Jagdpanzer E-100 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. JPE is better than the FVs, but probably less fun. None of those tanks are
    good at all, they are all pretty bad but you don’t play them because they
    are good, you play them because they hit for 4 digits.

  2. Wow the side armour… 120mm + 60mm spaced = 180mm flat, unlike the IS7
    which is 100mm + 30mm spaced = 400mm black hole shell absorber

  3. Can you review M3 Lee pls as its close to the best tank in the game!

  4. Idk. Seems boring to play. I prefer mediums and some light tanks (walker
    bulldog). Heavies and TDs make me get bored of the game after a few matches
    playing them.

  5. This channel is responsible for two things.
    1) Me becoming an unicum player
    2) Me becoming pessimistic af

  6. your aim time is piss poor on mine its way better

  7. Thumbs up for these thingy-majingies, keep up the entertaining work.

  8. the “Hallo, ladies and mentlegen” got me confused

  9. If the Object 263 is in HD can you please do a video on it when you have
    time? Thank you for all your videos and help. Another thing if it’s
    convenient for you can you please try and say what your thinking while
    playing? Thank you!!

  10. Does anyone know what’s going on with the sandbox server? I’ve been away
    from the game for a few months, and I haven’t heard much about it form WG
    since then. Thanks in advance.

  11. It is a good tank you just hate Tier 10 TD’s

  12. This tank is perfect for getting high, drunk and fucking up in. Slayer: War
    Ensemble is a good track to keep the slow speed badass. Hail satan!

  13. I have it and it’s dumb. Not flexible at all and gun is nowhere near as
    accurate as claimed.

  14. The RNG on those shots,damn! Also it’s weird how the shots that are aimed
    usually miss and shots like that get to hit. Eh,WoT mechanics….
    Did you also PM Serb in game? I did and got some nice arty-free MM. ( Kappa

  15. Why are you people angry at him for saying it’s a bad tank? It is. I had
    situation when I owned JPZ in JT as rng fucked him up and he bounced of
    superstructure 2 times and I just shit on him in cupola, not even gold. JT
    is just so much better for its tier.

  16. But its still fun to drive…

  17. Please do something with this 1440p scalling

  18. “this is not a good tank” – finally! thanks :)

  19. do vk 45.03 plz ;-;

  20. Just wondering if anyone can help me, recently in game I’ve noticed that
    the game is loading at lower resolution outside of where I’m looking. Which
    setting do I need to change to turn this off?

  21. I love the Jagdpanzer E-100 anyway

  22. For the ones who are having trouble face hugging Jp E 100’s, Shoot at the
    vents on the engine deck http://prntscr.com/cycj3v

  23. Hey guys & Foch, I have almost 2k battles and 1025 WN8 with almost 1500
    recent WN8, so my stats are quite potato. Can someone recommend a tier 7+
    tank to learn in? I’ve got 2000 WN8 on my T-150 and 2 gunmarks, so in my
    opinion I’m done with tier 6 for now. I’d like to play with a heavy or
    medium, not Russian because of the mad RNG which can fuck you up or make
    your day, but an all-round good tank. Can you recommend a tank for me? I
    like the T29 but I don’t know if it’s a good preparation for the high
    tiers. Thanks to the guys who will respond, this community is awesome!

  24. “since the kv-4 is around 500 hit points and mad at me we probably did hit”

    I love this kind of comments

    But my all time favourite is about IS-6 drivers in skoda T-40 review

  25. you should probably listen with your ears

    Last time I was this early my parents weren’t sure that I would live

  26. i love this tank because its just so fun. ive ammo racked an is7 from full

  27. Chi-Ri HD review pls

  28. i get what you are saying because you quite elegant showcase all the bad
    aspects of this tank. with that being said i do want to ask if this is a
    contender to do TD-15: 8.000 damage + 5 kills

  29. I found this TD very disappointing after the JagTiger and especially after
    the (recently buffed) Ferdinand. I rolled this out to complete TD15 mission
    (4K damage). No problem.
    errrr.. It was actually very difficult. Arty in every game. Tracking shots
    on full aim. Outflanked and ripped up by mediums more time than I care to
    mention. It’s a once in awhile tank. Like the KV2. But still playable
    because lets face it, it is VERY SATISFYING dealing 1050 damage in a single
    shot! XD

  30. That bacon camo!

  31. WOT has ruined driving tanks in Battlefield 1 for me. I keep finding myself
    trying to angle my tank.

  32. It’s a good tank in a platoon. You either lead pushes or you stop pushes,
    and as long as you are not flanked it’s pain in the ass for the enemy do
    deal with.

  33. How long has it been HD?

  34. We need a VK72.01(K) review! just to get glimps on a tank that we will
    never get!

  35. Let’s start every review with punchline”this tank is not good fam”because
    why not man.you gotta be medium mlg fam

  36. at the beginning of every vidoeo foch says metalgen instead of gentleman,
    but i kinda like it

  37. only like 200k exp on the Jagtiger before I can unlock this… I sorta hope
    it’s good enough to do some missions…

  38. You should upload more videos to youtube!!!!!!!

  39. Here you say that jage1000 is a bad tank, but in your is is worth the grind
    video you say it’s a really good tank. Make up your mind.

  40. capula on e5 is bullshit, and im glad

  41. object 263 or JPZ in terms of armour?

  42. “…aim time TWO POINT FUCKING SEVEN…” ahahahahahahha, great review! :D

  43. Oh… This is why i saw Conqueror GC or some Arty one shot this tank if It
    hit the top on the tanks

  44. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Fuck ye, also, do more YT videos u lazy twat…we love those videos….

  45. jpE100 stronk skaut tenk yes?

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