*Jingles* Head 2 Head – Replay Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Who is this Jingles person! Who is Skofnung? let’s find out…in a Head 2 Head video.

Scrapy Coco Modpack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r16xdsf6dire019/PlumbTanker%20Modpack%209.7.rar?dl=0

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 770 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Benq 1920×1200 24″ – Window 7 Home Premium.


  1. Centurion 7/1 was the better game, more exciting.

    However the player himself was very fortunate. Made many mistakes, played
    the majority in 3rd person not actually aiming his shots, made a few
    mistakes, terrible driving lol.
    Should of done so much more damage, got at least 1 more kill (waffentrager
    auf pz IV) and won the game.
    Lucky game I think, doubt he’d be able to replicate it, but hey, in world
    of tanks everyone has the opportunity to shine and that’s why its awesome

    • +bas_roadkill Would have, should have, could have… didn’t 😉 Regardless
      it still stands as my most intensive game in the Centurion 7/1 to date. And
      it got picked out by Plumb…against Jingles of all people. Cannot really
      complain about that. I played to the best of my abillities 😛

  2. Entertaining commentry … which mods are the damage annoncer you use and
    total team hit-pool please?

    • +phillhiggs you can sort of ignore that as I see it’s in the description,
      although the specifics for those 2 elements would be useful, if you know
      what they are please?

  3. Johan Holmqvist

    Quickfinger = Quicky Baby

  4. that is-6 in the first game is really playing the tank wrong :O he could
    have done so much better if he had sidescrabed that rock that rock jingles
    went to :)

  5. MrWallythegreat


  6. The start of the match…requires some explaining lol.

    In my Cent 1. I discovered that I could clear the panzer-traps no problem
    if I align the tracks just right to the gabs between the traps. Turns out
    the Cent 7/1 has ever so slightly less ground-clearence. *grumbles*

    Awesome to be set up against Jingles 😀 (Hope my work in the saltmines will
    not become more….unpleasent after this 😉

    Thanks for using my replay Plumb, and yes. I was cursing at myself for not
    finishing of that TD. Especially when I saw the arty herp-a-derping in the
    wrong direction :D

  7. Howdy folks! Welcome back to world of tanks with the plumb tanker
    Wait what…….? Its not jingles talking…

  8. I think the GW Panther player had the right idea at the end there. He may
    have made it to the enemy base fast enough to speed up the Cap just enough
    if he’d just gone for it.

    • +snowstalker36 debatable I think, he might have made it, he would surely
      have made it to his cap and tried his luck…thx for watching

  9. That Centurion blew the game by not going for the WT when he had the
    chance. A great game, blown by a single unfired shot

    • +BMWM3GTRLOVER Yep, I think he knew this in hindsight, see above
      Gjallahorn. How many games hang on a single tank, Love World of Tanks..

  10. Can you upload your modpack? I really like it.

  11. Nono Spelfanaat

    nice commentairy, nice matches, good results. but the games wheren’t
    particuarly “flawless”

  12. Good stuff!

  13. Gerula Dagesale (Geri)

    51 views… damn. You deserve more! Had some good laughs! :)

  14. The Mighty Jingles

    This was really weird for me to watch, but enjoyable all the same. I
    hesitated to push that IS-6 because I was concerned about the Rhm-Borsig I
    knew was on the hill by the enemy base, the IS-6 would have been lighting
    me up for him but it turned out I needn’t have worried.

    • Razvy Oltean (The Duke)

      +The Mighty Jingles the borsig cant shoot there…the Lowe could but he
      came too late

    • Sixten “Wolfie” Vikberg

      Oh lord mighty it’s Jingles! I just thought I’d say hello 🙂

    • +The Mighty Jingles Two tanks enter, one tank leaves…If you have a great
      mid-tier game (I get mostly mid-tier replays) soon and you’d like a rematch
      with another of my subs please send it in. Is it rude to ask the Mighty
      Jingles to send in a replay!?! It feels a bit wrong, but, if it could be a
      solo game so no platoon bias, ha, now I am getting cheeky. Most of your
      replays on WOTreplays are in a platoon it seems. (Big deep breath) Anyway,
      I am very grateful for the nod, and glad you enjoyed the video. My regular
      viewer will giggle with glee to see you on here! Much respect, Plumb.

    • +The Mighty Jingles Quickfingers is a.k.a QuickyBaby if I’m not mistaken.
      But Jingles please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • +86Vili86 You are correct.

  15. Love to send some more replays but I’ve just had a baby and can’t get on
    world of tanks lol

    • +Ben Butteriss wow, huge Congratulations Ben. I understand where you are
      coming from, 2 of the blighters myself! Is this your 1st? If it is, you
      might have plenty of time but not be able to move much, so, watch all my
      older video’s, only a couple of hundred to watch………what, cant a guy
      plug his own channel…enjoy the littl’n m8 and best wishes……plumbs a
      unusual name but could apply to a boy or girl…maybe middle name……just

    • +Ben Butteriss Congrats on the new recruit Ben. As Plumb now prepares to go
      global, let’s pause to remember those who have been here for a while, and
      how nice these comments sections have been ! ;0)

  16. Skofnungs was the more exciting game but he will be kicking himself that he
    didnt get the killshot on the guy who came back to kill him and also capped
    out the game.

    Making the 20 pounder sing is a thing of beauty. You have to love the
    reload when he killed the second IS3. Hello! Bang.

  17. Hehe nice vid. You should do more of these sometime in the future. I’d love
    to see some of my replays paired off vs. Jingles but I don’t think they’d
    be good enough;p

  18. Jingles is actually fun to play against, never had the opportunity to play
    on the same team, always remember, Jingles is pretty cagey

  19. Btw +Plumb Tanker​ I should be sending You a 5k dmg JP2 game…I wont tell
    anything else,although we lost :)

  20. Damn Jingles rocks 🙂 +The Mighty Jingles Enjoy watching this vid 😉 Have a
    good day :P

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