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World of Tanks is bringing a new tech tree of Japanese destroyers in update 1.20.1! here's all you need to know about the new tanks!



  1. Loved todays stream 😀 We need more streams like that!

  2. “Chi-He” is pronounced “chee-hay”

  3. I keep listening about the enemy in tiers IX, X and even VIII will need premium ammo to go in the tank….I have never played since last month a game without somenone not use a premium ammo!

  4. So it’s basically useless on the NA server. Everyone fires gold here

  5. I like that we’re getting a balanced tech tree. I don’t like that these tanks are not the slightest bit unique.

  6. For the ho 3, 300 mm of flat armor will not be a problem to gold spammers… and its basically everyone in tier 10

  7. very, VERY difficult to take anything QB says seriously when he has boosting/cheating services advertising in his video.

  8. Sir_Dreadlord_on_Blitz

    Nice how they tend to test things on WoT Blitz

  9. i have a lot of exp i saved for this tank line now i like why i do it lol


    They skipped the Type 5 Na-To and Type 5 Ka-To -_-
    Also Type 60 SPRG with twin gun barrel could be interesting addition.

    • They never planned to add them


      @Tran Bao Nam
      No shit, and they should.

    • @I_NAMELESS_I – JGSDF Why tho? It is unnecessary instead they just need to balance their game


      @Tran Bao Nam
      ??? So it is ok for other tech tree to get fake shits, i dont see anyone complain about balancing the game when soviet get new tanks ? And because those are also tank destroyers and either actually built or planned so why should they be skipped if they are already adding Japanese TDs anyway ?
      Beside the balancing team are not responsible for making new contents, this is irrelevant!

  11. Tier 10 and tier 9 both suck armour is just dog shit.
    No Matter if U got 300 mm of armour that’s a fucking gold round spam. Ppl are just gonna spam gold so ya armour is just useless.
    It would be better if the armour base was 330 and hull armour being 280. I would see theses TD being more of a assault TD.
    Right now they just feel like a glass cannon that has somewhat of an armour to defend it self.


    They might not be excited for majority of playerbase but these should be excited for those that like Japanese tanks consider they haven’t got anything new for like 5 years was it ?

  13. the Ho-Mo

  14. this is gonna be fun man

  15. Wg has too many problems, you are pointing your finger in wrong directon. Why?

  16. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    one more reason to load the “skill” i guess…

  17. BenW Piano Covers

    japan tank


  18. This line is irrelevant!

  19. I think that the entire line, minus maybe the tier 6, will be fun for me. I like playing support/sniper TDs, and this line can easily fit that bill and then some. Definitely going to save up blueprint fragments for this line. Lately, I’ve been focusing on tiers 7 and 9, so this would be perfect to grind through.

  20. Run down? what’s a rundown?, please give me a rundown of your clients

  21. Ho-Ri Cow!
    Sorry, had to be done.

  22. All this tells me is the days of tanks that need some thinking to deal with is well and truly fuckin over. Just load the goal and spam your way through everything from the front. No tactics. No point in playing quicker vehicles. Just heat-slinging at just slightly under-armored shot traps.

  23. What happened to the Czech tank destroyer that was supposedly coming?

  24. So am I missing something? I am not able to use the over 300k Free XP without converting it with gold that I don’t have. QB keeps saying just free XP your way past. I guess he can cause he has an unlimited supply of gold.

  25. Me: Cool, new tech tree tanks.
    Also me: 1.2.1 patch. crew changes with 12 books: Go and fI_Ick yourself WG.

  26. I just waiting for the TD:s, great, not OP, that is how Wargaming should do with a lot of tanks. Keep it up QB.

  27. Did you take a slow pill or are you drunk? lol

  28. Chito SP looks kinda interesting to me, that is probably where I’m gonna stop with this tree. Tier 8 doesn’t look great, and I’m not really interested in playing at tier 9 or 10. But I still need a bunch of credits to start couple other lines, that appeal to me more, so these TDs are probably gonna wait.

  29. type 95 is its own garage slot

  30. Ho-Ri 2? more like Ho-Ri sh1t

  31. Garbage line

  32. Ho-Ri shit

  33. They look very out of place

  34. Kaustubh Kamlakar

    So basically even more tanks that are hull down monsters. Good job Wargamming.

    • Kaustubh Kamlakar

      @Tran Bao Nam what about the tier 10, if its using all of the 7 degrees of depression at least 300mm of penetration is needed or to simply say GOLD ROUNDS and for someone who is free to play (like me) I cant sling only gold rounds. But almost all of the tanks require gold rounds to be penetrated.

    • @Kaustubh Kamlakar Gold round is everywhere, it won’t survive

  35. Unimpressed.

  36. But the tiger 5 is a tank that existed that why war gaming dident put the turet

  37. Starting to like you channel you speak your mind & your all for the free to play players! I just seen your recent video about up coming update

  38. In WOT blitz the hori gets 50kmh top speed, 20 power/weight, and 330/399 ap pen

  39. Here’s a challenge for wargaming: Not adding a new tank with more than 120mm cannon for ONE update.

  40. Pařan Pařanovic

    The entire branch isnt good, They dont have Armor, they dont have DPM and neither Are they fast

  41. surprised QB did a youtube video on the new td line and not do it on stream would kinda rather had it on stream so QB could of took players feed back on the tanks as he was looking at them

  42. Remember when Wargaming introduced actual historical tanks? You know, real vehicles that saw action or prototype models that never entered mass production?

  43. Can you please play with the Swedish tier VIII tank destroyer strv S1?

  44. The tier 9 on world of tanks blitz looks like the tier 10 on pc and the tier 9 on pc looks like the tier 10 on the mobile version it’s really weird

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