I’ve Finally Found Easy Mode for World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

No thinking required, it’s right click left click in the Kv1s xD


  1. Psst… Hey LR…

    Your Lemming Sweater (White) is labeled as a Lemming Hoodie (White), and I’d advise listing your Green Lemming Sweater as a Lemming Sweater (Green) for consistency. 😉

    • @LemmingRush Oh, wow, this was highlighted. So much for remaining subtle, but a nice way to advertise. XD
      On the subject of your merch, have you tried the hoodies? They look nice, and I think I will buy one if they are cozy…

    • @Joshua Keller I bought one a day ago for winter 🙂 I think they will be! Especially the premium ones, not so much the green one without a hood imo

    • @LemmingRush Looks like I will be ordering one, then. Thanks for the response, and thank you for the content! Seeing an update on your channel is always a welcome surprise. =)

  2. It went from a Op tier 6 to a Op tier 5 nice balance Wargaming 🙂

  3. Russian bias for heavy tank guns 😛

  4. I love how you just stopped talking and said “I should prolly stop cussing so much” ?

  5. Could you do a T-44 play? I’m having trouble with it. Probably because its stock but I would like to know if it’s worth it

  6. Dont use less profanity you fucker

  7. You are playing russian tank comrade! Stalin himself guides your shots!

  8. SWORE !

    you should probably swear more actually

  9. It would be so weird to see you play the KV-1S in world of tanks blitz which works on pc btw

  10. The video we all asked for! Thanks Lemming!

  11. I remeber when the kv1s was the best tier 6 tank in the game. And yes it was better then the kv 2.

  12. LemmingRush: i found wot easy mode
    arty players: laughs in background

    • Got killed by arty in this tank build three times this morning XD

    • Laughs in horrible frustrating inaccurate arty with extremely low damage per shot for a long reload

    • @Heroninja112 so do you do anything to make it work better? are you using any tactic? or are you staying at the redline shooting across the map. but you still get loads of stun assists critic hits. and dont make me laugh arties still shoot even tier 9 and 10 heavies for 400+ and even sometimes 550+ damage

  13. But….the memes!

  14. LemmingRush- “I should probably swear less”
    Everyone + LemmingRush “Fuck”

  15. Remembered me to the good old G1R…

  16. Easy mode in wot = Be Lemmingrush

  17. There was a kv-122 :appalledface:

  18. would be better if YT tankers don’t use prem shells so much..

  19. I tried that gun and the round would always go wild and kill someone one a differant map

  20. You should try the Oi-exp next thank me later

    • Its been nerfed so hard for about a year or so. Before that it was easy mode. It was 100 tons and fast and the 100mm ap gun no not a derp a legit 100 on a tier 5. But is was hilarious with the ram kills but now it is slow no more 100mm ap gun

    • Daniel Askins oh thats sad

  21. I would actually hang out with people like skill or Foch. I would punch this guy in the face immediately

  22. when limming plays real dirty

  23. Wich is the best medium tier 5 tank?

  24. yes man the KV1S is joyful… much like a KV2 but faster & better armored. Care less about the VERY rare event of a none pen, as you are generally up close & able to aim soft spots, let alone that the HE will damage regardless of pen. It MELTS tanks in it’s tier.

  25. This tank was collecting dust with 85mm , love it now, it even has more gun depression with derp

  26. Top Tier KV-1s is the Jumping Jack Flash of WoT…
    …it’s a blast, blast, blast!

  27. what about hetzer 410 alpha dmg in tier 4

  28. Ah, finally my old money maker was reviwed

  29. Also try Pz 4 H, it has amazing derp

  30. To be fair all russian tanks and pressning 2 is easymode.

    it’s absolute cancer to fight against when grinding through tanks at those tiers

  32. I like to play my SU-85 WITH THE 122MM on tier V. Come around the the corner and be like “Hello there” Smack. Goodbye

  33. 0:57 “… and then we’re just going to be HEAT-spamming /everything/ we see. It’s going to be … well, a blast.” (ಠ_ಠ)

  34. This alpha guns on low tiers are main reason why first thing people learn in this game is camp bush.

  35. Road to unicum? you sound very similar

  36. LEMMİNG YOU MUST try PZ.4 H it have spaved armor and derp wich have 350 alp.dmg. AP and 450 alp,dmg. HE!!!

  37. Another troll tier 5 tank combination to try is the KV 1 with the 57mm gun. Relatively accurate, superfast reload and decent penetration. Plus you are in a KV 1, so often times you can park in front of other vehicles (equal or lower tier), bounce their shots and out-dpm them! Check it out =)

  38. LemmingRush: *is Canadian*
    also LemmingRush: “I should probably swear less”

  39. Im leaving WOT too much RNG, randomness, injustice, Etc, anny suggestion?

  40. Very entertaining. Thanks. ?

  41. I love mine. Met an O-I and KV-2 on Paris at one point, and managed to almost completely destroy an O-Ni+KV-2, who were trying to side scrape and got perma tracked instead. Almost 2K damage before arty shit on me. With my setup BTW I have about a 9.7 sec reload (no food).

  42. why your ping always high

  43. KV-1S is my only tank i manage to get 3 Marks easy 🙂

  44. YES!!! When they got rid of the tier 6 KV1s because it was “too OP,” I just had to laugh at the tier 5 KV-1S. IT’S AMAZING.

  45. Why would you promote gold spamming? Kinda sad

  46. I prefer the daddy of derping, the KV-2

  47. I might buy KV1S again with the skin from the Home Front.

  48. WoT Easy Mode: Object 430U with full HEAT loadout.

  49. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I 3 marked it a week ago and I’m currently sitting at 100% damage standing lol

  50. Derp cannon!! Know you understand the power of the KV-1s with it huh? BTW Welcome to the Dark Side… but some prick named Anakin ate all the damn cookies.

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