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  1. Muhamad Rasya putra rizki absen:25. Kelas:7i

    hi i am froom Indonesia

  2. shld i use the ferdinand or the jadgpanther?

  3. Yeah it’s one of my favorites too. For all the armor it has, this tank is fast and maneuverable. The 88mm is also perfect for the platform.

  4. Can you please do more air realistic battles? That’s what I like about phly. Cause he used to phly. Now we should call him tanky.

  5. “Very little he can do right here” then his barrel is out LMAO

  6. I love Phly singing
    More songs, plz
    And a song compilation, yes yes

  7. Hey Phly, you should use the Maus since it’s returning again just so we can see how the tank king plays.

  8. 8:15 missile lock system phlydaily version lol

  9. m1 Abraham lincoln

  10. anyone has a compilation of jagdpanthers getting killed by 120 mm IS-2?

  11. You are so close to 1 Million !!!!! DOOOO ITTTT!!!!!

  12. how do you keep your excitement for this game?

  13. People run tf away from this tank, I love getting in a good entrenched position and just lobbing shots across the map

  14. but i no think so i think Jagdtiger, ISU-152, T95(or Hellcat) is best in WW2

  15. *Laughs in centurion mk1 with APDS*

  16. he come submarines bois and ladies

  17. One of my top favorites in the entire game. Always insane kills with this monster.

  18. God damn. Just spent over 1mil SL on vehicles and crew training and then bam this update

  19. > Enemy tank is fully obscured by a building
    > Phly: “Poor M-50”
    > Sees literally nothing but a single puff of gun smoke
    > Phly: Oh wait no this isn’t an M-50, I thought it was for a second.

  20. damian sygnalizator świetlny

    3:42 PHirst game
    9:56 PHecond game
    13:01 Phird game
    17:32 PHorth game
    24:24 end of PHun

  21. Lol you are getting some lucky bounces, I explode to pieces every time I get hit in Jagd

  22. Bro – 7k subs away from 1 mil

  23. Don’t skip the enemy’s shot when you get killed man.
    We wanna see where you got penned at which angle.

  24. Cry in tiger 2

  25. Phly: I’m gonna hope this BMP has me covered

    BMP: *DIES*

    Me: Ah yes, your typical WT player

  26. Hey Phly! War Thunder rookie here, great content! Your videos are hilarious and informative to say the least, lol. I don’t get it though, I played 3 rounds of ground realistic battles last night and I just can’t seem to get it together. Is there such a big difference between arcade and realistic? When I get set after ‘slowly’ approaching a shooting position I either get a round in the flank or there’s just no one there. Once I move from my first shooting position, if I survived, I get a round in the flank. I can manage realistic air battles, meaning I don’t die, each time I go out, but ground battles is just a whole different animal. I’m using the China tier and sitting around a 2.0 BR right now. My console crashed so I switched to PC, but I digress. Any advice would be awesome, but otherwise great content, keep it up! And congrats on the wedding man!

  27. “very little he can do right here”
    *he shot barrel, barrel black, barrel banana peel.

    now, that is not “very little”. lmao

  28. if only the jagpanther had better armour

  29. The Scotish Clone Trooper

    Sorry I’m late
    Attempt 83: please take the crusader mk.3 to 5.3, the heavy solid shot teabag mk.9 can go through the UFP of tigers at 100 meters

  30. Done, premium acc using your referral. Thanks for all the laughs in 2020 phly!

  31. @Jubi get one

  32. Wait…. You actually like Fire Arc?

  33. JAGDPANTHER! Oh yeah! =)

  34. great video!! so glad the maus is back been waiting to be able to get it again!! keep up the good videos

  35. The Apex Bloomington

    Hs 129 b-3 aerial 75mm ship annihilation never would’ve thought a tank destroyer plane was better at killing boats

  36. Have i seen you play the Ho-Ri family?

  37. dude you are fking right

  38. Best td in ww2 was the panzerfaust… Followed by the American and Russian rpgs…
    Like… It wasn’t even close in cost/kill ratio…

    Just being a xi… Dont mind me…

  39. I’m sorry Phly but my mom always told me to tell the truth at all times so….

  40. I’m sorry Phly but my mom always told me to tell the truth at all times so….

  41. INcreIble TAnK


  43. i know you probably wont read this but can you do an Archer III gameplay?

  44. I smelled my computer to see if I could smell the German angles.

  45. germany suffers heatfs
    meanwhile the most op TD in game: you see hans, nothing in the USA tank tree can pen us at 6.3 (bulldog might but cant recall)

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