JUMBO JUNIOR | AMERIBOO Paradise (War Thunder T14 Gameplay)

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JUMBO JUNIOR | AMERIBOO Paradise ( Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. Please Ph1LzA, play the A20G

  2. He 51 *10kg bomb* mixed battles

  3. Me when I play: everybody sees me from 10km
    Phly when he plays: Everybody blind

  4. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    Fly, phriendship iz dead. Accept it.

  5. PHLY :will this round do something T 34 : no it wont isnt that right hanzs

  6. Play the BTD-1 again!

  7. that KV1 was like “DO YOU BITE YOUR THUMB AT ME SIR?!”

  8. 酱爆青春版

  9. Non-WT player: U ok?
    WT Players: Yes im doing great!! i have alot of depression and im stabilized!!!!!!!!!
    Non-WT player: What?
    Wt Players: You wouldn’t get it.

  10. Georges gametube

    Yeah spend your money’s on premiums then gaijin will come and change the br and you’ll get rekt every time

  11. Why is there no Logo on the tank?

  12. Wait a mini jumbo is just a big…

  13. Jonathan van der Riet

    This is hands-down the best intro Phly has ever made!

  14. hi guys i know this is out of place but today and since 4 hours ago im always stuck with “connecting to server” in the hanger now
    date is 16/7/2020 (asia) pls help my net is super fast and stable i already restarted the game and my PC

    also that perfect timing of SPAA ramming into the wall and the last MG hit on the gunner hahaha

  15. Hey Phly, can you do the PanzerJager in tier one Germany?

  16. Your first kill is fishy

  17. Андрей Новиков

    You’re awesome, bro

  18. T126 is a better low tier heavy tank

  19. Phly being toxic and letting his teammates die to the Churchill

  20. Guten Tag mein amerikanisher Freund

  21. AY YO PHLY MY MAN. your adblock video fucked my adblock up somehow LOL

  22. *slav bouncing car meme*

    Not gonna lie the intro was hilarious 😂

  23. Phly:T14 aka super sherman
    M-51:wait what?

  24. How do you get all TANKS???

  25. This video is proof of why I stopped playing….
    Russian tanks are biasly OP… russian tanks IRL sucked BAAAD…. horrible armor… yet in this game, it’s Stalinium… it’s Bs and I refuse to waste time playing for or against such inaccuracies after getting so angry many times.

  26. that tank on the thumbnail is *w i d e*

  27. I was playing my pziv f2 and I got scared shirtless when this thing appeared

  28. PHLEE
    you’ve never ever touched the OF-40 mk1
    give it some love.
    attempt #1

  29. Is no one going to comment on that PZ Iv G kill? No visual, through a tree..

  30. Best intro on yt

  31. I will sub if phly tells me to…

  32. M4 Sherman: Yes! I can see the side armor of that KV-1!
    KV-1: **Angles side 1/16th of a degree**
    M4: Understandable, have a good day-

  33. Hi Phly! For the race to 1M subscribrers – I went over to check the opposition and one of his strengths is that he plays different games, not only one. If you are not tied to Gajin, maybe an idea for you to?

  34. Holly shit it’s been so long since I’ve seen your videos

  35. No regerts 😂😂

  36. L.R.GAMING channel

    while i was watching this i got killd by this thing in a match

  37. That camo is soothing to the eyes

  38. Look at this noob, only 60 fps
    i mean, i get 4 fps drops so…

  39. Dobre dan Phly
    (Good Day)

  40. You are playing the americans wrong if you don’t spam the .50 after every shot

  41. What’s the music at the beginning

  42. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος


  43. stop zooming in at action packed moments! It destroys the motion and emersion. Zooming in with a videoeditor is good for nothing.

  44. I have that red/black/gold army group sticker on my motorcycle. Nice play BTW”

  45. I think it’s hard to use

  46. No armor is no armor. Please play the US T92.

  47. Arma Meta

  48. 8B18 Sean Marvelle

    Jumbo is thicc
    But mini jumbo is thoc

  49. Something that has been bugging me when playing why doesn’t hitting the wheel bogies knock out the tanks treads?

  50. MisterDoomHimself

    M163 VID NEXT 4 SURE!!!!

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