Jagdpanzer 4-5? More Like Sadpanzer, amirite! War Thunder 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. What tank do you want me to play next?
    Fallout 4 and Call of Duty Let’s Plays on the second channel:
    bit.ly/BVCasual Go check them out…do it, do it naaaaoooowwwwww

  2. N00bular Tuttle_BroGaming


  3. lol 0.43 “in arcade i don’t think it has any….. TITS!

  4. Awsome as standard sir

  5. Please play the T-80

  6. The leopard’s heat also has 100mm more penetration.

  7. Jumalauta Ei Helvetti

    Play the Soviet Sherman!

  8. not first but I’m not the last one!

  9. I think the worst thing for tanks like this one is the fact that you can
    never surprise your enemies because of the stupid spotting mechanic in AB.
    In my opinion, spotting should be DRASTICALLY lowered, so shots from across
    the map on an enemy you can’t even see come to an end. Like, Keen Vision 0
    = 200m maximum spotting distance. Keen Vision 5 = 800m spotting distance.
    If you want to spot further, use binoculars. But they go away (the
    sillouetes) as soon as you put binoculars down. Then you have to rely on
    your sights. AB is currently a big mess of “shooting red sillouetes”. And
    that makes glass cannons be in a BIG disadvantage…

  10. 13th

  11. “pretty fast” 2nd fastest tank in game, ok baron

  12. play the kv85!

  13. Use the king tiger plz

  14. I have been getting those random lag moments but only in war thunder

  15. 4:07 aiming into space lol, you were aiming way too high.

  16. i am sad about the russians devs are just destroying german tanks….. did
    you guys know the Jagdtiger never got pen on its frontal armor? i mean its
    just a joke to pen it in WT with a russian tank, even a IS-2 with the
    battlerating of fucking 6.0 can easy pen it.

  17. Baron if u have the HEATFS rounds u can do some damage but its not my fault
    that u dont know to play the tank and also, why would u play arcade with

  18. Pt-72 next?

  19. 4:00 you fucking idiot.

  20. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    T-92 plz

  21. Alex “Draco223” SV

    tiger h1

  22. PT-76 for the next video ? :3

  23. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    play is3 vs tigre 2 pl or play sssr sarmer

  24. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    m4 sssr pll!!

  25. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    at 5:20 when the plane attack him the panels on the engine deck actualy got
    blown off!

  26. Baron thank you for commenting on the bad br system. Not a new or big
    statement but its nice to see you highlighting this faulty system.

  27. You are not right. You are left.

  28. Love wtching you play Hero’s & Generals

  29. its not meant to be played in arcade :P

  30. Jpz 4-5 shpuld go down, tanks at 7.7 should all go up just like planes!!!
    T-10, T-54 1951, Su-222-54, Jpz 4-5, Leo 1, M103 and M60 should be 9.0
    tanks, than IS-4, IS-3, Mause, Jagdtiger, T32, 105 Tiger, M47, M46, T-54
    1949 and 1947 should be 8.0, and the game would be perfectly balanced

  31. noobinator Simelane

    @BaronVonGamez have you tried playing the meteor mk3 or the sea meteor.
    That’s a real struggle bus while jets like Ho and Me 262 have their fun
    with propelled planes. Not fair at all.

  32. Sad panzer, lol. Pretty good description

  33. Hey sup guys and welcome to my channel xxsadxpanzerxxx?

  34. Thank Zues I’m not the only one having problems with FPS in war thunder.

  35. 1) I agree that it needs a lower BR.
    2) I wanna see War Thunder add the T-29 from world of tanks.
    3) Baron stop skipping your kill cam, you skipped it in the beginning of
    the video. I wanna see how you died internally.
    4) I love your videos.
    Have a good day!

  36. baron you suck with this tank and arcade fucking sucks even more

  37. i need fallout

  38. tut ok

  39. tut ok

  40. In dedication to our Veterans, I say, you should take out the M103 Heavy
    American class MBT.

  41. Can you fly the PE8 with the T34 100 in realistic? Cheers!

  42. Sadpanzer? Really? It’s one of the greatest tank destroyer in the game –
    incredible traverse speed, fast reload, great gun, low silhouette,
    astonishing reverse speed – you’re just bad at playing it. Or the tactic,
    that appropriate for this TD, is just not for you.

  43. On je bebac

  44. What, you think that German vehicles can be put back in time to fight
    comparable tanks like that one Russian that’s supposed to be amphibious?

  45. 3:54 how can a person be this bad at aiming? he was 400m away and you aimed
    it straight for the sky!

  46. Gawds, Panzer IVs are killing machines <3

  47. With the armor of the jagdpanzer 4-5 you will get wrecked by any tank from
    tier 3 and up.

  48. I think the battle raiting fits you just have to play rb or sim. Its kind
    of like i you want to go to the cinema with friends but u dont have money-
    u can do shit. But i always enjoy your videoes :)

  49. you can clearly tell the shot was from behind him at 17:38

  50. The Jagpanzer 4-5 would do well at 6.7 I think

  51. 4:08 something died in my soul by seeing that

  52. please stop playing arcade play realistic

  53. +BaronVonGamez Do you think they will ever put smoke shells in the game
    cause that would be a game changer.

  54. Baron, you playing this game so bad these time. Get back your old baron
    style, and gaming good!

  55. i’ve played it in realistic battles, and it’s a strugglebus. In arcade i
    dont think it has any What the tits? Theres an Tiger E in here! -Baron 2015

  56. Baron fps wen i play just drop to 5,6,7 it is inposible to play do you know
    why that hapen ?

  57. you can’t complain about the BR … this JPZ is from the same time period
    as the Leopard 1 !!! … and it is supposed to be a “sniper” !! if anything
    , the Maus should have a lower BR ! … btw .. the Leopard is not a light,
    not a medium, nor a heavy ! .. it’s a MBT !!! (the first MBT of NATO ! )

  58. The first map you play on is so much fun for tier 1 and 2.

  59. play some fallout 4 now :P

  60. Baron please do the new Soviet rocket tank pls baron I love this channel

  61. Play the pt 76 boat please baron

  62. Play the PE-8 for the motherland

  63. The TD seems to over pen any WW2 tank but does fine with the ColdWar era
    tanks at T5…

  64. There is no Russian Bias. It’s all a Fig Newton of your imagination.

  65. even a Hetzer has more frontal armor. This tank could go down to 6.3 where
    the walker bulldog sits without causing any trouble being OP.

  66. 4:08 Baron you were aiming too high. the arcade reticle wasn’t in front of
    him but rather wayyyyyy behind him as you were aiming over him.

  67. What has WarThunder come to? Tiger 1 against M-47’s? This is why I quit the
    game. It used to be good. Now it’s unrecognizable.

  68. i consider this tipe of tank a sniper tank. u stay kill enemy from for awey
    not in close combat.

  69. TiberiousThe Labrador

    *sigh* the latest fuck you from gajin to the loyal German players…

  70. That T 10 should of been a kill, that little bias mechanic they have going,
    is going to be the ruin of this game…. When you are in a game and there
    are more than 15 Russian tanks between both teams, you are doing something
    wrong Guijin…… Nice video though…

  71. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    They would add Infantry, but then it would have blood and they need to
    change game rating..

  72. take out the might IS2 and IS3!!

  73. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    10.5 cm tiger please!

  74. I have just about given up on this game. Im almost always seeing is4’s and
    t10’s in my tiger 2 p(BR 6.7). The matchmaking is the worst in any game i
    have played

  75. At it’s BR this thing is useless.

  76. Syr Syrup Military videos, Gaming and tutorials

    Play the great pe8, it was only used 1 time in WW2 and I want to see what
    it looks like!

  77. how do these people keep spawning in the same tank after it dies

  78. i would love to see how WT would put in the harrier jump jet and modern
    tanks like chally2 and abrams…ah man i wish they do

  79. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Is2 mod 1944 and get wrecked up the bum by 7.7 tanks!Or pantherD

  80. real name is the kanonenjagpanzer

  81. SL Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    Is that tank on the body of the leopard?

  82. Baron is the old judge guy from futurama

  83. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    this thing thrives in SB and RB. Mobile and stealthy like the Hellcat.

  84. Prob not the best tank for arcade. You have a huge red label over you and
    no armor

  85. So much gold….

  86. killergator13 gaming

    Baron how can you complain about a tank that can pen the T-10M but an M4A2
    75MM has to fight a fucking TIGER1! tell me how the fuck that makes since.

  87. Love advance to the reine the map gets leveled by arty like the old bad
    company 2 African harbour map

  88. More fallout

  89. Play t10m Baron

  90. Never watching another one of your WT videos again. Considered unsubbing
    twice, but meh. At 4:00 i couldn’t stand the stupidity that you couldn’t
    realise you weren’t firing example: A BLOODY 152, but instead a TD gun,
    specifically germans. And then that comment: “Where’s my aiming reticle
    when I need it?” I just hate how you struggle even with arcade. Sad and

  91. who cares the armor now baron the new round just can pen ANYTHING

  92. when the gunner is playing on his phone and doesnt do his job :I!

  93. I think that the 4-5 is a perfectly fine BR 7.7 TD. In a world where the
    T10, Maus, Leopard and IS4 are 9.0, and the IS3 is an 8.3. Haven’t played
    the Americans, but I can figure the M103 would make a good 9.0 and so on.

    The big killer for this game is the over-compressed BR system. I thought it
    was already too compressed when it had 8.0, but now it’s nearly unplayable
    unless you’re in 6.0 or lower tanks. Or the meanest 7.7s like the T10, Maus
    or M103. All we can do is hope that they reverse this decision.

  94. sadpanzer?
    what really is sad is when “famous” youtubers play like utter shit but
    blame it on the BR, matchmaking and the vehicle they’re playing…

  95. Gaijin also reduces the ingame armor of german tanks.

  96. You know HESH is probably the deadliest round in war thunder currently
    because if you look at the way HESH works, no tank in war thunder could
    survive a shot from anywhere with a HESH round simply because they lack
    reactive and anti-spall lined armor to prevent the spall from killing the
    whole crew

  97. My fps usually dies when I try and kill a russian tank and ive noticed my
    mouse starts to glitch out also.

  98. baron if you want a ww2 strategy game you should have a look at R.U.S.E,
    its a few years old so not many people play online but its good to play
    with friends and against bots, though it also does have a campaign.

  99. what I thought they should have done with it is put it under the hetzer

  100. Baron bro you are a pro man!

  101. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    where is the video about the best tier 5?

  102. war thunder BR problem is getting annoying!

  103. You’re a great game play artist. The way you maneuver. The way you talk.
    That gut instinct! Tits! And, That’s why I’ve been following you since the

  104. Condorscondor Condor

    maybe im blind but i didnt realize there was visual damage to noncritical
    parts, at around 5:00 he lost the radiator(?) vent panel. kinda neat.

  105. Dont blame the tank, blame yourself…

    Baron, you used to be my go to guy for WT tank videos, actually it was one
    of your videos that got me interested in War Thunder to begin with. But
    lately it has been just painful to watch your gameplay. Its all about
    having fun, I agree, but the derping around has gone too far. This video is
    full of moments proving my point, and its simply frustrating to watch. I
    know you can do better! I believe in you! plez

  106. Turretless tanks suck in Arcade.

  107. I want GAJIN fix this tank it have smoke discharges where is it

  108. 4:00 I dont even

  109. i wish i can pley but ty to ganjis new sistem that fckt my PC …i have to
    buy a new PC ty to that. nice vid

  110. DeadFrontierBySeba17

    4 Minute Baron: aiming and shoting at 3km range to guy 600m from him.
    Baron: Ahhh cmon dont give me that crap
    Got killed.
    Ask where was my aiming.. LOL
    Baron your suck in this game :/

  111. Pz. II H
    plz!!!!!! that is as suck as Jp. 4-5, if is not sucker, and i want to watch
    you play it!

  112. What I think?

    Russians are over performing and under tiered basically………….

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