Jagdtiger 8.8 – Buffed! Review – World of Tanks

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  1. I started playing this again yesterday. It’s still not that great in my opinion…
    buuut I blocked 7250dmg in a game, surviving on 1380 hitpoints at the end of the game while winning. Also it really rips low tiers a new one.
    but yes, I’d say it still needs more apcr pen. 237 doesn”t do crap, so I resort to spamming HE at IS-Ms.
    The traverse speed buff is definitely nice though, traverses about as fast as a fat medium tank.

  2. Any word on changes to lower tier Pref MM tanks? The E25 for example?

  3. Need to buff the Panther 8,8

  4. the_ultimate_phoenix

    In world of tanks blitz the is-6 has the option of 2 different guns.

  5. tell me when is-7 have – 10 gun depress i will back wot :p

  6. Christiaan Carstens

    I wonder how long before they implement +1-1 , when will they realize it???

  7. I still say build the preferred mm premiums as tier 9s and have them be fill in for when tier 8 and tier 10s have to be in the same lobby

  8. RadicalKattastrophe

    Sooo they buffed everything that didn’t need buffing? and left the one thing the armor alone?
    Yeeaahh, GG WG GG

    • Traverse speed buff is insanely needed. Do you even watch the video?

    • RadicalKattastrophe

      Yes, I did watch the video. I also ACTUALLY PLAY THE TANK on a regular basis. I am well aware of what it badly needs. Yes, the Traverse is needed, but nowhere near as bad as the armor is needed. I play it like the TD it is. I don’t need to be moving everywhere. I pick a corridor, and lock it down. While I am hull down, and slightly angled to try, and not be penetrated, by anyone with a 2 key.

  9. I want to see fcm 50t next or t34-3 …. my poor Panther 8.8 needs buffs so bad.

    • Isaiah The Science Guy

      FCM 50T is a way better brawler since the update, since with a 6perk crew with BIA it has a 5.4 sec reload, plus I got my second mark on it yesterday, overall its a dpm monster very similar to the JagTiger 8,8 with 3k dpm plus that 10deg depression buff made my most played premium better.

  10. They could just give the Jag 8,8 the E50 style 8,8cm with 223 pen and is long as hell. Accurate too

  11. oh buffing the premium tanks while needed in some cases. but there are non premium tanks out there that need love too. like the T32

  12. What this tank rly needed was 8 degrees of gun depression and a buff on the penatration only that…

  13. 938 videos on yt, PRETTY GOOOD 😉

  14. Spoiler alert: PrefMM tanks are still garbage.

  15. 15:00: Multiple available guns on a premium tank? I could get behind an idea like that. Something like that already exists in WoT Blitz for the IS-6. You can fit a gun with better pen (188-254). The Jagdtiger 88 on Blitz can also fit a 105 mm gun. I don’t know if they get premium matchmaking though, We’ll just add this to the laundry list of things that WoT should take off of WoT Blitz.

  16. This tanks is just a Dom machine now. My relaid is 4.1 I think with food, bia, vents rammers.

  17. so now some tier 8 preferential mm premiums are better than some tier 8 premiums with regular mm

  18. Fix the MM already.

    Good review, Circon. Thanks for the update. Cheers!

  19. Take look at 112 next, please!

  20. General Gao's Chicken

    Skorpion is better where it counts. Yes, it has no armor compared to J Tiger, but for all the armor that the J Tiger has , the tier 9 guns still carve it up.

  21. I disagreed with both the Jagdtiger buffs. They first went with a hitpoints buff and increased top speed to 38 kmh. Like 200 hitpoints matter when youre circled by kv4’s. The problem was never with the hitpoints or top speed. It is with the terrible engine power, acceleration and traverse. At least they buffed the traverse now, but could still use an engine buff and penetration buff. Maybe give it the panther II pen values, 226/261?

  22. At this point I give up hoping for a buff of the Tiger II.

  23. I think the 2 gun option is very interesting. Choose the stock gun for pref mm, choose the larger gun and lose pref mm. Keep it as a permanent option on the tank though, so that you can switch back and forth as you please.

  24. Serbian Highlander

    More videos beard man more!

  25. Huh. Still a lot I gotta check out with this patch. Thanks for making these reviews

  26. You can’t recommend buying the Jag 8.8? Next thing you tell us you don’t like the Ferdi….. Still like to have my 8.8 in the garage. It’s like my Panther which i keep in stock ausf G. It’s not that good but you def don’t want to get rid of it.

  27. there is a jagd 128 on tanks.gg and if they were to offer me a trade between the jagd 128 and the jagd 88 even though i dont mind the jagd 88 too much i just feel like id do far better with the beefy 128. itd suit my playstyle better because ive never really liked tanks where you sit and get shot while unloading your gun but i did love the tier 9 jagdtiger because it was pretty much the perfect balance between alpha and rof.

    • They will charge you 99.99 to keep old jt88 but for having it you will have a discount of 0.5 to buy the new one. Cause wg

  28. Your thoughts on the buffs/mm are exactly why the balance is so bad. You can not balance a tank to be effective against a tank 2 tiers higher without making it OP against tanks 2 tiers lower.

    This game can not go anywhere with +/- 2 mm. It breaks the game

  29. Really all German tanks are just weak. There’s no reason to play a german tank over anything else aside from just wanting to play german

  30. I thought they want to get rid of limited mm tanks? I thought they buff them to meet IX Tanks can someone Tell me pls if they still want to make them meet tier X?

  31. Here we see circonflexes explaining how the tank handles in the hands of a man who makes us all look terrible.~ Narrated by David Attenborough

  32. On blitz we love the 105 or the 88, but on console i doubt they ever give the option to choose a gun, im guessing same for pc

  33. Its wierd seeing video with no face-cam

  34. when that tank works….. it works AMAZINGLY well
    shall not pass / hold the door type shit

    but you HAVE to be top teir….. a single T9 can just fuck over that tank so hard….

    still…. its funny to watch people think you arnt reloaded…… and you get to blast them 2 to 4 times before they get into cover

  35. I’ll never see tier 6 with my premium tier 8 no worry there?

  36. ‘Scuse me while i go take my Super Duper Pershing out for a spin, time to ram these fools ?

  37. Circon I think the 105 Jgtiger is called the Jagdtiger (H), you can see it when you looked at tanks.gg at the end there

  38. The DPM of this thing is ridiculous. Meanwhile, a tier 8 german premium tank destroyer without special matchmaking, the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105, has 1900 dpm. whatthefuck?

  39. This sluggish rig needs armor on upper plate not more dpm, its cheat buf.

  40. I would love to see you do a review on all the buffed premiums if possible. I, like others, value your thoughts on the game.

  41. l challenge you to 3 mark the worst tier 6 in game:P

  42. was hoping for pen and armor buff honestly. im ok with slow if it actually has some reliable armor. perhaps make an apcr standard (230?) and a better one as prem(~250).

  43. So the conclusion is…. as usual… 3-5-7 template SUCKS!

  44. Have fun with the FCM! I tried mine out and it still sucks. Every game 5/10 tier IX/VIII on bot teams and the gun is horrific. Every shot at the outer edge of the aiming circle, and if it hits by some miracle it’s a bounce! I was really tempted to part exchange it but maybe the rebalanced MM will help when that comes.

  45. @Circonflexes 9:00 you say that the traverse speed and reverse speed of the 8,8 should be equal if not better than the tier 9. However it is! The tier 9 has the values of the 8,8 before the buffs, so the traverse is 28 and reverse is 12… The tier 9 definitely needs a buff now as well!

  46. Nice buffs but you’re still going to be fighting defenders, e75s and type 4s head on. Have fun with that.

  47. They are so greedy and that’s the downfall of this game. Yea there are moneyslaves that will pay wg to have the privilege of visiting their mom but most ppl see the sinking ship and leave. They will get money from me IF they show they deserve it.

  48. review the super persh?

  49. Why would you ever buy this tank when other tanks exist? Why would you ever buy this German tier 8 TD when the Scorpion exists?

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