Jagdpanzer E-100 review! Is it Worth the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. Think you should do a rant video on the Awful Panther ;)

  2. Thank you Foch <3
    Needed this review

  3. U are sircircon?

  4. albin mällström

    fk u foch upload this awesome video right when im going to bed :(

  5. im surprised you did this just before the HD rework

  6. Finally some new stuff, lazy punk! 

  7. Legion The Comrade

    Tip for JPE100 vs JPE100 in facehugging matches: Shoot down at the “top”
    armour in the front. It’s a guaranteed pen. Happens more often than you’d
    think :|

  8. laurens van Deventer

    i really like the jp IV with the 88, i never use any gold ammo

  9. the jagdpanther is regarded as good because the rest are generally flawed
    other than the su-152 which is completely different from the jagdpanther.
    its weird because i just got an su-122-44 and id say it wipes the floor
    with every other tier 7 td and the only ones too challenge it are the
    su-152 and the jagdpanther.

  10. this thing is very likely to be my first tier 10 td

  11. Don’t forget that the rear armour is stronger than the side armour so you
    can feast on the tears of light tanks that like to sit on your ass as they
    start randomly bouncing shots.

  12. When you see Jp E100 aiming your way…. you’re gonna shit yourself.
    Just grinded my way to T110E4 and I love it :D

  13. Lol, the jp4 is one of my best tanks currently, partly because I’m a better
    player recently. The 88 is pretty good and I’m consistently getting 3-4k w8
    (I’m an average player)

  14. I personally like the fv215b 183 better because it has that devastating
    hesh gun but i think i’ll pick up a jg pz e100 aswell when i got the time
    for it :), great guide foch

  15. 15:38 “is it 170? Yes foch it is :P

  16. I stoped playing tanks with no turret. It is for me personally too limiting
    factor. Limited traversing turret in FV215b 183 is enough for me, but i do
    not play this at all also because … you need to play many battles in
    other tanks to grind credits for fv215b 183 battles … and i do not play

    JgP E-100 for me was hard to play – if i was angeling my armor to bounce
    shoot it was hard for me to catch enemy with good shoot, if i was not
    angeling my armor i was … penetrated easly in this 250mm part near gun.

    Maybe you need just to be better player when i am in WOT to be able to use
    this tank properly. Maybe. But all i can say it my experience which is: i
    grinded this, i played this, i sold this.

  17. 1100+ base xp is enough for Ace Tanker? Wow, I haven’t seen that low margin
    since tier IVs I think… 

  18. Fuck you. Ferdinand is one of my favourite tanks in the game, l2p with it

  19. Is premium time worth the gold?

  20. In case you see this: are you running max graphics and are you getting any
    problems due to the AMD CPU?

  21. This tank is joint first for best TD with the T110E3.

  22. Every time I’m about to get a high tier tank *TheFochYou has uploaded
    (insert tank name Wesker is gonna get)*
    Thanks for the review, Foch!

  23. Could you remake the M48 Patton Review next ? 

  24. Researched the tank long ago, but still grinding the female crews for it
    because I want to keep jgtiger with its 4 skill crew
    And then I realized how many crews are needed for that bug ass TD

  25. Finally someone who shares my opinion on this tank. Quite refreshing after
    all the shit it got from “certain” streamers :P

  26. The jg pz 4 is great!
    Good mobility
    Good armor
    Good gun

  27. Good timing, I’m at tier 8.

  28. Great video man, keep up the great work!!

  29. Atm I am at Jagpanther II and up until now, I really liked this line. Stug
    is fun, you can go hill down against tier 5 and bounce quite a lot of shots
    (Tank inspector says otherwise), tier 6 sucks but it gives you a lot of
    wn8 for some reason ( when I played I was an 1400 wn8 player and now when I
    look it up on Wot-life, I had 2500 average wn8 in it). Jagpanther was
    great. Jagpanther II doesn’t fell as awesome as foch says it is. That gun
    mantlet weakspot is really anoying and I kinda strugle to find good hill
    down position for it, they always seem to be able to hit the top pf my
    upper plate.

  30. Jagdpanzer E-100 was my first tier X TD and I never regreted getting it. I
    really liked the Jagdtiger (its still in my garage) and I also have a ton
    fun playing Jagdpanzer. I still belive thats its a good tank and I take it
    for a spin quite often… I would love to pass the magical barrier of 10k
    dmg with it, my record is 9700 ( my team capped that game…).

  31. I agree that the JP2 is a better tank than the ferdi, but I also think that
    the ferdi is the better choise. On the ferdi you get the extra loader that
    you will get on the jgdtiger and JPE100 that the JP2 does not get. Playing
    the ferdi makes sure you have at least a kind of trained 2nd loader on tier
    9 and 10. I played both (because I want to elite all my tanks) and i really
    liked the mobility of the JP2, but I played the ferdi to grind towards the

  32. The jag panzer 4 is good, but you can’t play it as much of a td and more of
    a turret less brawler.

  33. Do 8k damage and get 3 kills…Bulldog still has more xp xD.

  34. Hey sirfoch
    could you do a vid/review on the best tanks/TD’s per tier (say tier 7 and
    up) all in 1 review , for instance pick the best 2 and worst 1 it would be

  35. I call it the Fat-Panzer E100

  36. Interesting review! I did not mind the JgPzIV as much as you must have, but
    because it is only tier VI it did not take so long to get through. I am
    stalled on the JagdTiger currently as I am finding that to be not so fun to
    play, and until I saw this review it probably would have stayed that way
    for quite a while. But you have given me new hope for this tank!

    Also, spot on about the JPII and the Ferdinand. One wins games, the other
    is a Ferdinand IMHO :-)

  37. Foch I got my Jagdpanther II view range to 439 with optics. I thinks that’s
    as much as I can go, no more skills.
    Also I want the Jagdpanzer E-100 but I can’t grind that slow Jagdtiger.
    What can you recommend for me to do?

  38. Looks like a really fun tank to play.

  39. Still remember the old “is it worth the grind” video for the Jagdpanzer
    E-100, the “hesh angling” lol

  40. uh you no longer in rddt? any reason?

  41. Was surprised you didn’t have the ferdi. It was great when I played it, but
    that was way back before t10 tds lol.

  42. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    Superheavy spall liner is d most important thing to add,u can laugh at d
    french artys by taking only 100 dmg and in case e100s shooting HE ll do
    only less dan 100(in above video he tak 200-400).My suggetion for
    equip-RAMMER,VENTS,SHSL(aimtime is not a problem in dis monster coz it s
    slow n narrow arc)

  43. I thought you said “an I ‘ll see you’s laterr” like RamJB, for a moment xD *cue
    awesome RamJB outro music*

  44. Foch, if you like gun sounds, use Gnomefather’s historical realism gun
    sounds mod. I really like it, it adds alot of excitement to the game, makes
    each tank more unique, and if you have used it for long enough like me it
    can enhance gameplay: Every gun has more or less a different sound, and you
    will learn all of them after a while, so you can make out individual enemy
    tanks firing and not be confused trying to work out whether, for example a
    T57 heavy has unloaded or an ST-I has just fired.

  45. Do a new FV215b 183 review. Its changed since last review.

  46. Foch must be the best tank review youtuber… Not only he shows the weak
    points on the tanks but he is showing how to do good.. Following his
    advices I improved my wn8 from 1000 to 1500 in the last 6 months.. THANK
    YOU FOCH for making us better players!

  47. Carry that heat to put shells straight through the superstructure of an
    E3… And for the bad jokes about 420 penn. 

  48. While i agree that the flatpanzer (Jgpz.IV) is not very good i still
    managed to get 2 marks of excellence (almost 3) and a good 63% winrate in
    it in 65 games.If i wouldhave played it for 100 games i would definately
    have had 3 marks and about 70% winrate.And 90% of my shots fired were not

  49. BL-10 just owns the upper structure of this tank ,lel.

  50. It’s a shame he curses so much – it ruines the review a bit for me.

  51. It is a beast itself! Few days ago I got ace tanker again. 17 cm of fear

  52. But are they nerfing jgpze100 in 9.7? 

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