IT’S HERE – RUSSIAN RAILGUN – Object 120 (War Thunder Tanks 1.71)

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IT’S HERE – RUSSIAN RAILGUN – Object 120 (War Thunder Tanks 1.71)

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  1. *Wanted to say thanks for the support on the link boys many of you have already purchased stuff through it! And also thanks for the support on this video boys o7 Nothing like making a video and getting a lot of love. Liv you fellas*

  2. “But other than that….”

  3. This thing is the glass cannon of glass cannons

  4. War thunder has officially gone too shit

  5. *she’ll bounces * me “Russian bias confermed”

  6. Fck me. 58k GE!

  7. Jest put BIG DICK on the gun

  8. 4.7 in war thunder is broken =(

  9. Can someone link me the template for this tanks skin I’ll try to do it.

  10. tanks for the laughs man. u funny as hell when im buzzed. like you vids Mr Phly!

  11. I like how you make getting kills look so easy and when I go to play I get raped lol usually get 2:1 kill ratio on a good day

  12. Great video! Thanks for the subtitles!

  13. It kinda looks like the Soviets took a 152mm self-propelled arty and reconfigured it to fire sabot horizonally instead of HE vertically.

  14. i really wanna see a maus vs the object 120. spear vs shield shit

  15. Why did u kill me


  17. Its the gulagun

  18. I always got reck in realistic

  19. P-51H or like I like to call it, *Pro-51 Hell Mustard*

  20. hey phly take out the panzerjager and the he 51 attempt 7

  21. Phly play the american weirdness: The premium T114!
    Attempt #7 (not sure)

  22. object 120 #sputniklauncher#fuckthegravity#biggun#lol#sniper#1710ms#152

  23. I have a feeling there is going to be a rivalry between the FV4005 users and Object 120 users

  24. You could skin the barrel with the third act of Hamelet!

  25. Миша Иванов


  26. Doesnt the mbt 70 have blast doors on the turret? So when Its ammo explodes the tank Will be fine

  27. All these countries getting their fancy Object 120s, IS-6s, Calliopes, T29s and crap. While Germany still hasn’t got a Laser Panzerkampfwagen VIIII that fires APFSDSHESHHEATAPBC shells. I feel like we’re missing out here.

  28. Normal soviet bias spaceship cannons, nothing to see here.

  29. It’s APFSDS. It reads “Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, (Discarding Sabot)”. The actual sabot should be 6″ in diameter, with a significantly smaller projectile.

  30. *Object 120* , Sounds like it would be a good tier 8 premium in world of tanks

    *[like if you get the joke reference]*

  31. They should add the T-14 armada

  32. There was no need of armour on the 120 due to its Stalin assisted concealment system )))))))

  33. Let’s see the Frank Bradley challenge.

  34. tat boi in the lane

    Next on loving the unloved, take out the ha-og.

    not very honorable

  35. tat boi in the lane

    i one time was in the ho-ro and fired a Shell against a sturmpanzer .
    right at the ammo.
    it was yellow.

  36. Take out the Amphibious Assault combo! PT-76 and Be-6!

  37. Take out the M 10

  38. please subscribe my channel

  39. Greetings to Whiskyasscheeks.

  40. How come I cannot buy the Object 120? It says I cannot buy just because I play on ps4.

  41. TheMiniStar TheMiniStar

    1:06 that’s what she said

  42. 13:46 nature has its way of getting back at you

  43. I am very disappointed with the new maps added. What he fuck were gaining thinking

  44. Gustav Ravn Jacobsen

    17:53 what?

  45. Dasvidaniya means goodbye you knob

  46. They just killed part of the MBT with that slow ass elevation rate. I just got in a dual with a t64, up close, in a bumpy area. I could not keep my stabilized gun on him.

  47. Would go through the affiliate link but I am a console pleb in warthunder. I have too much stuff invested to their, To unless war thunder has a way for me to transfer all of that to PC I’m stuck on PS4

  48. Another great way to get oneshotted

  49. When Russians saw M18 they said: “Hey, this thing is good, but might be better. We can improve it.” So that how object 120 appears.

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