It’s The Worst Tank In The Game UNDEBATABLE | BM-8-24 SCRAP METAL

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It’s The Worst Tank In The Game UNDEBATABLE | SCRAP METAL


  1. Thanks you for coming to my Ted talk about the worst tank line-up to the WORST tank ever in war thunder. Hands down up left right in your mouth the worst tank I’ve ever played. If this tank could be melted down and made into a cannon ball and shoved up my ass it would be a better use of resources. 🙂

    • i god damn love you man

      no homo ok? 🙂

    • There’s another use for this vehicle you can destroy I love me cover and concealment with one go so in a squad you have one of these things to clear sight for your squad-mates

    • But it produses the best laugh I ever had watching yours videos 😀
      Seeing you esely killing entier team educational but not so fun. Do more challenges like last two.

    • This is the first time I’ve heard such a uncensored angry


      From you. Like that says a lot about how bad that tank is.

    • @USSChicago1943 yes but that requires a lot of communication and cooperation and that is just simply not the war thunder way xD

  2. That’s weapon system might as well be replaced with a spud gun

  3. Average German Blind Player

  4. I really feel sorry for any new people coming in to war thunder that buy this peace of shit

  5. Try 1st person in Air RB with a 3d pro as a challenge. My ashole bleeds
    Btch. This gaems too easy… Cause ur in 3rd person shtbird

  6. Cant be as bad as the smoke shell kill challenge.

  7. U should play the best vehicles in the game next phly. 😉

  8. 5:40 forgot the brrrt

  9. I got killed from like 1.5 km away in an m4 on Poland

  10. At least with the katyusha truck you can do some LARPing as map assets. This “thing” is so out of place in Warthy that it’s not even funny.

  11. Babushka designed this for M I L C delivery!

  12. i thought about buying it during the sale, took it on a test drive and thought “most useless vehicle in the game”. if it ain’t open top it can’t be killed, well maybe it could be the games most hard to use aa XD

  13. عبد العزيز سامر الجميلي

    12million silver lions give me some pls:)

  14. In earlier version of WT, I remember this vehicle reload all 24 rocket at the same time and have higher pen (24mm if i’m not wrong). An it can somehow manage to destroy medium tank with a barage.

  15. Day 51 asking for the American spitfire

  16. You bounced something or an enemy commander shot at you with a crossbow.

  17. LTrotsky 21st Century

    It’s probably great against infantry. And yes, that’s a joke, because there is no infantry.

  18. 5:40 Missed one. lol

  19. is that ph intro?? wtf HAHAHA

  20. The original video you made with this an 2op was legendary. Thanks for going through it again.

  21. Is was in the room with my dad when you hit me with the hub!!!!!?

  22. Everyone is talking bad about the bm-8-24 instead of understanding it got fucked by gaijin’s magical shell bullshit shenanigans

  23. Next : Italian 1.0 Lineup

    L3/33cc , M11/39 , 47/32 L40

  24. A vid on the Ju 87-G would be E P I C

  25. Day 34 : Play the glorious german-planes-troller Arsenal VG33 and Dewoitine 520 with their 20mm anti russian bias baguette launcher 👀 💙 🤍 ❤

  26. These 2 panzer wher like: “I don’t recognise your existence as a legitimate armored fighting vehicle.”

  27. I got a test drive for this piece of shit and it was miserable

  28. I once got a test drive for it I cant remember if I got any kills in matches, it was 2017/18 maybe, but in test drive I burnt out the maus.

  29. 5cm Pak 38 auf PzKpfwII Sonderfahrgestell 901

    they’re M8 rockets… they should have the same pen as the American M8 rockets

  30. fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered

    This thing could afford to be faster and reload faster ..with atleast 25 to 35 mm of pin that’s…all

  31. Ad it’s a premium …. They should give gol eagles for playing this !!!!

  32. This video is funny as hell Etta tank you’re and with the Rockets that’s a sad little tank

  33. This video is what I needed today, Thank you Phly!

  34. the best viedo ever !!! so much laugh 😀

  35. The open top killer

  36. Drew-Derg [XxEpicPilot4UxX]

    YouTube: “oH mY gAwD nOoOo YoU cAn’T sAy ThAt WoRd, ThE cHiLdReN mIgHt CoPy ThAt LaNgUaGe!”

  37. i use it for high tier br and you know what that means weak side armour before the rebalance it did 50m of pen and aim near or at the ammo rack inside the tank

  38. German main iq till top tier

  39. Just a meme vehicle like german wiesel.

  40. 3:24 “Ammo stowage is empty” uwu

  41. Only seen one once and it killed me cuz I froze…didnt know what the hell I was looking at.

  42. U can use it as a flashbang and someone on your team takes the kill… those rockets exploding in your face are making it difficult to aim back.

  43. this thing for tank AB
    or for Enlisted ,yes put this little katysha to Enlisted

  44. The sad fact is, your Arty has more pen then your rockets do.

    Also, when you didn’t see that guy on A cap, I was screaming at my phone hoping you’d hear me 😩

  45. Phly I have reviewed the source code for Artillery in War Thunder:

    If (Phly)

    I am a scientist you have to believe me.

  46. Can anyone explain why this thing is nearly 4000 Golden Eagles??

  47. T-60, but dumber

  48. I got this as test drive once and I think the only kill I got was on a low flying biplane.

  49. The BM-8-24 was never meant for anti armor. It was used with multiple others to deal hell to infantry troops and maybe very light armor vehicle’s or emplacements. They would put 6 or 7 of these together and fire them into one area then run off to reload and fire again before counter artillery could find them. I have no idea why this weapon platform is in War Thunder.

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