Jagdpanther review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I never seen a video of yours until now.Good video cant wait to see more.

  2. Ha ha ha!!~ I remember in a past vid you did about the JPanty II that you
    said that it was so good you didn’t know why people even bother with the
    Ferdinand and that you probably never would get it.

  3. How many matches did you have to sacrifice to RNGeebus to be able to
    frontally pen that IS-6 without loading gold?

  4. This is one of my favorite TDs, always liked it. Always preferred the 105mm
    as well, never understood that 88mm debate.

  5. Foch forgot to mention the glorious German doom canon at tier 7 –
    ”Shotgun” Sturer Emil

  6. you like are an auto ace, no trying, i wish i was as good as you, lol

  7. was so let down by how weak they made this compared to how good it was in

  8. I liked my t25/2 alot. But a pen of 175 with 240 alpha was stupid. The T25
    medium tank (upcoming prem) gets a better gun then its TD i repead TD
    version. what the hell wargaming.. makes no sense.

  9. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    ferdi is actualy a good reliable TD its not bad in any way, sure its
    inferior to JP2 in mobility….but the ferdi has armor, not alot but
    enough, same dpm, alot more hp, so just because its slower dont make it
    worse then JP2, its a trade off really. ferdi is not worse then JP2 and JP2
    is not better then ferdi

  10. Christos Segkounas

    This thing is beast when top tier.
    Good alpha and OP reload help it evaporate tanks within a few secs.
    Good mobility and good gun is all one would want and this thing has good
    mobility and a great gun.
    When top tier even your armor actually works sometimes.
    When I was noob I was bad in it, when I bought it back I was great in it.
    The French tier 7 is indeed such a pile of garbage that after the tier 6
    pile of garbage and the rest of the line being garbage I just quit the line

  11. Foch have you done the T-10 review yet? Because do that one next plz.

  12. Ferdi blows, JP 2 king.

  13. Dank crew +

  14. Pretty cool being in this video (friendly centurion). how the heck do you
    deal with the folks that seemed to be focusing you for a lot of that round?

    I noticed that most of the enemies that showed up on the hill would avoid
    everyone else and only shoot at you

  15. Also, shots fired at QB’s dreadful Ferdinand “stronk bush kemp violet
    stetpedder” replay video

  16. Hey Foch, what happened with you playing Armored Warfare? You lost interest
    or sonething else?

  17. GJ Foch, you’ll have fun with the Ferdi

  18. pLaN B to mAeCkEs

    i loved the japdpanther way more than the JP II, because you got some cammo
    raiting you can work with and the enemys you shoot have all low View Range.
    if you sniped enough shit (2k you can go advance and easily do another 1k
    damage advancing, due to the sick Gun and mobillity9

  19. Never commented before, but that was a god like review. Keep it up Foch,
    much love. :)

  20. You made me wonder how a conparison between AT 7 and T 28 C would look if
    you were to do it…

  21. I ended up ditching this thing mid grind because coming from the jg.pz iv
    you are stuck with the fucking terrible short 88 until you grind out about
    20k research for the tracks and long 88. gonna come back to it after I get
    through the Nashorn since you get the long 88 there at tier 6. tip for
    anybody who hasn’t done either German TD line yet and doesn’t wanna be
    stuck with 132 pen on a TD with no turret at tier 7. fucking terrible.

  22. I played this but I didn’t get a Ferdinand, I got a JP 2…

  23. JPanther is one of my fav tanks in the game.
    It has great DPM, accuracy, awesome aim time, good punch and pen, good
    enough speed and some armor to bounce idiots. It makes for a great training
    tank for the even more awesome JPanther 2.

  24. Well if almost every tank is shit, which tank do you think is a good tank?

  25. Actually a had tier IX games with ~ 4.5 k dmg, for me it’s great td.

  26. To be fair, I quite like the t25 at because fast aim time, super fast (it
    will reach 55 kph) and good reload and dpm. Also When you auto aim at a t25
    at you aim at the gun mantlet what nearly inpenetrable is

  27. 2 years ago in a su100 Review you said the Only way to play it is Camping
    at spawn… And Tier for Tier the SU’s armour isnt worse then on the jp

  28. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    So Foch, does this mean we will get a Ferdinand review within the next few
    weeks? I hope so because the Ferdinand and JagdTiger were my favorite Tds
    in the German tree. The DPM on the Jagdtiger is just sick. SO many people
    come after you not realizing how quick you can chew through their HP. Same
    goes with the Ferdinand , just a tier lower. Both have good armor if you
    can hide the lower half of the tank. And you can also get quite a few
    bounces by angling the tank during reloads.

  29. Just join us on console with our un-nerfed TD’s, Un-nerfed arty and buffed
    T110E3’s(yes you read that correctly)

  30. Its somewhat mobile with ok camo, a very good gun for its tier with good
    handling, aim time and DPM. The lack of armor is sometimes annoying but
    theres not rly one single tier 7 TD with armor anyway. Well ok SU-122-44
    can troll quiet hard though and the T28 Concept might work sometimes too.

  31. T25AT actuallt get 10 of gun depression so it’s not that bad actually :)

  32. T25 AT is really nice, liked it more than the JP because of 10 degrees gun

  33. Ferdi is obsolete I am warning you Foch. It is a TigerP chassi and anyone
    who have problems pen you frontally all they need to know is they can
    definitely pen you frontally at distance by shooting the front corners of
    your Ferdis TigerP chassi. If not that then they load gold and shoot you

    JPanther is maybe not a tank to play if you want to keep your unicum stats.
    But in its environment and the matches it gets it sort of is more fun then
    a Ferdi. Both are not so fun. But Jpanther is more fun then Ferdi. You
    complained JPanther is slow? he he I must be a sick guy then who think it
    has more then adequate speed and if you are rolling on hard surface in town
    battles you are flying forward at super speed it seems. Especially if you
    own a T28 and T95 then JPanther fast. 🙂 lol

    I think the battle environment is not bad not good but really not bad for
    the JPanther. I sold the Ferdi it was not a keeper. I think the battle
    environment Ferdi finds itself in is harsh. ANd if I remember ferdi is
    slow. But well, be interesting to see what you do with the Ferdi. If it is
    you that is good, or if your oppents have air in their skulls.

  34. The Jagdpanther may be slightly shit but, oh my god is it beautiful

  35. Thanks for defending the Ferdinand. It’s been a tough battle and I
    appreciate your support

  36. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    the 88 doesnt troll you like fuck

  37. i just got this tank mate thx for the tips man nice vid :)

  38. So many vids :D

  39. Matúš Zeleňák

    not sure if this has been changed, but I remember not playing with 10,5cm
    because the shells for it were bloody expensive and I struggled to make a
    profit with it.

  40. I actually like to play the jagdpanther, I really like the gun, the rest is
    not that great though.

  41. I get surprisingly many bounces on my Jagdpanther

  42. Richards Slebonick

    How is the Jpanther shit? Its the legit best tier 7 TD

  43. Wish I didn’t sell it. Going to re-purchase it as soon as possible.

  44. sirfoch can you plz play e5 i am sure there are quiet alot of people
    wanting you to do it ….

  45. i don’t want to be a dick head but the french teir 7 has a hundrend
    millimeter and got a rate of fire buff and to make another joke E75 NEEDS

  46. What is the best Tier VII TD in your opinion? During your list you almost
    listed all of them as shit.

  47. I’d like to hear your opinion: Ferdi or JPII? (like H or P for the tiger

  48. Don’t know why I stayed up until 6:30 am, but I’m glad I did now since I
    got to see a Foch upload that isn’t hours old already 🙂

    I think this is somewhat comparable to the ISU-122S, and I guess the
    SU-152. Big profile, shitty armor (but with a Stalin’s own magnetic
    mantlet), but a nice high DPM gun.

  49. LOL, Foch doing Ferdinand review…that ought to be fun.
    “It’s slow as fuck”
    “It has no fucking camo”
    “The armour says 200mm but that’s only true against fucking potatoes who
    don’t know shit about armour layouts, and everyone goldspams you”
    “SO much worse than JPII unless you get an enemy team of complete fucktards”
    How am I doing?

  50. I love this tank and the whole line. Played it with rammer, vents and camo
    net. It gives you more flexibility than setup with binocs. As rightly
    pointed out, the whole line requires balance between being aggressive and
    camping. Jpanther II is very similar in this respect.

  51. Loving these constant vids, I feel spoilt. :D

  52. im early lets make a joke

    …arty play needs skill.

  53. I have both the T25 AT and the Jagdpanther and I like the T25 AT soo much
    better because of how fast it is. I nicknamed it the “action tank” because
    in spite of not having a turret it seems most suited to mixing it up in
    close and working ridgelines.

  54. Timotej Andonovski

    Did not know Foch even played this tank… Keep it up man!

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