I’ve just Completed War Thunder…after 8 years I’ve done it (War Thunder)

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  1. *Okay thanks for being apart of this youtube channel its over now k byee*

  2. This brought the heavy feels on me real fast, I remember waiting a full 2 days of download to try this free war plane game I had heard of, as a kid I always wanted to fly planes obsessively, so you bet kid me almost got a heart attack the moment the trashy laptop finishes loading an ULQ tutorial on an I-16, I got hooked real fast, even with the grind, the p2w, the BR compression and a plenty of flaws I still love War Thunder

  3. The mad mans actually did it

  4. Your Hanks was quite good

  5. Kinda scared me there phly, that passive aggressiveness 😦

  6. o god that Tom Hanks made me ROFL it was verry good holy crap it was good oooo i needed that ty ty

  7. Can you give me some golden eagles becous my dad doesn’t buy me so I would be the happiest kid in the world

  8. thank you Tom Hanks for being part of this video, so nice of him

  9. i just got the champion hoodie today phly love it ps favorite youtuber

  10. I remember StarCraft. It was my first serious video game. Over 20 years ago! 😨 lol

  11. Rare panther 2 gameplay

  12. that wilson part was eerily on point

  13. “This is almost fun” is a really good t shirt on it’s own.

  14. If you voice woody playing wt we will have world peace

  15. If only we all got sponsored premium

  16. I have started playing a month ago mainly because of your videos. When I saw the Panther II in the tutorial was like “Oh yeah that’s a neat looking thank, I will play the Germans” took me 2 weeks to realize it was not in the teck three.

  17. Guys, I think hes finally run out of ideas…

  18. how many hours have you played this magnificent game?

  19. Rip wilson the best friend on an island in the world

  20. I somehow had 3 war thunder ads in this video.

  21. You know you need to make a Starcraft (2) Video now, don’t you? 🙂

  22. 8:22 i totally agree.

  23. Phly: “I dont have many skills in life”
    Also Phly: flies real planes as a private pilot

  24. Nicholas Campbell

    Make the shirt!!!!! Make it!!!!!

  25. I think phly should make his own tutorial for new players

  26. Teach people to snipe then remove all maps where that is possible.

  27. (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich

    hmmm fever hmmm

  28. Phly the 1000x1000x1000 plane

  29. No pls don’t

  30. Hey @PhlyDaily I have a request/challenge for you. Use the Tiny Tim for what it was designed for: against ships/boats in naval battles. Thank you.

  31. Turret x-ray looks like a balaclava guy from above.

  32. it’s confirmed, Phly has the covid!!

  33. phly I think the tutorial is the reason you die so much new ones know to much

  34. I’m satisfied with the end of the channel

  35. shivdutt s. jayan

    damn it Phly, why do you take the ideas outta my brain?
    I’ve been thinking of asking ya to do this for a few months now (I’m lazy).


  37. You could also do a T-shirt “Are they ever gonna patch….” for so many RTS games.

  38. 닉네임을입력하시오


  39. whahhahah willsoooooonnnnn i love cast away

  40. How did phly get tom hanks on the show?

  41. We need that t shirt

  42. I have done that many times before and Gaijin always adds new stuff.
    Phly, look at how much pen the tutorial Panther 2 APCR has.

  43. Dreamteam Gaming [D-T-G]

    Great video

  44. Is4m is the Russian mouse bush up the front might be better then it

  45. Telling new players the shell will always pierce the armour when green is bullshit Iv had so many bounces when the markers are green it’s unreal xD

  46. war thunder is almost phun tee shirt

  47. Argggg…
    I did a couple of rounds of the tutorial and felt nothing except that I was in a cookie cutter…

    I’m slowly doing the air tutorials, want to hook up a keyboard to the console…

  48. PHLY !
    The Germans need a reconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #2

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