Jackson Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Surprisingly easy . but how’s the quality?

Play for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. quality is now like it was before, so it is good :)

  2. Quality is perfectly fine, no need to worry about it.

    Merry Christmas. 

  3. My. Favorite tank of all time. Didnt think anyone likes it I have 3 marks
    of exellence on it

  4. quality is just fine so you can upload more :)

  5. Quality fine. Hope Christmas went well.

  6. The video quality is much improved from the last one. However I’m viewing
    it on a tablet, albeit a good one, so I can’t say how much better it is
    full size on a big monitor.

  7. much improved video quality.

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