JAPANESE TANKS CONFIRMED – Very Honorbru (War Thunder Japanese Tanks Devblog)

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CONFIRMED – Very Honorbru ( Devblog)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!



  1. Notice me, Phly-senpai!

  2. at the start i thought my youtube app glitched and showed me a recommended
    girls und panzer video instead of Your vid phly, that surprised me a lot

  3. Phly, why you say type 87 is very gepardish, it looks like they copied and
    pasted it onto their military.
    Also, that beginning anime sequence, we all know Japanese tanks can’t do

  4. What about we change the new scorpion into a horse texture that would be

  5. That Eurobeat

  6. A Typical Youtuber

    The eurobeat was amazing Phly. You got a like the instant I heard it.

  7. nice how you had finnish music and a finnish tank for japanese tenks :^^))

  8. So a jap tank is a baby KV-2 from the intro, it’s so cute

  9. BSS Music Entertainment

    Panzer vor! Hehe

  10. These jap tanks are so lightly armed I don’t think even using an AP round
    is worth it, just use the 50cal up top

  11. Ki-43-II and -III has 2x 250kg, Ki-84’s all carry 2x250kg, the N1K2-Ja
    carries 2x 500kg bombs, Kikka carries a 800kg bomb. Mid to late Japanese
    fighters have good ground attack capabilities.

  12. Japan have Type-61 and Type-74 for post war MBT. JGSDF is pretty serious
    about repelling Soviet armored formation in Hokkaido, that’s where the
    JSDF’s only tank division is. So maybe a scenario of Hokkaido USSR V.S
    Japan. Both sides allowed to use post-war tanks only(T-54, T-62, Type-61,

  13. I know people are all hyped up about the new tanks from patch 1.63 but here
    is a tank you have never played before on this channel. Pls play the M26E1
    with the P47M-1-RE!! Premium combo baby!! Good luck!!

  14. tarou hutamaruhitosan


  15. Great, more cannon fodder for the T-34. :P

  16. BNDR たかたん


  17. gokouと変態おじさん!!


  18. Banzaaaaaaaaaai!!
    GuP lol
    I think Japanese tank is pretty

  19. yes 40mm gun mantlet armour, from sekrit russian dokumints )))

  20. Girls und Panzer der Film.

  21. The Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-ha in game is just a modification, Phly. The Dev
    blog didn’t really explain it well, but the Chi-ha originally had a 57mm
    low-velocity gun carried over from its predecessor the Type 89 I-go. When
    the Battle of Khalkhin Gol happened, it was realized that the 57mm wouldn’t
    cut it, and a new redesigned tank was commissioned called the Type 1 Chi-he
    with a 47mm AT gun. The turret from the Chi-he was also fitted to the
    Chi-Has to create Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha. This is the version featured.

  22. よしチャンネル


  23. am i the only one here that playing war thunder because i watch girl und

  24. “how do i repair my horse?”

  25. I was waiting for this………. thank you miyamoto lord and saviour

  26. cant wait to push my 15cm Howie of O-I up American and Russian asses

  27. ThisUsernameWillOffendYou Skrub

    They should add the Japanese heavies from world of tanks, totally won’t be

  28. 祝うために時間を!

  29. play the British land battleship Independent next plz

  30. chauchua Bernardo

    STB1 🙂 ?



  33. GIRLS UND PANZER best anime ever

  34. Since 1.53 the Ki-102 big gun can kill a tank with single shot

  35. pls dont use girls und panzer never again

  36. fact the type 97 chi ha has a naval variant of it armed with a 120mm Short
    naval gun specially designed for landing expositions oh at it fire
    anti-submarine shells xD no joke

  37. The Anime Fäscist

    Hmm… I can hear the Weeaboo pigs from here… Time to turn on the gas
    chambers! :))))

  38. Orcadilla Sutanna

    nice intro xd phly

  39. Regen? das nennen sie Regen?


  40. CoegGaming Rachman (Knight_With_Riot_Shield)

    Dat intro…..


  42. Minh Vu Nguyen Viet

    wow ! japs tanks can drift ! yay !

  43. well they riped off aircraft from other nations so why not copy the tanks.
    either way il have fun killing them. just hope they burn as well

  44. Minh Vu Nguyen Viet

    yay ! japs tanks can drift !

  45. I can finally see a use with the premium B17.

  46. i there should be japanese heavies type 5 heavy hype!!!!!

  47. what show is that

  48. MixedChannel Game Productions

    How da fuq are they going to be making tier 4/ tier 5 tanks lmfao

  49. Phly, you forgot 1 fighter that we will likely see a lot of (if anyone
    figures out it gets bombs. The Ki43, 2nd version (original war thunder
    variant with the 12.7s or whatever). It get 2x250kg bombs. Decent speed.
    Maneuverable. Hard for AA to hit. You said we’d probably see a lot of float
    plane bombers… I think that we will at first, but after they get
    vaporized by things like wirblewinds a few times, we will start seeing
    fighters with bombs. As for low tier, the ki21 actually has a kind of
    decent load out (for a Japanese bomber anyway). who knows lol

  50. no country in ww2 used actual horses in fighting. poland had ”cavarly”
    forces or something like that but the actual horses werent used like in
    19th centry

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