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  2. The Type 5 Heavy works better with the AP gun than the HE. I average about 2.7k DMG with the HE, but 4.2k with the AP. I have played 50 games with each and three marked my Type 5.

  3. The Sanity Assassin

    That Big Sigh before you start playing a game of tanks… we all do it Circ…

  4. That was a surprisingly good team you had at the end?

  5. the jap heavy’s where designed to make WP more money

  6. Say something smart and funny, you are one of the first people here… what is a circular cow?

  7. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    What are those random noises in the background?

  8. THIS is why artillery was put into the game.

  9. Can you imagine the results if the gun worked?

  10. see WG? no arty = fun and enjoyable game

  11. when is the juan 5a?

  12. I totally agree with you circon… Japanese heavies at tier 8 and up shouldn’t have the derp gun… It’s so fucking annoying not being able to pen it anywhere and they just sit there aim and snipe you knowing full well they won’t be penned….

  13. why are people talking about pilot? its a shit pointless tank that normies got for free. if you have money and like pilot then get Strv 81. Its better in every way

  14. BTW Circon why rampage? Isn’t that your casual game?

  15. that’s my gun every game I dont get mad until the 88 acts up

  16. And what do we learn from that children? Mexican tanks are not to mess with.

  17. How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?

    *Drops mic, swaggers away, gets mobbed by angry comment readers*

  18. the more i’ve played this game the more i’ve come to understand how terrible arty is. games are so much more fun without them

  19. That RNG looks like my germans’ lol
    Agree with the chat. CDC got powercreeped by the time. A terrain resistance buff would be nice, comparing to other VIII med prems. The inexistent armor and its size were already painful.

  20. Angus Donald Smith

    Worth the grind?

  21. why this tank is called mexican? can anyone tell me?

  22. I find it quite amusing about the people in chat complaining about arty XVM sniping. Yeah, it’s annoying, but if the arty focus on you, the rest of the team is safe, meaning more wins (hopefully). And tbh…. arty focus on the most dangerous tank, or player is not that different. That’s what I do. Find the biggest threat, and try to remove it. And if that happens to be a Wn8 whore in an powerful tank, then it’s just added pleasure.

  23. What does the Norwegian flag means?

  24. This might be quite late, but what does Juan means?

  25. Juan, rampage, doesnt that make it a Juanpage?

  26. NissaoC League of Legends Plays & More


  27. Nice played circon very nice.

  28. The Wang family lead the tank to victory. Guner and driver also same entire name

  29. Even when you don’t have arty you complain about arty – show me on the doll where the mean artillery touched you lol

  30. Mexico and Mexicans don’t know anything about tanks
    Where’s trumps wall half way through the map??

  31. I will forever struggle to understand TD players who sit in bushes for thousands of hours. You gotta be pretty much braindead to enjoy that shit and they keep doing it for years.

  32. Viktor Woloszczuk

    Not to take away from your skill, but this game seemed really easy at the beginning, no arty, the 704 and WT just sit there and let you farm them, people just run out in the open in front of you (STA-2, M41 etc.). I feel like every game on this map I get the opposite – nobody to shoot at, everybody flanking at once, and so on. What would you do in that situation?

  33. Do you ever get angry when you play or are you just real chill and I’m the one that talked to you on Twitter and asked you about the Marks

  34. Circon: Gun can you please hit something. *hits track* Careful what you wish for

  35. It's not what you think

    Technically all gold rounds are paying for more damage. If you weren’t going to go through armor, then your potential damage is 0. If you pay extra credits for premium rounds then your damage potential will more often than not go up by 100%.

  36. Hey Circon.. can you find a mod that displays all your crew skills. Us plebs need all the sight we can get and that condensed view after 5 skills doesn’t help

  37. Good game. Blind shot was great.

  38. So Juan Juan is good at camping G5?? on airfield….without arty…. good to know

  39. Why the Mexican flag?

  40. At 3:39 I love that part. I do that a lot lol!!

  41. with out the 2 sweedish TDs…….you would have lost this game

    its that simple…..

    they dont get spotted….and when they do, their armor can troll the fuck out of you, especially if you dont have an accurate gun

  42. who is juan ?

  43. Always nice when top tier tanks camp base until the end of the match *AND* there is no arty. Gives you so much room to work with 🙂 Nicely played!

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