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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

The first major for Thunder in 2021 — ‘Ixwa Strike’!



  1. i’m still waiting for polish tech tree

  2. Can you fix the MM it is so bad I get up tiered every game

  3. Impressive

    now, fix the servers


  5. They trilers are gettin better as the game gets worse. Awesome

  6. Pls give us a new york or London map

  7. To be honest I want it Israel not South Africa

  8. 0:16 f5??????!!!!!!!

  9. packet loss IS SO HIGHT

  10. FIX THE BALANCE PLEASE. Adding super mobile wheeled vehicle with HEAT in 6.7? Are you crazy? This will kill all 6.7 heavies for ever. Then will you tell us tiger 2 is “impossible to balance” like maus?

  11. 0:09
    Variable wings!

  12. 0:09

  13. Nice meet cobra

  14. What is this music?

  15. Every War Thunder update trailer looks like a movie trailer

  16. If you really have to flood youtube with your ads can you please pay for better voice actors?

  17. Amazing trailer, with an amazing song. What is this? LOL

  18. Fairchild rebublic A-10 C thunderbolt II when?

  19. Hey Gaijin, in honor of my uncle may he rest in peace, I beg of you guys to add the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior so that a piece of my uncle and every other air cavalrymen lives on through your glorious game.

  20. Ixwa is a name of african spear right? is that reason why they adding south african vehicle and tech tree into the game?

  21. Gaijin – how about adding India nation in your next update? They got navy n airforce

  22. That Prip’yat?

  23. cant wait

  24. Yay some more vehicles I’ll never be able to play

  25. Trash game

  26. When wil this update come out?

  27. Top tier almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  28. Will there be sabres added as part of the South African extension to the British tech tree?

  29. Fix your yak 9 and yak 3 they are way to OP

  30. We need a Russian 10.7

  31. Ya better keep sound mods or I’m leaving

  32. Не но тупо stalker 2

  33. not interisting….so many low tier vehicle…..

  34. and still they forgot to add F-4 in German tech tree bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  35. I wish you support the insane Apple M chips! please!

  36. we need more ww2 stuff (like if you agree)

  37. Music is top tier

  38. When is the new update?

  39. Fernando Martin Ortiz

    waiting for the F22, YF23 premium

  40. hello? Gaijin? music in this teaser?

  41. Hey guys one question: when will come those modern destroyers, if they come?

  42. bring back legacy music

  43. Mutant Lavalamp Derg

    Ive deleted this abhorrent mess of a game, It rewards spawn camping, idiotic play, and the BR being so pathetic, let alone the Joke of a Battle pass, I want my money back though the ice caps would melt first, dont buy gaijin games or play them, im so lucky i never got to tier VI, they raked in billions last year, now i see why when they let the game just suffer and become Call of Duty

  44. Jeez war thunder community is broke asf looks like I’ll be having fun this new update.

  45. Gaijin mane one Chanel for brazilian please🙏🏽

  46. Can you make the Phantom FGR 2 a Premium

  47. i like hamburger

  48. This is cool and all, but actually getting to play these new vehicles is getting harder and harder.

  49. Alejandro_ Ballesteros_Arellano

    where can i buy or get a super tank like the kv-6 behemoth? regards😀😟

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