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  1. also phly safe

  2. Dude you went to a ranch that had ww2 vehicles and tanks you lucky dog

  3. Congrats on getting hitched Phly! A shame im nowhere near close to what you have succedded in both Career and Lovewise, well, maybe one day. Looking forward to the wifu joining you on Tube one day 🙂

  4. Remember now. Grids on the first map are 400 meters each.

  5. I love the Phloppy Whoppy.

  6. What If I make all warthunder tank turret meshes absurdly big

  7. Almost 1 Million subscribers

  8. do you thin AB is harder than RB please say in you next video. Your the best

  9. Glad ya had fun in Texas, come back soon. It’s lonely here

  10. Get it boy. Welcome to the show.


  12. “We gonna wait for the autoloader to get autoloaded” -PhlyDaily 2020

  13. man of culture i see

  14. SaltDaily feels the depression on coming back to play this game. NoArmorBestArmor, sprockets, LowQualityCompetitive, steamrolling games. Have fun dude, you’ll need it 🙂

  15. I was so sleepy that we he said plhoppy whoppy it was so loud because i forgot to take of my head phones

  16. play with Bo time

  17. 11:45 let me fix that, I love you you love me wheres that t-34 daddy

  18. 4:28
    Phly: I have mastered the art of standing so incredibly still, I become invisible to the eye-

  19. review nanchang q5 early

  20. Kraut 88 vs helicopters?

  21. CAN you do french Jaguar kill montage with multidarts rocket?cuz i m curious if u can kill anything with it

  22. I have one thing to say
    I can’t even see them

  23. Next do a video on the snubnose 75mm HO-I

  24. SERIOUSLY i dont get how i stuggle to pen T34 turrets at 10m but you manage to YEET that shot from across the map

    keep up the great content 🙂

  25. A bachelor without strippers? That’s illegal! :0

  26. hey PhlyDaily have u ever tried the QF 3.7 Ram i have used it alot but been off the last several mths so do you have it. it can take down the jumbos no problem from the front however arty and planes from players u kill will go after u.

  27. Stay rusty my friends… cheery-o!

  28. Brotkrümmel van Vollkorn

    You’d think japan would be thinking of developing smaller tanks due to the steel shortage but for whatever reason they thought it would be a good idea to design a massive tank with so much empty space inside which is just a giant target without any armor.

  29. Has anyone seen officer locust? He should be somewhere out there

  30. such an aesthetically pleasing vehicle

  31. 8 years of video Phly that’s impressive. No wonder your’e a talented and informative commentator. Soon you’ll be plugging walking sticks. ^^

  32. 15:58 **NEW CHALLENGE**


    Take any Japanese tank of your choice but you only must do drive-by or drift kills (rock it with any phonk/drift song)

  33. Is this a redo of the Chi ri || video?

  34. Steve, when next cooking video?

  35. Phly: *Lola is a doll*

    Me: hehehehehe inflatable doll

  36. How many likes do I need to play a game with you I got m4a1 and m3 lee I play on Xbox you are my favorite war thunder YouTuber

  37. Puts tiger at 1.3

  38. Whatever tank/plane phly controls they nerf it or remove it in some way so may i suggest doing the t-34 all variants bc it seems like it kills whatever it pleases

  39. I don’t play WarThunder, but I do appreciate your videos. Keep up the good work, they are very entertaining.

  40. Can we see Lola play war thunder?

  41. I just realized theres a spot there so Imma use that now huehuehuehue Thanks Sir Phly and Wonderful Videos really Love each and every single one of them :))

  42. Wish you the best of luck and happiness in your new life with your wife to be.

  43. Phly definitely deserves 1 millions subcribs gg lol hhaa !!!11!!

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