It’s NOT MY FAULT in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about how you can improve your game by accepting responsibility!


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  1. MM is still broken90 % bottom tier in my last 150 games  so what you say  that is not true

  2. “You’re the only constant” in a game that relies on RNG… lol

  3. In WoT Blitz i have 47.94%, aand i still think im the idiot at the begining bc i dont wanted tier 10 tanks i not really wanted to win is just wanted to play, still i think you need to have some luck to get a good team but, yes i share the same opinion whit u after that… And now i go and play “some” games maybe i can get 50% 😀

  4. seems like quicky hasn’t been in many 15- 0 ROFL stomps

  5. Your right. Don’t blame the team. Blame Wargaming.

  6. yes certainly it has to be my fault when i do 7k dmg and the rest of the team died in first 2-3mins of the battle and each did couple of hundred dmg hhh

    no ofc sometime one can be blamed for not doing enough but i rather blame completely clueless player community in this game and as well wargaming not rewarding team work enough within the game.
    If people would get more rewards from working together i bet the games would look MUCH different

  7. while driving the slowest TD or HT like T95, Tortoise, or Maus, all tanks of your team rush to one location and are destroyed in 2~4 min. After that, what can you do? How can you carry the team even if your the one of the top tier tanks on your team? Is that just bad luck?

  8. When you get to tier 10 with the IS-4 as your first ever tier 10, manage to get a 2500 WN8 on the tank with a 44% win ratio, you can realize that no matter what you do, people just do not care nor do they think.

    I can tank and hold a flank all day and get over 5k blocked dmg and 2k+ dealt dmg without shooting gold at all, all while there are morons behind me who just wait and do jack all. I can try to make a play and push a stale flank with a decent opening, all while everyone else sits behind me and doesn’t assist the push. I can ping the people to go somewhere because there’s a medium there that will RUIN our entire advance and they won’t care.

    It’s infuriating.

  9. Yeah for sure 1 out of 5. We dont live in the same world. T10 mm is garbage full of unbalanced ebr and more bots then in t5

  10. I’m on a completely free to play account on console, and much of my losses are caused by terrible team positioning/ deployment, and over aggressive players. No one cares about anyone other than themselves, so I end up watching 3-5 mediums or lights bumrush and die, and the rest of the team stumbling over each other trying to push straight down the middle, all shoving each other to get more damage before dying. My stats say I’m not a bad player, but when I lose cuz im one of the last dudes alive in the first 4 minutes… I don’t think it’s my fault

  11. I don’t blame the “team” I blame the players with THOUSANDS of games and still just play like they are playing for the first time…. You see sooo many brainless players just driving into the enemy team, dying, then saying : noob team another example are the Yolo light players… You get so much games 15:3 or something, because of these brainless people. Heavy tank players who doesn’t use the strength of their tanks, no hull down, no angling nothing, going out with 0 damage, then you check their stats, well 53k games, nothing learned this is what ruins the games. You are in such an disadvantage if you already have 3 of these people in your team and if they are top tier,well…., lemming train to one side of the map, getting flanked by the enemy cause they give up 3/4th of the map, giving up key points on maps, auto lose cause no brain usage involved in these tactics, gg I guess….

  12. Giorgi Garsevanidze

    The biggest problem is matchmaking: When you’re bottom tier, your impact on the game is incredibly low and with 3-5-7 matchmaking, you’re bottom tier most of the time…

  13. “It’s never the team’s fault for the loss, you should just play better”
    Except when I’m top of the board with 3K damage and such. and 8 people on our team rushed in a died stupidly and cause a loss that no one could carry. How is it not the team’s fault for the loss?

    I have a awful win rate on the North American server for the very reason the teams almost NEVER cooperate to win the game. 7/10 times my games end in losses because my team either threw the game and gets wiped, gets wiped without trying to throw or just fall apart because no one actually tries to win.

    I’d love to watch my replays, study what happened and what to fix, but I keep having to watch my fail team of 15 people just flop about and lose.
    I’ve actually turned off chat, because no one, apparently, on the NA Server WANTS to win as badly as I do, and telling/directing the flow of battle has got me ignored more than a “Yea sure, we’ll do that and win” response.
    My Win rate on the NA Server is a crap 47.7% (Down from 49.8% 5 months ago) I’m a 1000 WN8 green bean, so its not like I’m standing in stupid the whole game. I try my hardest to win and do as much as my tanks can do to win. But ultimately, its up the team as a whole to win or lose, and when 8 tanks die in less than 3 minutes.. well that’s a situation I’m usually forced into with no support from anyone, and we just flop about till the 15 enemies surround us and.. well. f*** us!

    EU Server seems to have more players that are willing to cooperate and play for the win, whereas NA Server, from my experience of 4 years, seem to just flop about till they die and scream at each other for blame and/or who has the crappiest stats and should uninstall. 😛

  14. i disagree i was just in a match not 20 min ago .playing my 0bj 277 i did 5200 and change in damage yet it was a loss 7 to 15 i font see how i could possibly do ant better in that match and it was a loss ok isolated incident you could argue BUT,my win rate for the day was 30% yet my daily wn8 was 4500 and change ..the matches i could change the outcome i did but the other matches the teams either lemming trained down one side and got smashed or worse just died doing little to nothing at all 7 matches today was 15 and 0 2200+ damage each it was shameful performance by the team ..i have to ask? ..HOW WAS THAT MY FAULT ??

  15. the way i look at it is that more often than not, the battle is decided by a few choices by players and from there the game more often than not snow balls past the point of carrying. BAsed on the speed of the games currently, these events occur within 3 minutes of the game and slowly things go horribly bad. So to me, the solution to mitigate this is to try and effect what i can safely and quickly.

  16. There’s a “team” version of WoT? I’ve always considered it 1 vs 29 in the random queue.

  17. Yes very fun game
    *gets hit only by premium shells and by arty*

  18. Martika Kotopoyli

    …try and go lemming train with the t28, t95 and jge100, try lemmingtrain with maus too…i suppose when i am currently at 58%, i know what i am talking about. Great % of the game is in random result, random completing a mission and event! When if you pen or not and if you damage or not is coming from math calculation in randomised numbers IT IS RANDOM and not skill….in fact i can prove you all day long that finishign a missioningame is harder than finding the numbers in LOTTO!

  19. ‘You are the only constant’..
    Such bolloxs.
    The only constant is WG matchmaker and RNG dealing you a shit hand. You can rely on that.
    I recently did a yolo/ drown/ crash experiment where one one day I resulted in 49% win rate, the other day it was 30%. (50 games approx each time)

  20. Does anyone else always blame themselves and not the team?

  21. It’s not my fault, I don’t even play world of tanks, but it’s always quickybaby’s fault. Your strats and videos make people do dumb things.

  22. Played about 75 games and won 27…. believe me this was not my fault…

  23. Who’s fault is irrelevant it’s a game, it’s the toxic abusive cunts that ruin battles.

  24. Francisco Javier Diaz Estebanez

    I know what is my responsibility when we loose…i do all that i can do, depending of my tank, my tier, my level, and the terrain where i fight, but you have said it…its a team game, not a game for loners. You have very few possibilities to win if the team fail. I knew it for experience, and not for “world of tanks”( i was a football player in a team years ago)…and its frustrating. What happens when you give ALL in the game and you dont obtain results?…always loose, and loose….simple. I could happen two things…you blame against the game and all wargamming, and be a ” toxic” member in the chat on in each game, and a nasty problem for other players, ( in football its quite common, you’d feel surprised ), or , you leave the game for a time, or forever, depending of your degree of frustration, and thats the problem, because, as you said months ago, wot is dying, but they dont know that, because new players ( i hate the nickname ” noobs”), havent an easy way to learn and the community of wot is one of the most toxic of the online games, (and without any kind of doubts, the most cruel with new players, especially for some “purpled” players) and lots of veterans are taking the same way. And no, not always is a question of being constant. Each one have limits, all of us. Im sorry to be honest, man, but its part of my character, and i like to speak clearly, and i dont mind what the people think. Good video. Greetings from Spain

  25. If Your team mates has 50 percent lower win8 rating , consider game is lost … When You see like they take positions You see this is a loser team already (99 % cases). WG done mistake introducing skill matching in advances and skirmishes if You see your team in these modes with reward vehicles or very efficient players you will get similar opponents… Our clan members get warning not to use any reward vehicles in these modes, WG need remove this feature from current mode advances and skirmishes and put in a random where it has a place after all You join clan to play competitive with YOUR team not WG picked, but in random teams must be balanced by skill because WG as host had such obligation due to fact they WG not player pick other 12-14 players. WG finally need starting understand that there are different modes which have various requirements.

  26. It WG fault and MM because Object 705A snipes from behind and Grille 15 goes for spot, and because of that our team melts like butter in microwave. Idiots play for WN8, not for team and win, it is so simple.

  27. Now you see how it is to make great battle with F2P account when you have stock tank,shit equipment and no money for gold spam

  28. Last year I came up with a little formula to tell me how valuable I am to my teams compared to the average *_World of Tanks_* player. A calculated value of 1 means that player is right in the middle — he’s just as valuable as the average WoT player, while say a 2 means he’s _twice_ as valuable — all else being equal he could take on two enemy players and it’s a toss up who wins. The formula is . . .

    A = (W – 50 / 15 x 14) / (50 / 15)

    Where W is my percentage win rate over the last 30 days that I’ve actually played the game (and not _calendar_ days), and A is the number of average players that I’m worth. (In my own record keeping a tie counts as half a win.)

    For example my win rate over that period was 52.19%, which yields a number of average players value of 1.657 — I’m better than the average player, but two average players would probably beat me. QuickyBaby’s recent 30-day win percentage (on the EU server, with a slight bump upward for four draws) is 60.9% — he’s 4.27 times as good as the average player; the odds are in his favor when it’s down to him against four enemy players.

    I believe the A values are linear — QB would probably stomp me into the dirt (4.27 vs. 1.657) but if I brought three of my average friends along (4.27 vs. 1.657 + 3 x 1) we’d have the edge.

  29. that type4 tho…

  30. you will win only if there’s teamwork on your team. most players nowadays cares only their WN8!

  31. or not, there are so many games that i can say “i can’t do more” and lost anyway. Yes it’s not my fault most of the time, and you know why ? because i have 14 brainless bonobos in my team dude 🙁

  32. thats right… it is just a game…. my win ratio is about 44%… and I do not care… I use WoT as a game.. to relax and have some fun

  33. Alex Jackson-Smith

    In one game I was playing arty with 6 kills and at the end all alone… I could not move, reload or aim quickly enough to win that game for the team or myself. Team game, team responsibility. Simple.

  34. Does anyone know how QB is able to see if his shots are going to penetrate or not?

  35. When you lose 8 games in a row, and in every match 5 or 6 players die in the first 3 minutes, please tell me who`s to blame beside the team and Wargaming for the crappy matchmaking?!. This happens very often in the last month. I tried tier 7,8,9,10. Tier 7 is a disaster. You expect at tier 10 are some good players, who not die in the first 3 minutes, But very wrong.

  36. Scorpion caping out from the base ?

  37. Me: “I’m not gonna blame them.”
    Next game: *E100 camping in base*

  38. Comet good tank?Gun-208 penetration only!!!.Sherman FireFlay-239 penatration!!!Comic British liar…..De sub canal.

  39. The best solution here would be skill-based MM. Lately, I’ve been comparing our team to the enemies. Let’s say there is an AMX 13 105 on our team and on the enemy team as well… One side will get a player with 5k games and 2k WTR while the others might get a player with 70k battles and 8k WTR (I don’t use XVM so I don’t know their WN8, but my guess is that there is the same difference as in WTR). In WG’s eyes, they are the same players just because both took the same tank, but are they really?
    I’m tired of 15-5 (or less) games ending in 5 minutes, even if I’m winning them because you can’t do damage, can’t have fun, can’t feel impactful because it’s either your team destroying the enemies or the other way around.

  40. Totally agree with you. In the same time,you kinda do this for a living so you got pretty good at this game. If you play like me for instance, an average of 1h or less a day…you can’t be good. First i play all the wrong tech trees, i don’t have time to learn every tank to know weak points,or strengths. I remember first time i met a IS3 auto loader…that was a very unpleasant surprise. In my opinion the key in this game is patience and minimap. And also play every tank like a light prices or a ninja princes. Love Bush,never charge unless you are the +2 tier and there is only 1 tank left in enemy team. I do learn allot from you and Circ, so “TANK” you for that.

  41. When the game goes back to normal (the christmas noobs stop playing) after the event, then this video would be relevant!

  42. Must realize that this game is a less than zero sum game, aka for every winner there needs to be a loser and in the case of a draw every one looses.

  43. @Quickybaby how did you get the Lorraine 40t on your Free to Play account?

  44. I don’t blame my team in *ANY* game I’ve ever played before, CoD, BF, CS, CoH2, even R6S. This problem is this game itself.
    First is the gameplay, if your team don’t help, you are toasted, you may get sniped, flacked, surrounded, overmatched, you would die for nothing. In other games, still, you may lose, but you won’t feel like being a sitting duck.
    Second is the reward mechanism, when you’re grinding, if you lose, you get nothing. All those event missions or daily x2/x3 require you to win. In R6S, winning is still important, but you will still get more than half of the reward if you lose. Another game of WG shares this, in WoWS, 2 loses roughly equals 1 win.

  45. On console it’s 1.5-2 games out of 5 that are uncarriable… i challenge you to try and see for yourself…also when you do 6-7 times more damage than the 2nd guy on the list and there’s like 5 ppl with 0 dmg, you can’t say “oh well, I gotta do better” ..and that’s something that happens alot both on pc and console…the game is dumbed down and way harder to carry….

  46. Sry man, but actually 15/1 or 1/15 win / loss battles are WG fashion .. and it’s much more than 1 on 5 but 5 on 1 maybe.. so in these cases nothing to do.. just no fun.. so don’t try to defend WG on this, I agree sometimes we should try harder.. but these type of games are soo boring and frustrating!!!

  47. those games when you do 2k dmg with t7 in a t9 game and you lose by 10 tanks :X

  48. Tanker’s instinct. Each of us internalizes certain things at a different pace and that includes this game. Some of us are what’s known as “amateur”. That means that you either learn slowly or that your learning plateaus at a relatively low point. You also have to factor in whether or not you feel like playing at the moment. On top of that, there’s RNG and pay to play vs free to play benefits.

  49. But my problem is that i always die when trying to support or save my teammates, and again if i push on a group of enemies that we outnumber and with the help of my teammates can clearly beat but 9 times out of 10 my team does not follow and they stay behind in cover…. What am i doing wrong? How can i improve?

  50. QB, can you do a tour-de-garage on your F2P account?

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