IT’S FINALLY HERE | AMX-10RC (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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IT’S FINALLY HERE | AMX-10RC (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. 10:44
    you got a killshot alright xD just not the kind you were expecting

  2. Silly phly don’t you know French don’t go fast Foward they go fast backwards

  3. Attempt #1 Play the MiG-19S

  4. 16:22 where he one shots the plane, fucking epic

  5. It is time to bomb Amerika! The ubërcommando is ordering you to phly the me 264 and any bf109 of your liking.

  6. Leopards are cancer.

  7. 0:56 you should say, “not great not terrible”

  8. When she sticks a finger in your bum 0:18

  9. I absolutely love your giggle, laugh, whatever it is. I fucking love it lol!

  10. As you see in the direction are the enemies before using the zoom ..? when will you do a live show? successes

  11. this is the video that I waited for from the past and finally phlydaily uploaded amx 10RC gameplay ,

  12. fly the volksjager to top tier and atleast get 2 kill

  13. that intro was perfect

  14. Wow that shot on the plane you killed was AWESOME

  15. Ok phly, here’s my challenge for you.
    Play the KPZ or MBT70 but ONLY use your 20MM on top to kill tanks, SPAA, or maybe even jets. As long as you kill something.
    Attempt #8

  16. Have fun all of you guys,I’m quitting war thunder bc of PRO PLAYERS like you guys,good bye I’m not playing war thunder ever again.:'(

  17. Hector Ivan becerra_814

    Hey phly what nation do you like the most

  18. Hey phly I just done a drift kill and fought off 5 other tank with only a tier 1 tank pazerjäger damn that was the last stand it was a good disicion to rush b and kill

  19. How do Phly tell the plan

  20. RC car

  21. Every time i look a vid from you there is an exemple how bad the damagemodel is.

  22. pssst…the pronounce is not centauro but CHentauro

  23. This was a very fun video though. You can call these streamer wagons!

  24. *crying, waiting for Stryker*

  25. Чамэrоo!ゝ_く

    Id bring ho-ro or kami on 7,0+ cuz of the repair of ho-ri is so horribly bringing me to bankruptcy

  26. UnderWEARZ907 Gaming

    Hey pp do PC play with ps4 too lazy to see if integrated servers? I dont have a keyboard but I still RIP fools

  27. B-36 Peacemaker!!! plz

  28. Just Phly it dammit!

    The Israeli-French Jet bomber @9.0 IDF Vautour
    Attempt #49
    Only Israeli plane in the game! (That you can get)

  29. Is it just me or this afv’s wheels are not turning when going left or right?
    And last thing, is it not missing the ERA protection system?

  30. PhlyDaily: Kill shot I hope?
    Enemy Tank: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

  31. What’s br?

  32. Hey phly random question, how many hours have you played war thunder over the years? I started playing late 2016 I have almost 1300 hrs. Not that much I know

  33. Those matchmakings doesnt make much sense. T44 100 against something like that tank.

  34. And I’ll bet 5$ this thing has better pen then the M1 Abrams…that ammo reworked fucked over the Abrams hard.

  35. Big F for your ping

  36. Well at its BR the HEAT FS is actually not a bad choice… i think it will serve better than APFSDS in most situations… only the primary mbt’s at its tier and 9.0 can resist the HEAT, everything else will likely have a rough time.

  37. Phly you should do the shrapnel shell challenge! Take out the t-26-4 and use only the shrapnel shell attempt 35

  38. we need +- 0.7

  39. Alexandros Krabby

    Deja vu

  40. Type 16 next video ?

  41. Titans you say? I WANNA SEE MAUS gameplay nexxxt!!! Like this if you agree

  42. Play the ST-A1 with stock ammo only,suffer with me

  43. Bob Semple when?

  44. premium chi ha short gun, needs the love

  45. Phly next time you play wheel vehicle do a ultra-super-late-break.

  46. Spawn camps the enemy from game start.. then muses about how he’d like armor to matter because the “quick boi” stuff isn’t as “fun”… jesus Phly bipolar much?

  47. It should be way faster to get to 92km/h

  48. You forgot the t95 🙁

  49. i think that problem can be solved just with higher BR like a 11.0 and thigs like recoilless guns have to have BR like a leopard and also leo, stb, pattons a everything with HEATFS has to be 1.0 BR and more higher than maus, IS-4M and others (and hellicopters need to be over 9.0)

  50. 3:07 To be continued is better 🙁
    Everything who come from jojo is better

    (I got scared tho)

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