^^| JP 2 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

Ferdi clearly better.


  1. OP OP

  2. Ferdi clearly better. Heh :p

  3. noooo why did you cut out foch and sn00ze ferdi talk 😛 

  4. Circon in JP 2 not OP at all

  5. DarylBartholomewEAI

    Is making sex noises when you’re happy a thing? Because it’s pretty off
    putting man.

  6. love how Foch just just came in for the last sentence

  7. Hello twitch Chat !!! 

  8. Those long range shots into cap circle were disgusting, I mean damn.

  9. Hey guys,
    I’ve been playing winter showdown a bit and have a multi-skilled crew in
    the mammoth (American heavy). When the event ends I obviously want to
    transfer the crew to another American HT, but I’m not sure wether to put
    the crew in the T-32, M103 or T110E5. I don’t have any of them yet, and am
    still at the T-29, but I plan on buying all the above tanks once I unlock
    them. Any feedback/advice would be appreciated, in regards to what tank to
    put the crew into once the winter showdown mode is withdrawn.
    Cheers :)

  10. This video should be instructional about to cum all over your enemies face!

  11. This match needed some arty to stop this TD from camping ;)

  12. “Well technically” shut the fuck up, Snooze xD

  13. Im 5% away from my 3rd mark of excellence in this beast

  14. Goddamn, Circon! I’m glad I use headphones because otherwise I’d have some
    really awkward explaining to do to my housemates. XD

  15. I’m still going for ferdi! It’s just a living legend

  16. Why anyone would choose the Ferdinand over this I have no idea!

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