It’s finally here! The Anonymizer! XVM-Stats BE GONE!

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It’s FINALLY happening!! Optional ingame stats removal!


  1. Hell, it’s about time.

  2. About time …

  3. My experience of people who use XVM is, 1) commenting before game starts “20% chance to win GG” assuming a loss and not trying, 2) Commenting “focus on xxx they are the best player” but most of all, in game, quoting another players stats to try to ridicule them. Having said that I am sure there are lots of players who actually use mods to track their own improvement and are not toxic in game.

  4. It’s interesting how we have two people on two sides of this situation. Circon thinks this is more than necessary, whilst QB thinks this is totally unnecessary. Personally, I have to go with Circon on this, I do think that this Anonymizer will benefit more. Sure, it will have varying degrees of impact on different people, but overall I can see how this can help negate some of the toxicity within the game, and at least allow the members of each team to have a more enjoyable experience.

  5. don’t worry guys mod deanonymizer works in progress.

  6. It should anonimize stats, leave names as best best option for all… 🙂

  7. By the way it’s worded, it will display a random nickname, positive for sure. It will block the win rate, positive. However, howwwwever, if they choose to straight up block the stats, like on a Sherrif on NA, just show a username with no way to see the stats. That is very bad. Unless 75pct of people have it on, if XVM still functions showing everyone elses stats who keep the Anon off. Anon players, random nickname or not, if they do not show any stats, while it remains ful on showing WN8 and win rate for others will get you just as much focus on you or a slightly different but none the less the same. If it is used solely by Streamers, Unicums, famous nicknames, and a couple randoms, it will be as Circ said almost ineffective. As it will be the same as a Sherrif, no stats, random name. Will be just as bad or only a slight improvement.

  8. no WN8 isn’t good, even if it “awards” good play, more often it targets all the average players, & the lesser players; don’t even think about it, they get trashed before they get a chance to get better. Not to mention, a lot of players grind many tanks, & by doing so they don’t get good WN8… because they are always playing with beginning crews & a lot of the time base line equipment. If you want a top WN8 it’s pretty easy to achieve IF you do this: stay in low tiers & only run one or two lines of tanks. Find the ONE tank your best in & just play it. Then you can get an awesome FAUX win rate. WN8 just makes the majority of players feel bad, & is likely one of the things that turns off all the players that WOT is bleeding out.

  9. Very different from QB’s video on this – thank fk it’s gone, it gives trolls ammunition and is effectively allowing you to target strong enemy players = cheating. As someone who works in mental health I will point this out however, this will limit the emotional impact of any abuse as it will not be targetted at your ‘identity’. In short trolls will still be dicks but people will not feel as personally targetted.

  10. Don’t worry some one will find a way to fuck it up, they always do don’t they ?

  11. There has to be someone out there with a plaque on the wall waiting to hang circons head on it.

  12. I only have 6500 WOTR in wot, and I still get XVM sniped all the time by arty. Never in tier 10 games because 6500 WOTR isn’t anything special up there, but in tiers 5-7, it’s arty splashes all day. 6,500 isn’t anything special within itself either, it just tends to be juuuuust enough to be higher than the majority of the teams I get put on.

  13. Meanwhile QB is being a complete drama queen crying about how he no longer can use XVM… 😛

  14. Just turn off wn8 until after the battle.

  15. Just give all the anonymous peeps between 1400-1600 overall wn8 ratings.

  16. Agree, it should be turned on by default, and it should create xvm stats randomly within a midrange skill-level. There’s so many negative effect from ingame XVM stats, it should be turned off completely but this is a good compromise.

  17. Circornflexes

    Go on XD

  18. The default should be the enemy is anonymous but your team is not. Then you have no way of knowing the expected chance of winning based on XVM, but you can still get a good guess at if your teammate is decent or not.

  19. Hopefully they add this as well as they change the queue so that you can look around the garage and tech tree or whatever while waiting for a game. Annoying for plebs like me who have to wait for games because Australia.

  20. Only an idiot thinks account stats motivates anyone.
    OK yes should be on by default but if anyone doesn’t take the opportunity to use it then HOW will it become less effective & *No it won’t be obvious that the more efficient players are doing it there is no way you can tell until they start playing.* *Your logic there is flawed!*

  21. lmfao Circon… how the fuck is this going to stop trolling? Motherfuckers still troll even though they can’t TK you now since WG will never do anything to them. xD

  22. Yay! I am knowhere near as good as you… But I am good enough to be focused… Plus I have not used xvm for around 2 years cos it is toxic, in my view! Bring it in!

  23. Omfg I can enjoy playing worldoftanks and can 3 mark tanks without being targeted by arty….

  24. Here’s a question Does the anonymizer keep the “he’s on my Shit list” icon on anonymized team list? (not so important now team damage is off)

  25. This is pointless give me real content not these point less changes Wargaming. This is a made up problem just like HE changes they are looking at. Everyone dont turn this option on so we can keep track of the snowflakes worried about this pointless option.

  26. I’m actually so triggered that QB said he thinks it’s unnecessary, saying he doesn’t believe that XVM focus happens too often. I do not know what rock he is living under, he is just so out of touch its unbelievable.

  27. This could really improve the experience if it’s turned on by default. You covered it pretty well in the video. The only point I’m wondering about is; if you do some good teamwork with let’s say, a Scorp G, and you go to message them after the battle but there was two on your team with random names – how do you tell them apart?

  28. Circon i think you need to go punch quackybaby in the face with his opinion on this feature. ….fucking hell i was waiting 7years to see this kind of thing implemented

  29. Unpopular opinion: i like xvm because it allows me to choose how to play against different people or if i can rely on my teammates, instead of just hoping they’re not dumb. If i see a red player on the enemy team i’m fairly confident in playing aggressively against him, i know i can probably bait him easily etc. I know unicums get focused by arty or get rushed by some idiot, and that sucks, but i think it’s kind of a necessary evil. Since we don’t have a rank system like in most games, where you get matched against people of the same skill level, xvm kind of helps.

  30. I’m a green/blue and I’ll be running it anyway

  31. fuck no – this is the gayest shit i have seen so far in WOT – i’m not using it and people that use it are gay as fuck

  32. I never used XVM but I’ve seen so much nonsensical toxicity regarding stats. This is a good step.

  33. When I was quite new to the game and with the NA servers then being divided, I came to recognise players I’d platooned with and gradually made a few friends, ultimately joining a clan. That isn’t going to happen with anonymiser on. Personally I think your actual in-game name should remain. Very few players and all of them very good, will be recognised.

  34. Quickybaby seem to think that this is just to protect the 1 per-centers. One of the reason I quit WOT (and at best I might’ve been in the top 10-20 on some tanks, even top 5% on very few tanks) was because of the toxic teams. Due to stats some people just made it their mission to ruin it for everyone. Some even stuck around after being killed off just to berate and destroy everything for the team.

  35. Now just change premium ammo to Gold only and I might be interested in coming back

  36. This needs to be defaulted ON! not OFF!!!

  37. Whats the point on having a gamer tag if you can’t use it, grow thick skin!

  38. dont get me wrong but there some really stupid people in world of tank. i remember it was a 1v1 agaisnt t34 full hp vs t-44 that is one shot. the t34 kept loading HE and shooting dead tank then the t34 tries to shoot the t-44 but failed. i ended up losing. he has like 38% wn8


    Most of the games have option of changing difficulty level (easy, normal, hard) so game will give fair amount of challenge with the skill raise of player. In WoT that is coming naturally with XVM (not always but still we know how it works). Players that can see others stats will make more difficult challenge to those with higher skill allowing weaker players to enjoy the game more. Anonymaiser will kill it. All it will do is creating easier game for already overpowered players. All that crying violet content creators (because of arty focusing them) are still making fantastic results but that is not enough for them. They want it even easier and WG is catering to their butthurt (that evil trophy hunters) and happy to bring more arty shells on average and weak players.

  40. it should have come 3 years earlier… i already sold my account 😀

  41. I think people are overlooking that this will be good for bots. Know one will know how many bots you have on your team. So I will be shooting any one with this turned on cause your either going to be a top player or a bot. So this is going to be a great new system for targeting players.

  42. Usually I commend good players on the other team after a game and it is almost always an amicable chat going over plays and providing feedback on the previous battle. Sometimes I even make a friend and start tooning.

  43. Default it should be on

  44. next wpic medal in wot “trophy hunter” after killing a unicum player

  45. This sounds like a pretty awesome thing, I’m down for it

  46. Agree that if there’s only a few anons, they may be targetted. But it won’t be to the same extent as unicums and streamers are currently targetted.

  47. Personally I really like having stats up, so I can see who’s good on my team. The reason for this is I’m a fairly bad player. I pay attention to what positions and locations good players are using so I can learn from them.
    I recognise this is not the purpose for which most people use XVM though.

  48. @circon do reaction video on QB video about this XD

  49. For me personally it’s a non issue. I never notice who I play against, I simply don’t care. Now I won’t notice the anonymized accounts either. For me it will not change anything, if it does for others great.

  50. Saw ‘Salvo Fire’ making it into Control settings on the 1.7 test. Might have double barrel tank action making it to live server before xmas?

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