Japanese Heavies Q&A with Daigensui

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Hello Warriors,

as promised here is the “Japanese Heavies Q&A” with Daigensui, these questions were picked from the comment section of a previous normal Q&A:

Is there a possibility to have a t8 prem for the IJA HT?
– Yes, although it will take a while.

For the Type 5 HT, is the gun originally from 14cm naval gun.
– Yes.

How much of the line is created by WG/you (due to lack of historical data) ?
– There was constant communication and cooperation. So say which part of the line was made by which is impossible to say, never mind needless.

Regarding high-tiered Japanese HT armaments.
Considering the cooperation between Rikugun and Kaigun was unlikely since the Rikugun and Kaigun were not on good terms at the start of the war , is it even possible for Rikugun to obtain 12,7 cm and 14 cm Naval Artillery to be mounted on their tanks and have ammunition supplied to them? 
– If we suppose that IJA supplied the hull for use in coastal defense, then it is possible. After all, IJN did do their own modifications with Chi-Ha with 12 cm guns.

Is the O-I 120 model correct? According to SoukouDragon’s article from 2013 there is no 4th turret (third miniturret) behind the main turret: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/11/19/superheavy-japanese-tanks/– About as “correct” as possible. Plus, you have to realize that there are quite a few artist’s interpretations that are not based on actual blueprints or interviews with the engineers who worked on the projects.

These tanks are obviously very large, do you think that they might be restricted gameplay and teamwork-wise because of their size? For example, on a map like Himmelsdorf, the new tanks could take up so much space, that they could be problematic for allies.
– About as problematic as T95.

Will the new heavy tanks have any interchangeable modules with the current lines?
– Maybe, we’ll see how the TD line works out.

From what tank it will start the new heavy branch?(Chi-Ha, or Chi-He)?
 – Starts from Tier 1.

Modules (engines, radios, gun) from medium tree will be available for some tanks in the new heavy tree?
 – Radio should be interchangable.

How many crew members will the tier X have?
– Six, obviously.

What suspension types were investigated for the Japanese Heavy projects? Was it a beefed up version of the standard Hara bell cranks or something else entirely?

What role were the heavy tanks intended to fill in the Japanese order of battle/who wanted them? (ie type 95 ha go was a cavalry tank, Type 97 chi ha was infantry support, Type 91/95 heavy was for………)
– Armored bunker to dominate any and all land-based opposition.

How were the vehicles intended to be transported outside of combat?
– By its own power, likely. I doubt they thought that far ahead.

Were there any derivatives of the designs for other purposes ie SPG/Tank Destroyer ?
– No.

On the higher tier Japanese heavies most of the angling is actually terrible, lets be honest it’s quite flat. If you take a look at the STA-1, STB-1, Type 61 and so on they have well angled upper plates, so if they design tanks as insane as the heavies why did they forget about angling ? What happened ?
– First, you’re comparing postwar JGSDF to IJA. Second, it’s likely more an issue of whether angling would have been possible. With IJN sucking up all the welding experts, I would say that IJA didn’t have the necessary expert manpower to ensure that angling of such heavy plates would not fall apart under its own weight or from impact.

Could you clear out your PMs please ^^. I tried to PM your NA account a few days ago..  No success :(
– Use WoT forum

What do you think of slanders like this one: http://i.imgur.com/Yc5mFbL.png
*Doesn’t answer for a few minutes due to laughter*

-You know, aside from Rita knowing that we are not the same person, you might notice that we have quite different positions on a number of things, such as my not liking the existence of the Japanese Tiger (a necessary evil to save up Japanese designs). Never mind that, the constant character assassination attempts at this point is so hilarious, I can only think of it as trying to compensate for a lack of something on the part of all the people who believe that crap. Perhaps they feel insecure in front of someone who obviously knows more than they ever will and can completely run them into the ground? Who knows, after all they’re irrelevant in every way.

RG: Damn… even I know better than to piss Daigensui off.

Thank you for participating! 🙂

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