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Source: OddBawZ

The LOSAT in is the reward for the Tokushu Heiki event. The LOSAT is a US that uses a kinetic energy missile to overcome the enemies armour making it one of the most unique vehicles in the game.

Unfortunately, it's VERY buggy right now. So, today… we're going to test it in the live servers! Is it any good? Debatable! Could it be better if it was fixed? Definitely!

As far as missile tanks go this is definitely not the worst in the game. The only thing letting it down is its poor elevation and of course the wobbly missiles. If this gets fixed, it could definitely be pretty decent on some longer range maps!

Is the LOSAT worth it? We're going to find out! 🙂




  1. missiles aren’t limited to the losat. All missiles wiggle like that and it’s unbearable

  2. Looks like the missile is so god damn fast that it doesn’t know what to do with prediction on the server side when it’s being moved remotely by the user, making it spazz out.

    Your analysis looks bang on, this seems to be a networking issue.

  3. “I just want a normal gun” then use a regular tank. The downside of the tank is very obvious in test drive so to complain about what you already know kind of irritates me.

  4. If only gaijin could buy better servers for all those “new” players 😂 the wiggly missile bug is annoying, makes the tow’s really shaky unlike irl too

  5. Day one asking to pay the t54-e1

  6. Where did they get that the missile dips down? It has never done that, and every sources shows the opposite, as it launched at speed, and had a minor arch to target.

    There is literally nothing that would make it seem like the currently implemented model is even close to right.

  7. I’m starting to understand why they postponed the project and passed it to the Navy😂

  8. You know what isn’t broken? The Jpz 4-5. pLeaSe i beG yOu

  9. that russian bias cope was a bit cringe


  11. It should probs be 9.0 to 9.7

  12. I recently saw a video of a Japanese type 10 tank shooting. It hat a reload of Minimum 2.5 to 3.0 seconds or so.

  13. By the way its pronounced War thunder not woow funer

  14. My favorite war thunder content creator (Bo Time Gaming) did a video right before Gaijin “patched” the missile behavior. It was on the IT-1. Gaijin said they’re adjusting the ATGMs, and their flight after launch, and its definitely broken compared to how it was before 3 months ago. Maybe gaijin watched a bunch of kids cartoons and figured that’s how missiles are supposed to work? or a lot of low-budget action movies where the “missiles” are actually firecrackers, and their flight path is “let’s veer off comically to the right or left just after launch..”

  15. Ok…looked forward in watching an objective vid from you….and ofc, your absolutely bs bias @ 3:00……..yeah, keep it going… another viewer gone 👌…maybe go back playing normal tech tree stuff.

  16. Use LOSAT as a SAM and its unstoppable.

  17. Take a shot every time he says wiggly

  18. 3000 males per hour? Wow….

  19. AbysmalLegionaire

    I think the missel wiggle is a bug for some people cause when i use it i don’t have the wiggle but when my buddy use’s it he has the wiggle

  20. Картофельный Гопник

    Welp, time to make a new video on the losat odd. been a literal day since ur first one and its basically a completely different tank now cause they nerfed it to hell.

  21. Vincent Sponziello

    asking odd to play the SU-6(AM-42) day 16

  22. Ofc the clown has to mention russian vehicles, is it their fault if they’re just better than westerner ones? We’ve seen it in Ukraine your great challengesrs and leopards getting totally smacked by russian cheap kamikaze drones 😂

  23. The missile knows where it is….

  24. I hope they don’t patch the missile penetration because it would make the losat complete dogshit

  25. I think you should take a T-34-85 into 10.3 to see if you can beat your score with this weird thing 😀

  26. That missile wiggle is a bug and shouldn’t be in the game

  27. missiles that go 0.944 miles a sec are insane

  28. Hey Odd, could you do another 75 Jumbo video?

    I know you did a 76 Jumbo video because of the update and BR Changes, but I want to see how the 75 does, thanks!

  29. This tank proves once again that gaijin does not test new stuff at all.
    Like 0 on hoise testing and 0 external testing happens before a release to the players. Without the PVE we would be unable to play the game for a month after each patch.

    This is also why we need patchnotes telling us of every single change happening, even if it is just sth like “removed line “”clouds postFx=false”” from the code”

    Every minor change needs to be listed. I am sick and tired of noticing major changes in gameplay interactions each patch. Like walls are now again 50cal able. APDS loosing a bit of pen, bullet speeds changing, new hitboxes for bushes and trees and much much more in just this last patch. Never mentioned once and absolutle relevant to gameplay.

  30. Antonio Hatzimichalis

    phly already did this plus honestly it was kinda boring to watch. id rather watch one of your older vids.

  31. You can lob shots at air vehicles using the binos

  32. Would love to see you play the Ratel 20. It’s a Ratel with a 20mm cannon that’s pretty good against light vehicles and sometimes aircraft, and ATGMs at 6.7. It’s not amazing or anything, but definitely pretty good if you can make it good! I think you could enjoy such a rat vehicle.

  33. I saw earlier today the snail has committed to fixing this vehicle and having better testing for future vehicles. Normally I’d be skeptical but with their recent track record who knows?

    The update from today made the missiles a bit more stable. Also it no longer blows up when it hits stuff. 😊

  34. You guys forgetting, that Gaijin hate everything U.S.😊

  35. Pls play the ikv 91-105. I found the apds to be very good

  36. bad game -whats the point-had 26 hits and 1 kill -the other team wins 28 out of 30 times—-steel aces

  37. Proof Gaijin just throwing new useless vehicles into game without consideration. 🙄 I dream of the day updates are about fixes like major fixes.

  38. Caroline and Chris

    3:01 ya sure 😂😂

  39. Caroline and Chris

    Use it like a javelin that’s what it’s meant for!! Don’t make a video about a weapon you don’t know how to use dude.

  40. Just so everyone knows after thorough testing ive come to the conclusion that it in fact is not broken. Just has a shit load of unintended features xD

  41. @OddBawZ how many total hours do you have in War Thunder? I’m genuinely curious.

  42. What is the key binding for thermal sights on 10.3 tanks and higher? I cannot find it

  43. The American Hailfire Droid.

  44. I feel like once they fix the missiles this thing is going to be broken

  45. Pretty much all Missiles wobble after the La Royal Update, it’s supposed to make them “more realistic;” but I don’t think most militaries would use them if they wobble as much as they do in game and that’s without mentioning the missile’s delayed response time.

  46. Like right now the LOSAT is pretty stable, the biggest upside is due to it being a kinetic round, Russian Kontact ERA is 100% useless as it just blasts through the front of a T-80 with ease. Its a very situational vehical where you take it with you in a big lineup, and if the map is good, you take it out first. Also a good thing about it, if you do manage to find a slope to angle it upwards, its actually pretty decent at taking out helicopters.

    I got my LOSAT on the last day of the event so I dont think I ever encountered the spazzy missile, but at least its fixed now.

  47. It needs to be updated where the missles are launched straight cause how on earth would it launch straight up and then straight down

  48. I love that this thing’s missiles sound like you’re punting one of those rubber balls used in gym class when they launch.

  49. worse tank in the game

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