Jagdpanzer E 100 – Does it suck in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about the original T10 German heavy, the Jagdpanzer E 100 and if it still holds up in 2020!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

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  1. Speaking of the Berlin event, I swear that one bloody Ferdinand -.-

  2. Sukacita Yeremia

    Big alpha guns? Cheeks? Slow? Tough armor anywhere else?
    What’s this? WoWS Yamato in tank form?

  3. That Borsig sucked

  4. lel 290 MM no round can go throught proof ones more that WoT is based on luck actually no skill at all irl JagdpzE100 can’t be penetrate the BL-10 irl penetrate only 230MM not 286 Imaginary mm

  5. 1. The skin is terrible because of the damn top light thing.
    2. The Average damage in this tank is not 1050 it is closer to 850.
    3. Never play this tank as a sniper.
    EDIT: Jagdpanzer U-100

  6. Unlucky to roll for less than 1000? Must not have played the tank before.

  7. Surprised that E4 has such a poor win rate. Maybe people just are too aggressive with the tank thinking that because it’s a top tier American TD that it can take hits like the E3 can…

  8. yeah…grille15 is a worthy successor of WT auf E100….twice nerfed after introduction and now is a piece of sh!t. Accurate they say…nope, high penetration…nope, it bounces of even meds. Agile, nope it turns like the tortoise. Well done WG. 10/10 WT auf E100 to a 2/10 Grile 15

  9. I was there when it happened

  10. Kaushalraj Puwar

    Congratulations QuickyBaby,
    Since 19 May 2020 marks 8 years of your first ever stream….😘😘 Love your videos…

  11. People that fire more heat than AP in this tank have an IQ less than 40

  12. Kaushalraj Puwar

    You must make videos even if you grow a 1000 years old…
    Earlier my win ratio was 38.6% , but after I watched your videos and implemented your advice my win ratio is 54.8%….. Thank you QuickyBaby.

  13. He doesnt have effects on sniper mode does he ?? I mean,do you recommend to turn off effecs on sniper mode ?

  14. Oddly enough I quite enjoy this tank and have a 59% wr in it after 100 battles or so. Managed to kill 2 ebr105s in one game too, which I gotta say felt good man. Real good.

  15. Nudelsalat im Panzer

    It’s just the 3rd biggest gun. JP E100 is on 3 (170 cm), FV 183 on 2 (183 cm) and the T92 HMC on 1 (240 mm).

    QB big liar >:(

  16. Wasn’t angled enough. The thick sides can actually take a lot more of an angle to make the front harder to pen. Considering he was using AP, maybe another 10 or 15 degrees could have meant victory :c
    Tricky to always pull off against very high pen opponents but sure feels good when you do and buy yourself enough time to give them 1k dmg in return 😀

  17. For what it’s worth I’m glad to hear you speak out against WG in-game gambling and predatory microtransactions. Great video overall too!

  18. My favorite td and t95

  19. Why buy skins for your vehicle when you can download for free from a whole marketplace on War Thunder. Lol

  20. Ridiculous armor? No. 2 key fixes that. Roll less 1000? Short of the one shot to the engine on occasion I don’t think I’ve rolled for more than 900 800 range is avg. I can recall a few days ago I rolled for 685 on a Maus. I do like the thank though.

  21. Yep would never get this one.

  22. Great play from the Leopard to make the flanking manoeuvre

  23. That’s a big A spotlight

  24. Fat, inflexible, slow unreliable gun, armour doesn’t work when anyone above tier9 taps the 2 key. Once every 5-6 games you can maybe get 6000 damage but generally its trash.

  25. The HE could have left the Leo on as much as 17hp. That would have been a a real heart break moment

  26. 4:35 the moment u fucked up

  27. War Gaming’s micro-patches are hell.

  28. One shot one kill💪👏🏻☦️

    Whole game sucks

  29. WolfschanzeAnime

    Its a bad tank but then I again I like to play bad tanks, somehow I perform better in them xd

  30. SKTM Dunav Ruse

    Very good game! I love the Jpzr!

  31. This was my first ever Tier X. Sadly its near on useless with the current meta 🙁

  32. This tank is slow and inflexible for the sake of armor that doesn’t work very often. Add in the fast moving wheelie tanks that can deflect your shots off their wheels for a loss of 5 kph (if you can even hit them) and it’s often a no go.

  33. social3ngin33rin

    Yes it sucks. It suffers heavily from powercreep. However, *when* it does work, it is generally quite satisfying. Why generally? The alpha dmg is a troll; I’m convinced the avg dmg is below 1000.

    The Jg100 falls short in the highly mobile armor/bounce met, and the armor is easy to get through with the amount of pay2win.

    All the years of powercreep needs to be nerfed so that all the other tech tree tanks can keep up. Buffing 5 tanks every few years leaves a hundred others that continue to fall behind, while they simultaneously introduce new powercreep vehicles.

  34. World of tanks originals

  35. GeilesStückDNA

    Yeah you block but wtch what enemy is shoting. When i play my they load gold and hit all the cupola.

  36. I’ve definitely stopped playing this game as much as I used to. The meta has really stagnated and the game is stuck in a rut. It’s just lost the diversity in vehicles and play styles. You just see the same op vehicles winning repeatedly and it’s just boring.

  37. Hi what is the battle hits viewer mod’s link?

  38. yes but still fun

  39. fun factor a+, 3rd best for lols

  40. lucky to see Im not the only one stuck with dumb teammates
    the useless Rhm? the obj430 saying “there’s a glitch in the game the Leopard disappeared”

  41. Татьяна Сушкова

    Шикарный бой

  42. Hold up! in blitz, this thing does 800dmg, now it does 1100 in WoT pc!?

  43. Quickybaby can you unban me on twicht

  44. One lucky game. 90% of the time this game would have been over in 60 seconds after being flanked on the bridge.

  45. skin is disgusting…same as that for IS7…but skin for e4 is perfect

  46. I enjoyed this video because it shows a non-perfect but really well-played game.

  47. Tank dosent suck I suck and have a 64% winrate in mine after maybe 200 games. You just need to know where to take it on each map

  48. Penetration RNG needs to be changed. +/-25% is way to much.

  49. You’ve got a video in your ad

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