IT’S NEVER TOO LATE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of is all about timing and in today’s video the show it’s NEVER too late!



  1. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Great video Quickybaby, i watched your twitch video on monday you were having a bad WOT, i think everybody having a bad win rate at the moment i played 55 game yesterday and only won 12 normanly i destroy 4 to 5 tanks a game which i still do BUT my team dont seem to destroy any tanks on the asia server, its always the red russian/ chinese tanks win, oh yea red is Russia andChina colour lol , anyway keep up the great channel we love it , look forward to Friday Twitch

  2. I have been doing the click on map to see where tanks are out of range too for a couple months!

  3. 1st teammate dead 45 seconds, 2nd teammate dead 50 seconds, 3rd teammate dead 70 seconds, 4th teammate dead 100 seconds…yeah typical high & low tier game in WOT. It’s so damn annoying all the one sided massacre games that the rigged MM/RNG gives. Still, nicely played on your part I enjoyed watching the video.

  4. gj to the red team for helping you make a video. i know you are a very good player, but moust of your opponents were noobs. the real hero of this match was the red team Leopard. iwould like to see a replay from his perspective.

  5. Great game qb but does show dumb and op the bourrasque is when your meta t10 heavy has to be afraid of it

  6. I really enjoy your videos, I enjoy them more than playing the game! My game skills are not worth mentioning. Plodding on, hoping that my T-34, slowly being set up just like yours will bring me more joy, (no 57mm gun, yet!) Hoping skills from experience and eventually, fiber optic internet speeds will put me on an even playing field with others.

  7. Wild end game!

  8. Qb I keep up the good work I am glad to hear that you are once again raising money for cancer research and special effect.

  9. Muhammad Kharismawan

    Why does the gaee need to limit itself on old render system when designing new maps

  10. I know you are British but that was brilliant.

  11. when it’s two players left all arty on both sides should be auto killed and sent to garage. disgusting apes.

  12. i lowkey behind the background and watched your youtube video now consider me your great fans. definitely subs! great content for world of tanks.. anyway u can do a video about the Rinoceronte? What your thoughts about this tanks. for me its love hate kinda relationship haha

  13. I feel like I’d prefer the badger over the super conqueror anyone else with me or no??

  14. Earlier today I was left on 100 hp in my stb in the first minute of the game but after playing carefully I was able to finish with 8.5k combined.

  15. Handsome and cool tank.

  16. Its a shame that a good tank like this is a premium in blitz!

  17. picked this line of techtree a while ago, it’s my favorite, it’s just versatile and good dmg.

  18. I play without sounds

  19. That was clutch … gg

  20. wish I could transfer my WoT account from NA to EU.

  21. When i play the sconq its always like this: 1 Game unter 1000 dmg next Game Above 5500 dmg 1 Game 2000 dmg 1 Game 7500 dmg like wtf

  22. This video, its title and your advice at the end are important for learning players. Great job.

  23. QB keeps saying how there’s less arty and arty does less damage… obviously he’s not playing on NA server lol

  24. That strv lol man

  25. I think the ~565 render range is a legacy from when WOT used to calculate things around a player in a square rather than a circle. 565.69 in the length of the diagonal of a 400 x 400 square.

    • The old square was 1000m * 1000m (1 000 000m²). The new circle is 564m in radius (A=999 328m²). You lost some rendering in the corners of the square but gained at the side (500m vs 564m). This introduced new lines of sights to the open maps (and removed some of course).

  26. Love the Star Wars reference lol

  27. E100 needs some love it’s been 11 months 😭

  28. This ping the map mechanic just blew my mind. I don´t understand how I didn´t come up with it myself

  29. Quackybaby can you make a vid on the t95/fv4201

  30. Awesome game and good tips! I just got the S-Conqueror and I love it.

  31. I saw it on stream 😀

  32. I think it is. If WG doesn’t introduce a PvE or of they go ahead with crew 2 they r going to lose some market against armored warfare
    Not forever ofc bc both armored warfare and wot can coexist together. I like armored warfare bc it is what wot lacks and doesn’t have. Wot in the meantime have more players right now

  33. That ending was terrifying

  34. That Bourrasque can’t decide which food to finish first. LOL got chocked in the end.😁

  35. Now that was a good game. Luckily he made a mistake. The moral, never give up and keep your cool. Thanks

  36. QuickyBaby reminds me of King Ecbert on Vikings

  37. 8:25 lazy response, they could relase maps balanced for normal render and have it on them only, slowly adding them/maybe reworking old ones or just leaving them as it is. On the 30×30 battles this render thing is horrible

    • But why would they though? The render distance is fine as it is right now and makes the game interesting in it’s own way.

  38. Sławomir Grzegrzółka

    The sole moment when you pinged the map just to estimate the spot where the Panther II was, is enough to highlight this replay. And you did so much more than that.

  39. I really wish they didn’t change the conqueror. They should’ve kept it the same so the Super Conq would feel more special

  40. Do you ever feel as though QB’s best games always happen after he’s lost most of his hit points?

  41. Maus turbo stronk

  42. *Very good tank, very bad gameplay.*
    Saying this having 3marked it.

  43. You dare present us a 6500 damage play in tier 10 ?
    And I believed in you…..
    That’s every 4th game in tier 9 for me.
    But yes, because of you being not the best and mis-judging the situation at the start, you let your team die and were able to get 9 kills. That’s actually good.

  44. just opend 31 boxes and got a tier 2 tank and some premium time, fucking great . Its an absolute joke.

  45. it seems wg has cancelled your comment below the video of crew 2.0 ahah

  46. Why does it say you’re losing 1-4 at the start of the game?

  47. That bourrasque with 2 marks. Paid actor at the end. What a weird move. And OMG that Strv driver: how could he have lost that game for the team

  48. The game started at 1:4 🙂 🙂

  49. Unlocked the super conqueror months ago and still haven’t bought it cuz am cheap lol.
    Have 5 tier X and only bought one, the Kranvagn.

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