I’ve never felt this much RUSSIAN BIAS in my life (War Thunder IS-3)

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Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/779663/en/


  1. Play the, weird flex but okay, t-80

  2. Bruh you never played the ZSU 57

  3. Moisesezequiel Gutierrez

    pls play The American M26 Pershing!

  4. Phly take out the Chi Nu 2. One of the most enjoyable tanks. 157mm of pen at BR 3.7 of pen to destroy bias. NEVER BEEN FEATURED. Have been asking since japanese tank release.

  5. I know this isn’t for veterans only but Wings of Eagles Ranch helps anyone with disabilities physical and mental disabilities and they get help through riding therapy in your home state of North Carolina

  6. Daddy Longlegs: One of the nastiest venoms on earth, physically no threat because its fangs cannot pierce human skin.

  7. You should do a setup tour video Phly.

  8. What stations do you listen to

  9. Beard Daily.. Looks good broham..👍

  10. Btw phly if you have a spot in your next plane video I would definitely be you for showing how good my controller is in that rb lol

  11. That Tu-2 just gracefully lofting bombs perfectly on anything trying to get out of spawn was perfection.

  12. phly can you post your music playlist?

  13. iosef stalin-3 best stronk tenk for its br

  14. Aw I watched this stream

  15. You have the same keyboard I do!

  16. It is no myth that the daddy long legs has the most potent poison known to man BUT thier fangs are to brittle and short to penetrate larger animals

  17. You decided to use your platform to donate to veterans. You sir, are awesome.

  18. Billy Idol fan?

  19. Tetrahydrocannibinol

    More bias than the news.

    Ok I take that back, but still tons of bias. Around 50 tons of bias actually.

  20. Ho yea, that m41a1 is Chilean, I m from here, VIVA CHILE MIERDAA

  21. That bomb at 15:24 was priceless.

  22. Soviet sympathizers

  23. Where is battlefield 5?

  24. @2:31 SIR FONDLEBOTTOM 😀 😀 😀

  25. Last night a Christmas beetle flew into my coffee.

  26. Ivan in Russia best tankers only wear underwear to feel what tank feels comrade

  27. Random guy in Gasmask

    Yeah it’s fun till they are start using chemical shells (which is more often than 6.7 88mm shells by Tiger 2s and Panther 2s)

  28. Play the m47 with stock round

    Attempt #2

  29. Why do i on getting destroyed in low tier russian tanks? Any tips on what to do or how to play?

  30. What is the name of the background song in 3:45?

  31. use pz4-f2 against top tanks ussr.


  33. What r your pc specs

  34. Phly What is your opinion on Atomic Heart? will you be giving it a try it looks bloody terrifying

  35. You look nothing to how you sound 😂

  36. Play the panther f attempt no.3 📌

  37. You asu cu

  38. You listen to all the songs I do

  39. What is-3?
    It’s called bIaS-3

  40. SS Officer of the Third Reich


  41. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Daddy longlegs VENOM MYTH was busted by none others than the Mythbusters. Where did you go to school? 🙂
    Love your shows! Also nice to listen to some common sense normal guy just chatting his mind.. its nice.
    Plz take The Sumner and P51 and go get some destroyers for dinner, 🙂

  42. Most Bias I have experienced is when my 120 AP bounced off of the vodka box on the side of a T54.

  43. Play anything you damn well want. Attempt #3

  44. Алексей Дузенко

    It’s my first time i’ve seen your face for months that i watch your channel, great!

  45. I like the face cam

  46. As an airman serving in Italy I appreciate the things you are doing and have done. It really goes a long way, cheers love the channel ✊

  47. Whats the song at 3 minutes?

  48. I am ALWAYS oneshooted with is3 …

  49. ScamDaily

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