It’s OK to Make Mistakes in World of Tanks

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Today I'm about to make some huge mistakes in and why that's OK… as long as you recognise them!



  1. Nicholas Pichette

    The north american server is majority tomatoes. 90% of games have atleast one 500 avg wn8 team

    • i wish i could move server would put up with the extra 100 ping just to be with people who have half an idea of how to play the game. currently grinding out STB 1 line the STA 1 struggles against the sides of T10 heavy tanks but i can keep them permeate tacked and no one around me takes the chance to flank him or shoot in to the side no they would rather shoot at a hull down Kran that they have no chance of penetrating instead of a IS7 that over peaked and is locked in place.

  2. That just means u noob if u wanna peek out vs an aimed fv4005

  3. nice play always a pleasure to watch you

  4. Narushat Impostora

    Yep , just 3 marked the t34-3 , was stuck at 89% for 50 games , then stuck at 91% for another 30 games and kept making mistakes but kept on

  5. theres making mistakes and there’s being plain stupid like when you flank some heavy tanks getting side shoots on them forcing them to turn and face you giving all your heavy tanks a perfect chance to flank and they dont take it then your heavy tanks expect the enemy heavy tanks to go back where they where when in fact the enemy’s have started to flank then when out flanked they brush it off as a light tank getting side shots still expecting the enemy heavy’s to appear right in front of them.

  6. Zachary Bott Placeholder

    Respect for owning your mistakes. No one does that. Again. Get. Off. YouTube. Migrate. You can import your channel.

  7. Playing this game in the first place is a mistake

  8. And also when you are low life, try to play with you allies, support tanks with hp who push or who try some moves if it worth it. Sometimes you have your greatest game when you had to play carefully for the whole battle

  9. How funny would it be though, if an actual good player reviews QBs playstyle, than he’d know how he is making mistakes in every single game and most situations. No hate, just be funny what actual skill would look like

  10. Moral of the story is that it’s never over until it’s over and being proactive wins games (camping loses games most players don’t understand this)

    • However, there is a large difference between camping and falling back on a lost flank. Continuing to fight a flank that is clearly going to be lost will only get you killed quicker and your team losing faster.

    • Bryan Donaldson

      ‘Camping’ is known in the real world as ‘Supporting Fire’ – completely necessary during an assault! The times when I’ve wished for a helping hand from afar whilst my trusty Brit tank takes forever to re-load and I’m in the thick of it.

  11. why can I not put Commander’s Vision System on my new TVP 100?

  12. If arty is the class in which you must predict your opponents’ movements the most, you’re playing other classes the wrong way.

    However, yes, wot is almost entirely a game of psychology and consistency.

  13. Ghetto Streamlabs

    LOL. My mistakes are unrecoverable.

  14. Tanks like the 4005 and the Jagdpanzer E100 are garbage tanks and played by the worst of the worst players. Redline camp and hope to get one pen all game. It rewards bad players for being bad and playing bad and never really learning how to play the game. Its rewards lazy play. On the same level as arty.

  15. Maybe its time to send QB back to school… a Top Gun like school. 😉

  16. My mistake Was i got to 38 in the tvp marathon

  17. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012


  18. I hate my TVP, it is nothing but die fast teams magnet, 21% win rate, in most battles the result is 0-4 in 1st two minutes.

  19. Who wants to play the game what to be… to hard to play? One day it will go to shut down and nobody want play… because right now.. when i play.. like a nighmare mode… that is why my sons no want to play this and stop play this game.. to hard and to easy to die!!!

  20. who puts commanders visioanry system on medium tanks lmao

  21. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Its not the personal mistakes every once jn a while that make the game suck, it’s it’s 8-10 people every single game whose entire lives have been a failure so far in their 10 long years on this earth

  22. Hey QB a guide saying what the best starting locations are in different map would be usefull,

    like you said about the light tank location in murovanka

  23. how do you get the outline of tanks to show that they are not able to be hit

  24. Jari Heimoluoto

    Usualy when i make a miss play i get deleted in 3 seconds by the 3 autoloaders and 750 alpha tanks on the enemy team. I find that on my paper armor tanks the most effective way to play is maximise camo and view range. Cvs is so good on open maps.

  25. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no and it can cost people their games in addition to yours if you really make the wrong mistake

  26. College professor time!

  27. These video’s are really fun but I wish you’d make more vids from people’s amazing replays! Copy paste this one

  28. It’s OK to make mistakes in world

  29. The biggest mistake slot of players make in games is readying up. In tanks that haven’t a clue how to use. By that I mean they dont know how to use there tanks armour properly, there used to t6 or lower, lost there to t10. Any carry on loosening when there at t10.

  30. Never give up and fight on

  31. Joshua Meyer-Fortner

    PLEASE PLAY WAR THUNDER!!! It would be so cool to see you try and place a more realistic, serious game. Get to mid tier Germany or Russia or whatever and really play and record it

  32. I always try to shoot even the last shot, even times when I play Arty. Never drive in to the water, have seen player just drive down in to the water.

  33. Bryan Donaldson

    Apparently I’m still a Nooob after 8yrs on WOT, maybe I just prefer to challenge myself using the underdogs of WOT. I take pride in earning my premium tanks, rather than buying my wins.
    For me it’s all about enjoying the game but I could do without snide remarks from the rich kids on the block.

  34. Sometimes, I have had better games with my worst tanks in bad scenarios than visa versa.

  35. Kuntry Boi Bassin’

    Damn that ass got derped

  36. “free to play acount” has 19 gold rounds loaded lol

  37. u mean like me grinding to Emil just to realise how horrendus the grind are and then proceed to sold it but now left with a brain that have literal no idea abt which line to grind for rn?

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