It’s impressive How Bad I am at TD’s xD

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Source: LemmingRush

Live Gameplay in my WZ because you guy’s like watching me be bad!


  1. Your bad games are better than my good games.
    I enjoy watching you play.

  2. Your bad game is my best game. Ha ha sigh.

  3. Leopardstar 600

    cool game play keep it up!!

  4. BestViewedWithCable

    Average damage of an SU130pm is 520 with standard and heat

  5. 12:40 The SU-130 has 520 average damage, so it wasn’t a high roll.

  6. I blocked mines, still mm threw me into a mines game… Im like wtf?!

    • FlyingLunatic but did you really mean to block it? WG thinks not. I really want to be able to block like 20 maps, and Paris should be a free block for everyone.

    • The block only applies to standard battle game modes. It does not apply to the encounter or assault game modes.

    • +Henry van Eyk I disabled encounter and assault long time ago. FeelsGoodMan

  7. Thank you for your honest and upfront commentary during gameplay with the TD!

    One thought/question: do you play tier 7 and lower often enough to warrant the province map being excluded?

    Er, and one more question: have you run out of the 6th sense one battle directives that you can use to overcome lack of a skilled crew? I have hundreds in my garage, but all my crews have 6th sense. Wish I could send them to you!

  8. Such a long reload??? What??? That TD has excellent reload and DPM!

  9. Tanking Trucker

    Awesome blind shot. Those are the shots that you live for in the game, makes it all worthwhile.

  10. I took off studzianki and paris they are BULLtrash

  11. That last Su that killed u was named Fabio. It’s pretty interesting to see players old enough to know who he is.

  12. Lemmingrush playing with a camo net! ?

  13. Goran Milosevic

    Lot of TD has insanely bad gun.

  14. 2nd game, those bushes on the flank hill do not work, anyone who sits behind them gets spotted from miles away

  15. Just a camo net? You need the original setup of Binocs, Camo, and a Toolbox for good measure. 😉

  16. What a teamplayer got 3 assists on first game

  17. province is amazing end game

  18. Ambassador Somewhere

    I always use vents, camo net and binocs. Can’t rely on “teammates”. I don’t bother with cam net on heavy TDs. Tool box instead so I can repair fast if I get yolo’d.

  19. You are not playing right ONLY HE

  20. “I guess he high rolled” I think youre thinking of the skorp’s alpha dmg

  21. I have a 30% coupon which I cannot use for premium account for some bizzare reason. Which t8 tank should I buy? I already have Skorpion G so I dont need another TD, thinking about heavy or medium, but never played medium before, and heavy only until t5. Any ideas?

  22. Dude camonet is such a waste ,it resets everytime when u move even slightly and u have to do that all the time cuz wz has very bad gun traverse range its totally useless.

  23. Piotr Iwaszkiewicz

    Still better than me 😀

  24. 5 kill game “I hAvE bAd GaMeS tOo”

  25. Ivan Stepanovic

    I can remove one map and it was a tough choice which one to blacklist. Mines, Empire’s border, Paris, Province, Widepark, Highway… Which to be a priority?!
    I decided to remove Mines. I got sick of it how often I had it, it is unbalanced and small, getting it in anything higher tier than 4 is awful! Miniature map, one spawn has massive advantage… Just no. Though these arguments do apply to other maps as well, but I think this one is the most unbalanced of all.


  27. You cut your hair

  28. From playing td’s extensively Id suggest playing more aggressively with this tank. Think of it as a tier 8 su-122-44 premium td. 8 sec rld is very op for that alpha and you can destroy when top tier. Tier 7s cant pen this thing and you can play frontline in cities with ease

  29. Many pubbies don’t see their HP as a resource that can be kept and managed. It’s their health and losing health is seen to be bad not least because you cannot get it back. Many FPS games have med-kits to restore HP but WoT does not and I think this means many pubbies are over cautious about preserving their HP. Plus, after the game you have to pay to repair the vehicle and if you’re low on credits that might be a problem. Mind you that SU is mid-tier so they should have come credits.

  30. Gérard Thévenon

    Province? 😀 do you really play tier 4 to 7 ?

  31. 12:41 SU130PM didn’t high roll, his alpha is 520 dmg.

  32. Use directives.

  33. Finally a title i can relate to.

  34. “Bad” at TDs is relative.

    Your bad is better than many people’s best 🙂

    (Also, the WZ has somewhat derpy accuracy from range, I have more success at medium ranges due to the camo values and armour)

  35. Do you stream? On twitch or otther platforms?

  36. Hi LR some interesting tactics going against the norm. Worth a try.

  37. Why not use 6 bonds to get 6th sense for the battle? Buy a directive.

  38. You often mention early shots on tanks rushing to positions. You could do a series of early shots positions on different maps!

    Love your content.

  39. two games on top with armoured TD playing with camo net but without 6th sense, that’s kinda pointless

  40. You suck in tds because you didn’t follow your own guide tips to play them properly.

  41. Teach me how to play this TD aggressive.

  42. Advocating letting the enemy stop your team winning in order to get more damage later… Yeah, not sure if I agree with that.

  43. really bad LR, lol but not really

  44. dont waste your slot on province since its only up to tier 7 and you play mostly above that

  45. Hi Lemming, FYI, the x3 XP thing from premium account does NOT affect crew XP at all (i.e., your crew gets no benefit from it, with or without accelerated crew training), so if you use it on a premium all you’re doing is building up convertible XP.

  46. Mystogan .Ravenheart

    The SU-130PM has 530 alpha so he low rolled u.

  47. If I “sucked” as bad as you in a TD I would be dancing in the street! No 6th crap VR even with binocs great game


  49. Theres a destructible house that you need to break in order to shoot people in the mid/hill, I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that. 2:15 You could see wood exploding and you got a more clear outline of the T29 after

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