael bay version of WoT isn’t it? jk. love the game.
    LOVE AW!!!

  12. T-90 or Vladimir Shirtoff on a bear will send u to modern gulag

  13. FINALLY!!! After so long. After all the naysayers. After the doctors saying
    it’s not possible. I’ve finally began to lactate and Brest feed my dog. As
    a man, getting my estrogen levels high enough was a real challenge but it
    was worth it.

  14. AW is a fun game man; try suing the M60A3 it used to be OP as fuck. I havnt
    used it in forever though

  15. M1A1/M1A2 Abrams Slick! Show the Russian Bias some real American Metal ;)

  16. Challenger 2 pls great tank in my opinion

  17. leopard 2a7-140

  18. show them americans the power of the T90S!

  19. Merkava MK.II B

  20. can you play the chieftain mk 5 mbt?

  21. T-14 with the 152mm pls Slick you sexy bastard

  22. Tiger h1 plz

  23. m1 abrams 4 murica

  24. Can you play a new Leopard or the T14 please

  25. T-14 Armata for Mother Russia

  26. slick your one of my favorite YouTubers

  27. M1A2 Abrams

  28. what happened to the AW hype? It was supposed to be the death of WoT and
    WT. Nowadays its not really talked about very much.

  29. Play the Bradley!

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