I’ve got a Confession to make in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of I’m famed for my love of a certain T7 British medium tank… however… recently… I’ve been cheating on it.


World of is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. T20 is a great little tank. I played it way over 100 games even tho i didn’t need to. I have plans to buy it back

  2. “enjoying playing the t20..” meanwhile I have 0% winrate on it. I rather be on a m3 lee.

  3. 6:50 thats what she said

    Also t25 at is a hidden gem. Its basically like t20 but as a td

  4. so quicky on the tanks you have played a fair bit you have like 6+ skills on your crew, roughly how many hours of gameplay have you put into those tanks alone do you think?

  5. Who was watching this on Stream?

  6. Did he mention good fire velocity and fine dispersion?

  7. I started playing in roughly 2011/2012, after learning about the game watching content from you and Jingles. I went down the American medium line, however, and I always felt like the T20 was underrated for some reason and wondered why you would like the Comet but not this tank. So, long story short, this was a refreshing video to see, as I feel less like an oddball for liking the tank now.

  8. Toxic clickbait maniac 🙁

  9. I would love to see WG add an American T10 version of the T20. Maybe add a new line off the T20.

  10. You at least could have made a better clickbaity title…like “Now I ike this tank more than comet” or something

  11. Dont worry bro more updates coming TANKS CHANGE ???

  12. Click bait awards 2020

  13. T20 has always been much better

  14. Muhammad Kharismawan

    Maybe it is good, but my experience with this 90 mm gun on 25/2 is just making me feel not liking it

  15. Ђорђе Добрић

    One of the Best tier 7 mediums for me was the T 34 1 even though Chinese mediums are meh,the feeling of 250 alpha and that rock hard turret even for tier 8s was pretty good.The only problem I found was the gun handling and dispersion which was horrendously inaccurate but somehow still hit most of my shots.

  16. Finally someone shares my love for this tank! I have a 4 skill crew in this beast!

  17. Qb riding the clickbait train choo choo!

  18. Comet was always in my opinion just crippled and worse Cromwell on tier VII. I loved Cromwell, Comet was such a dissapointment for me

  19. Always found the t20 to be a solid tank

  20. Please stop with the clickbait. With so much of it it makes me reluctant to watch your vids because its manipulative to your viewers.

  21. Yes QB, Chi-Ri = Hidden gem for a good player, Check it out.

  22. Alpha damage is king. Dpm is situation, alpha damage decides the engagements.

  23. Not a hidden gem, just a pure gem, has been one of my favourite tanks for 5 years. More recently, the tier 7 Italian medium is a real beast.

  24. what do you think about a-43. russian med at tier6. its dmg per min is amazing for tier 6. i think i have pumped it up to around 2700. with its really good mobility and decent view range, i play it more like a light tank. and its really good for running away from enemy. its rear armor is angled half of the part so i have had so many bounces from the rear when running away. its armor is cheese. but when u use it with 57 mm you really make it work. 57mm pen is shit, even on prem rounds. but that dmg per minute is fabulous for tier 6. once u flank someone, then theyre dead in no time.

  25. Confession? I was expecting ‘I ran to the hills with my tail between my legs as I got it so wrong about Team Clash’! Where’ve you been for the past week? ^^

  26. Yea, I don’t really like this tank. I can’t make the 90mm fork for me so I tend to drive around with the 76mm. Which actually works great as a DPM flanker but tends to run out of ammo since it really can’t carry enough ammo with that gun.
    Closest thing I know to “Hidden Gem Mediums” Are the KV-5 and the D1, I know those are not actually mediums but they do work great if you use them as mediums.
    KV-5 with removed speed governor, oil, food, rammer, vents, VertStab and BiA is a surprisingly fast fist flying around the battlefield ramming and DPM’ing shit to death. Plus as a nice bonus you don’t need to rely on gold spamming since flanking and shooting people in the turret roof after ramming them means you can quite often overmatch or just pen them giving you a good bit of extra credits. Though obviously this works the best when you use no repair/heal/extinguish consumables and just use performance enhancing ones and that does leave you vulnerable and tends to be costly since you either kick absolute ass or die without achieving anything.
    D1 however is the odd case, its the most “medium” of the french low tier lights, with the least amount of armor(still a acceptable 30mm though), best straight line speed, worst P/W but best terrain resistances makes for a nimble-enough tank with enough armor to save it from autocannons with a bit of angling, but the most magical thing about it are the guns. All of the guns have 20 degrees of elevation and 18 degrees of depression, though with a unfortunate 0 depression on its right-rear side. 47mm gun is a crummy derp gun I don’t like but can be used for derping if you want to, The 13.2mm machine gin is fun enough though it has one of the smaller clip sizes on a MG. The 25mm gun however, is the fastest fireing single-shot gun in the game and while the DPM is still blegh just the sheer amount of shells it can spew with very acceptable AP-Pen makes it a force to be reckoned with.

  27. Maybe instead of a Tech Tree showcase it’s time for a Non-Premium Tier 7 Medium Showcase. Lots of interesting tanks on that tier – Comet, T20, KV-13, Leo, T-34-1, T-43, Chi-Ri, VK 30.02, A44, P.43 ter, T-34/100, Panther. I suspect if Quickybaby played those tanks for a day the Comet might not end up in his top 2. I personally like the KV-13, T20, VK 30.02, and the Leo better than the Comet. The P.43 ter is sneaky good as well.

  28. Clickbait title is justified given QB’s history with the Comet.

  29. Try m26 pershing with standard rounds only plzzzz :v

  30. The whole special thing about the T20 (Having a 90mm on a medium at Tier 7) has been stolen recently by the newer lines, which is a shame.

  31. Shtick the Draco Lupanthera

    As a certified Midwesterner™️, I assure you it is, in fact, “ride him like a cowboy” or “ride him like a pony.”

  32. Ugh… I can’t stand the T20 at all. Hate it

  33. Would it interest you to make a video on best pen standard rounds, tier by tier? (non TD) for those times when premium time runs out or ftp players are saving credits for the tank they just finished researching.

    Maybe a second featuring tanks, by tier, with the most steel walls, for both heavy and medium tanks?

  34. robert petrisor Borovina

    You dirty cheater!

  35. 2:55 T 20 Gun By the way eh eh eh eh.
    T20 is one of my fave tanks. A good crew can really make up for the 0.38 accuracy and can pull off some good snapshots as well.

  36. JUST WOW! What a confession!!! OMG, how has he held back the GUILT!!!! Fuuuuuck, he’s reduced himself to clickbait…. Sad….

  37. A good little tank, why would anyone think QB meant anything other than tanks with the title.

  38. Did his wife finally put him into some clothes there isn’t almost worn out? Oh my!

  39. Why.. click bait..

  40. I have always thought that the t20 is so much better than the commet. I had the t20 then I got the coveted commet and couldn’t do 1000 damage in the commet. I have fully three marked the t20 sence. I would also recommend the udes teir 9 medium tank and the teir 7 leo. My second favorite teir 7 is the t25/2.

  41. I still love the Swedish leo at tier 7. Good gun depression and you have the choice between a dpm AND a high alpha gun

  42. Vincent van der Ploeg

    Milking the team clash drama at it best, LOL smart QB but also disappointing

  43. Great video, great battle. Honestly thought this video was gonna be different :). Anyway, could you do a video on the Leo 1?

  44. Big surprise…that tanks with only armor-weakness getting dominant in nowadays’ gold-raining era when armour doesnt really matter anyways except if its crazy-OP like a 279e…

  45. I have been repeatadly punished by these yanks on my commet recently!!

  46. German vk 30.01 D is in my opinion better than cromwell, better gun and armor and its almost as fast.

  47. Had the derp on it last year….which was nice ?

  48. Try playing the leo with 100mm

  49. My only two star tank

  50. Nahh qb have a complex called SKLL4LTU… Nothing more.

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