It’s Just Too Easy – War Thunder Gameplay

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Ships Gameplay Ó T-10m Actual Bias? ’s Best Tier 8 Easy Mode

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  1. Joseph Stalin number 8

  2. I wish youtube adds more “subscribe” buttons cause every time I watch your
    vids i get the urge to sub and I realize I already subbed :[ <3

  3. Boi whats that description

  4. comrade baron do the most vodca infused combo su100y anti continental doom
    cannon and the pe8 with the 5000kg tactical nuke

  5. baron fix description in says tier 8 but it’s battle rating 8

  6. gg ZIS-30 XDDD

  7. They need to add artillery in this game. I know that they have artillery. I
    mean like world of tanks, but better and more realistic

  8. If Slick sees this I am Yoner1 and I killed you the day before in my m56
    when you were using a T10M.

  9. Hey baron i like your vids keep doin those

  10. pro american gam3r

    thought this was phly for a second????

  11. Baron, has BettySpagetty become your personal meme?

  12. post Korean war tank kills 1940s tanks…………… welcome to tier 5

  13. now im craving for berries

  14. T-10M is too weak! we need IS-7!

  15. funny thing tho that there are actually people out there who really say all
    this in all seriousness about this tank.

  16. What a guy

  17. Learman at War thunder

    Baron Baron i have the tank for you to cancel out the bias you played
    today. Play the IS-1 and prove to us that not all russian heavys are
    biased. Good luck and may you kill a Tiger 2 somehow or someway i dunno

  18. hahaha did you read my comet because you said the hardest tank or plane
    hahahahahahah why you trike me ?

  19. but still please do it phly but week armor bad gun to test your skills with
    out a vary good tank PLEASE ??????

  20. Saved your arse there at the last second lol

  21. oh play artillery too?????????

  22. Whats with all the calls to ban slickbee in the game chat?

  23. Play one of the high tier Japanese tanks.

  24. zombie sam zombie sam (Zombie sam)

    Baron plz try the Canadian bias combo Ram II and f6f-hellcat (from a huge
    canadian fan)

  25. thought the kv2 still heald the KING OF DERP title

  26. A True Wisconsinite

    Can someone tell me what happened between Baron and Phly? I thought that
    they used to be buddies?

  27. T-10 was the IS-10

  28. I wanna see a IS-7

  29. WatchTheWorldBurn Pepe

    without premium and just using daily boosters, will unlocking t10m and
    similiar tank take ages?

  30. Alex - Stuff and Things

    What’s that membership application thing?

  31. that zis 30 thogh

  32. da best o' da best

    let’s see how many will smack my like button! ;)

  33. How about playing a Bradley IFV? Is that available?

  34. Switchblade Stefan

    Good job, but I think you had too much trouble with it. This was hard

  35. KV 2 is best top tier. i’ve been uptiering the german kv 2 to tier 5 and
    i’ve been getting like 2 to 3 kills a match

  36. Too easy? With ATGM and HEATFS this tank’s armor is like paper.

  37. T-10M: My guns go BOOM BOOM and your guns go Click Click.

  38. Dark Warrior Guillen Carvallo

    Hey baron when we play in a team in world of warships i see you don’t
    upload more gameplays of WoW and i think why we don t play together nd whit
    your fried phily 

  39. thats probably gonna be the best statement from slick in 2017 I like

  40. “That’s what makes this hard”

  41. oh boy. you and slick together. funny as. well done. gg

  42. Hears slicks annoying ass laugh and immediately clicks off video. Only
    returning to comment this. Good day m8’s.

  43. Baron the T-10 is the IS-10

  44. ki 87!

  45. Spongebob Saggypants

    The only thing I was thinking during the whole video is

    “That’s what she said”

  46. this tank was first named is-8, but after death of the stalin it was
    renamed to T-10

  47. That 19:45 moment where the leo looked alive and then shoots mgs and it
    changes its form to a destroyed tank and is burning, realistic ass hell

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