IT’S HERE | M1 Abrams Live Server GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)

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IT’S HERE | M1 Live Server GAMEPLAY ( War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)


  1. Yeah I don’t remember a floor ready rack in the M1. The M60A3 yes, not in the Abrams but I might be misremembering.

  2. Looks like they finally fixed the bug with the Hydras exploding after a short distance despite not having a timer on them.

  3. マウスで当たらなくて良かった…(BR8.0)

  4. Well, I don’t think its a visual bug. When you control AA, you cannot see allies aircraft markers but u can target enemy planes now and you have a marker and lead indicator (like in arcade)

  5. looks like it plays like leos but with confidence in armor

  6. Heavy cavalry operations are go. Unlike other past light tanks that had just the speed and firepower, the Abrams has armor and resilience to have the other side redeploy more armor to deal with the threat. Now if we could get a split to the East and West German forces.

  7. m18 all over again

  8. Ебашь, родненький!

  9. Killed an abrams frontally with my trusty coelian. He was mad.

  10. You should of called this video, Using hax with the M1 Abrams ( War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)

  11. Hey Phly u should do a match with 10 -M1 AB’s- and 5 -Maus’s- :p

  12. So weird watching the KPZ’s get their asses kicked like the old top tiers did last patch.

  13. for now some russian tank are impossible to play because the zoom is so bad

  14. that 3riple kill:O

  15. You got a Friend in me…

  16. is this april fool or sumtin?

  17. Plz Help! After this Upload, I can’t FLY or Drive Tank!!, I’m not Game or really Computer literate, so any simplr advise would be GREAT!!! Thnx. Mch. Von

  18. The Control is wobbley at Best!!!!

  19. 澤仁Hitoshi Sawa


  20. Dark blade predator elite Clan: Dark blade

    WWII tanks prepare to die

  21. Dark blade predator elite Clan: Dark blade

    AC130 anyone?????????

  22. You know in real life these old abrams had over 700mm of armor from the front

  23. I was expecting them to release T14 instead of T64. OH well, one day, I hope

  24. Loving the absolutely nobody loves
    Play as the H.35 against 6.0 or Above BR, don’t have to kill, just play

  25. Absolute massacre.

  26. Wish they’d have added a radar equipped spaa for Brit rank 6

  27. is it me or when i play tanks most rounds go through the gound and rocks and walls. Its getting worse and the only difrence i really see its more stuff and less improvement on colisions and phisics ill stop for good playing this game its in that point after 5 years of play where i wont play anymore. GG gaijin more stuff more money right dont fix stuff pll reported in 2013 14 15 16 17 and 18 just keep adding stuff.

  28. It released quickly

  29. If only some jets had hydras to use it for M1’s air support.

  30. Anyone have any idea when Xbox one will be gettin warthunder?

  31. maybe try playing unspaded on day 1 to get a proper feel for the tank… that’s how most of us will be playing it the next week’s without spending 50 quid. you might as well be reviewing an Abrams m1a2 by playing spaded vs unspaded

  32. Does anyone know the icon in the middle means

  33. Phly if you haven’t noticed but AAA at top tier with Radar now have lead indicators. You lock onto the plane and it shows a lead in RB! To balance it they made it where you can’t see friendly names on planes. Try it out.

  34. Advancing storm new visual sound and vehicle

  35. Hunting big cats I’m pretty sure is illegal without a permit….

  36. Python Developer Admin1

    No recoil? wtf?

  37. So the Abrams have the weakest armor among the new tanks? I thought it had the strongest?, or does the m1a2 have the strongest not the m1?

  38. in da’ same time, germany still got da’ shit prototype, givin’ da’ Lopard 2 was to much innit? *…*

  39. Phily! Now that the patch is out…..

    Bring out a damn Howitzer to an MBT battle!

    Sturmpanzer on a 9.0 battle

  40. So they nerfed or made the abrams weak now?

  41. The leopard 1a1 shud get a br change because is now kills all the old 9.0 from the front with no problem, at least shud be 8.7 and the 2 k 9.0 or 9.3

  42. I’m requesting a “Poor Man’s Challenge” where you take out cheap/worse versions of the new tanks. First up; If you can’t get the MB5, why not go with the Spitfire LF MkIX, and if you’re a scrub and don’t have Rank 6, go with the Rank 3 Challenger.

    Attempt #1

  43. Vryan Vincent Palmon

    @PhlyDaily, why not make another video, a game mode head to head battle between the M1 Abrams and t-64B?

  44. nerf bat coming

  45. Planes are dead forver 🙁

  46. Phly please go with USSR 5.3 Combo: SU-85M & Su-6 (M-71F). Attempt #21

  47. Phly. It takes time to unlock new vehicles. Even more if they are 9.3 and over 300k of ep

  48. Had an issue in the description and discussion of tank bits at the begining… those numbers mean nothing, because it’s not “normal steal” lol… not to mention American shells are world known lol. But haven’t finished video, but I’m guessing if they got the bits right, and diddnt just make it a paper tank with bunk stats. Yes it’s a M1 Abrahams not a M1 A2 but that armour even back early 2000’s could stop a step from a chieftain “on paper?” Lol.

  49. Hey Phly drive the Type 5 Chi-Ri II with 3.3 reload rate

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