It’s The Best, When it Works! | World of Tanks ISU-152 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks -152 (ИСУ-152) Gameplay, Epic Battle. World of Tanks ISU-152, Tier Soviet Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Battles, Best Replays.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

When -152 had BL-10 cannon, it might have been one of the tier tank destroyers, but even now, with the new one it is quite impressive… Only when it works tho, it right situations, when RNG works! 🙂

Congratz to all the winners from my little event, who were able to free tier premium tanks from me! 😉



  1. What do you think about ISU-152 in now-a-days World of Tanks “meta” game? Still super, if RNG treats you right? 😛
    Anyway, stay awesome guys! As I said, you are able to catch me live at the moment, doing “I play what destroys me” live at:

  2. Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks @Dez Games for the ISU-152 vids, it helped to put this nightmare grind into perspective, the ISU-152 stock grind gun is an absolute nightmare since they nerfed it.

  3. I’m banned from u twich i can’t do anything and i don’t remember doing anything either plz do smth ? (same name as my yt)
    I repent from whatever i did

  4. I literally just 2 marked my ISU, Thank you for showing this fun tank off

  5. (ads are fine, I can always skip the video like a smart person if it was too much of a bother; no scam ads though 😛 )
    Wheel cancer/cancer express is the real winner here lol
    Any other same tier non-wheeled vehicle would have died along ago.

  6. i 3 mark my isu152 with 2150 average xax

  7. Great game Dez, plus your team mates helped!

  8. I remember that travesty of a gun. I missed a Maus side shot from 20 meters. The light next to me started trolling me hard. I was like dude I was fully aimed.

  9. Good game Dez!

  10. RIP BL10. WG really needs to bring it back

  11. Live perfect

  12. They come like fly hahha

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Your videos are super good. The only shit was when you and Skill put Grille 15 like the best tier X TD, it is not decent to lie to your audience. But he was laughing.

  14. I never win shit, so I started the UK heavy line to feel even more miserable.

  15. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)╭∩╮

  16. Bring back the bl-10 troll gun and I will play this tank again!

  17. Is this line worth it?

  18. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Lets go ma fellow respectful losers lol

  19. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    More giveaways yes! ❤

  20. Giveaways are nice to help people ofc, good to see people like u helping us mortals XD

  21. Dez, any giveaway is a good giveaway.. And FYI, we really appreciate you and your work.
    Much love (Bro style).

  22. Love those victory girls ?

  23. Respectful loser requests anader round.

  24. Thanks Dez…I Have the SU-152 and grinding to the ISU-152…I really like these TD’s and can’t wait!

  25. One of the most awesome t8 overall! <3

  26. Full premium loadout bar a couple of ap/he rounds against equal tier tanks… Lol

  27. I had an excellent game the other day in my Chinese tier 8 TD, with a similar thing happening, nothing went as expected and a WZ-131, chi-ri and I brought it back from 3 Vs 7. Unfortunately games like that are happening less frequently..

  28. Mališa Jevremović

    How old is this game now? And idiots still did not learn not to get out of the capping circle…

    • Look at 6:45 again and see the cap timer. No one left the cap when the base capture points was reduced.

    • Mališa Jevremović

      @Saka Moto isn’t amx right the border of the circle? I am pretty sure he left the circle. And don’t forget that mini map updates little slower than the rest of the entities you see on the screen.

    • @Mališa Jevremović Like I said, look again at 6:45. No one left the cap circle when the base capture points reduced because the Strv S1 managed to hit the Caernarvon.

  29. You’re a good bloke dez thanks for giving back to your community

  30. No premium for me? Dez do you not love me 🙁

  31. Bearcraft34 / Kumarafuto

    *clap clap* I shall be be a respectful loser
    I literally watch this entire episode, I was so excited til I heard the servers, I still finish the episode *pout*

  32. now I know how the fk my team lose 8v3 :)

  33. I thing blind shooting dont make sence witht this TD,11 ammo to 5 ammo:)
    One tank more and you dont have ammo…

  34. Sorry Dez but Strv S1 managed to hit Caernarvon in the base before the AMX M4 49 decided to leave the base. Look at the cap timer again at 6:45, the base cappers never dropped to 1 when the base cap points was reduced.

  35. I remember the old BL10…

    I really, REALLY want this gun on my tier 8 (only mine, mind you) firing HESH as standard ammo, and 450 pen 900 alpha AP as ‘gold’… Just… cuz. I mean, it’s russian, after all. It’d fit right in!

  36. They nutted the isu-152, they gave it a french gun, behaves exactly like a french gun.

  37. This is my favorite tank in the game. The 750 Alpha is just so satisfying. I am a 50% win player but have 2 stars on my barrel. And don ‘t forget it is Russian, and Stalin has always guided my shells. I got them during the obj 268 tech tree month.

  38. Are you having trouble getting these Soviet derp guns to work?
    Here’s some help:
    Step one: clear the mind of capitalist thoughts
    Step two: close the eyes
    Step tree: fire
    Step four: our workers seize the means of production
    I promise you if you do this Stalin will reach up from the icy depths of hell to guide the shell every time.

  39. Three musketeers – but no D’Atagnon… pretty call with only 3/4 of yee old platoon

  40. Thanks for doing this Dez, isu 152 is one of my favorit beasts. Cant get higher then two mark though, sniff.

  41. Amazing content and giveaways: a recipe for success. Definitely keep the freebies up!

  42. BL-10 =boys love XX ♥

  43. really thanks for the contest

  44. Of course we’re up for it Dez! 🙂

  45. Hey Dez, did you played ranked? Was it enjoyable for you?

  46. Usually when it hits it takes out a track….

  47. Dezmas 🙁 24 days of watching not you wining something…

  48. Congratulations to the winners and also to you DezGamez for the giveaway and the videos that keep me coming back!

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