Japanese LAND BATTLESHIP! Booty Turret? Type 95 Ro-Go (War Thunder 1.69 Tank Gameplay)

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1.69 Gameplay – Type 95 Ro-Go Land Gameplay (War Thunder 1.69 Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. How was everyones’ Memorial Day? What did you do?
    What’s your favorite vehicle in 1.69? I’m starting to like the Ro-Go a lot, at least when it’s in the right BR battle…other wise your just a giant target. Japanese tank design doctrine….so crazy.

  2. just wail thil they add the oi now that a land battleship

  3. Neurofied Yamato

    At first i thought it was the type 87 which I am a big fan of due to how it was designed. Every single part was designed independently. every bolt millions of parts and how the Japanese had to find a way to get it produced due to their lack of heavy industries at the time. Everything about the development is like movie worthy.

    Also Japanese tanks are designed for mobile infantry support and busting defensive structures. It is based on the experience in fighting against the Chinese and a mix of French and British design influences.

  4. Acecadt skyking

    you can set it so you can swap between turrets and have better aim with each one

  5. I wanna see you try the NbFz, it’s between the Ro-Go and T-35 in terms of clubbing. Really fun tank, has artillery support, powerful main gun and a surprisingly useful 37mm coaxial.

  6. The_JoJo_Reference

    Ever since Jap tanks were confirmed, I’ve looked forward to this tank

  7. I believe that machine guns placed in the back of turrets was to help protect a tank from infantry assaults. If the infantry could to attack the tank using any form of close range weapon, from the rear and the sides meant they would have a better chance of surviving, and the machine guns in the rear of turrets would help counter this.

  8. The Feather King

    baron the turret is mounted on the side of the main turret because it is the only place it will fit. after doing research online its the best conclusion i could find

  9. The_New_IKB 4472

    Baron please give us the mods you use for Men Of War mondays.

  10. IsseiGremory Hyodo

    die you realy said shit in Germany?

  11. Land destroyer?

  12. f86f2 bro how much do you love the f86f2

  13. I wouldn’t call it a land battleship… titles video Japanese land battleship

  14. Many tanks at the beginning of WW2 (and before) were built with the idea of being used in trench warfare. The British have the TOG, the Japanese had designed a whole line of Super Heavy Tanks whose mission was to destroy enemy fortifications (they can be played in World of Tanks, and they are massive in late tiers), and I think the russian T-28 was also designed for trench warfare.
    However, the nation whose tanks were literally designed mostly (if not only) for trench warfare was France. The B1 Bis is the perfect example of it: massive, with very good armor (for the time at least, since most german tanks used during the battle of France couldn’t really penetrate it, or so it’s said), two guns, one in a turret, the other on the front of the tank, but it was very slow (France used its tanks as infantry support, so it had to go at the same speed as infantry) and it had no radio at all. And let’s not talk about the D2. And almost every french tank was built this way, even the light ones. I remember playing the light tank line from the french tech tree in World of Tanks, and with the Amx 38 and Amx 40, I could take a lot of hits, but unfortunately my gun was weak as shit (sure, I could fired several times in a minute, but it wasn’t that powerful), and they were slow as hell. Someone once shot my engine at the start of a game (to make it worse it was someone from my own team who did it just for the lulz), and I just happened to be on a mountain map. Let’s just say I didn’t go too far.

  15. Battlefield Support c100

    In the jungle you want mostly mgs

  16. you’re pronouncing Gepard wrong its like Geepart

  17. The back mgs are most likely to protect the tank from infantry jumping on trying to destroy the tank. Its set to the left because there is no room for it behind the breach.

  18. ååååååh! yamate Ro-Go senpai!!

  19. Tell Gaijin to spend more money on good, quality adds for WT! Spread it!

  20. this tank is crap in world of tanks

  21. Bist du Deutscher? In 6:40 hört man ein “oh scheße”

  22. Having japanese heavy tankS Would be awesome

  23. UnexpectedInquisition

    that tank looks as if it should be used broadside, oddly. Like a battleship 😉

  24. T. Woo Official Channel

    Gaijin: XAXAXA!! Look at dis tonk, it so OP cuz it has turret on ass, xaxaxa… iz premium, cuz so OP xaxaxa…

  25. Id love to penetrate that booty from behind.

  26. land friget

  27. “I wouldn’t call it a land battleship”
    *Calls it a land battleship*

  28. I’m pretty salty with War Thunder, I researched the Chi-Ri II but didn’t have the lions, so I been saving, but now I gotta research and possibly buy (I’m not sure because I never been in this situation) that Chi Ri late. Getting screwed pretty hard here Gaijin.

  29. If that thing had a proper gun in the back turret you could fire actual broadsides.

  30. MrImpossiblyBlack

    I think the machine gun in the back of the 70mm turret is offset to one side to make it readily accessible for the commander to use. Having the gun point straight back inline with the cannon would probably also make loading the cannon more problematic.

  31. Minh Khoa Nguyen

    dont need to know japanese tank doctrine, just know that sherman overpowered most of them

  32. I’m now getting WAR Thunder. So awesome.

  33. 6:38 Oh Scheiße? thats GERMAN!!!

  34. Shiny Pink Celebi

    Next Japanese tank u should use should be O-I

  35. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    Dude, you need to bind your different turrets to different keys. It makes multi-turret tanks so much better to play.

  36. make more men of war Vids!!

  37. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    Those rear facing machine guns on the main turret were to deal with flanking soldier or someone trying to put an explosive into the engine via the ventilation grates.

  38. its called “chi-ha” the name of the tank

  39. Jonas Koennicke

    6,40 Are You German? Oh scheisse

  40. Imagine if they added the Type 5 Heavy Japanese tank?


  42. there’s a option to control only 1 gun, look in the settings – tank control – weaponry

  43. his do you get the crew to speak in their native language

  44. Yay, he did it.. the Ro-Go is here.. Thx very much..

  45. BaronVonGamez if an tank has multiple turrets use them seperately its much more easier

  46. Andreas Gunawan

    mini char 2c

  47. Brandon Delgado

    “…if anyone peeks their way beyond here…”
    -tank casually passes by the reticle
    “……………*gasp* oh shoot. Like, they just did… and i missed it”
    That poor reaction timing was very amusing XD

    Also: 5:08 Drunken Plane

  48. BARON BARON how do ya get the crew sounds

  49. sherlock fresvig

    the backwards pointing MGs are to deal with infantry that try to sneak up on you. in close combat infantry can disable a tank quite fast.

  50. The Chinese developed a tactic of sending highly camouflaged troops with satchel charges covered by snipers to take out Japanese tanks. Dismounted covering troops did not counter them so the Japanese switched to rear mounted machine gun turrets. However very few Japanese super heavies ever saw combat and very few were ever built. Mainly because Japan did not have the railways to get them to the docks or the ships to get them to China.

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