Jumbo Support Role! – Sherman E2 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Shit….I’ve choked!
    Someone pretend to be first.

  2. Marthijn van Oorschot

    If you dont play this tank with the derp, we can’t be friends

  3. Third!

    What? For me, this is an achievement! I’ve never been this early to a Circon vid…

  4. Proof positive that the Pershing is a piece of shit!

  5. hallo youtube o/ 😀

  6. how do you get full view range on derp jumbo Oo

  7. Had the same problem with consumables yesterday

  8. Why do you ha 34 heat shells? Gold nub

  9. Damn…this Jumbo was soooo annoying,first I was wonder how did he get there so fast…than he shoot me twice,then i pis off and said im going to kill him,even if they team m8 kill me. then he truck me and rest of his team kill me…and I said…hmmm this jumbo is good,after battle I check and said…wow…it was Circonflexes,to bad I palyed sooo bad …then i saw that he made 1000 Xp and I said to my self…huh,thanks God,I will not be on You tube…and today I log in to see if Circon has some new video…and guess what? Im on you tube…with my worst game… 🙁
    P.S. I play on lap top that over hit,Im in hotel with bad Internet,and I was tired,play after 10 h long shift that game 😛

  10. Like always, tiny Circon using 23% of the camera screen area

  11. I just want you guys to know if you guys use the 76mm with the upgraded turret… *GO BUY A ROPE AND PUT IT TO GOOD USE BY HANGING YOURSELF* you remove the jumbo in it..

  12. Well, cool Circon !

  13. You need 200IQ to understand that top turret ia better

  14. It is better to use stock turret if you play 105mm gun,I use the turret to block all shots of the Ferdinand’s 128mm gun.He load gold to shoot me but still bounce.

  15. Should of used stock Turret. It is 152mm all around.

  16. this turret does give you more view range so i would say its better. The armour on the stock one is only good against lower tiers and tier 7 meds

  17. Load the Skill rounds

    People are not triggered enough with the game so WG had to make it even more frustrating by bugging the consumables lol!

  18. 5:57 what? The fence itself doesn’t trigger HE? Then only the fencepost it is. Nice to know that a fence has no hitbox.

  19. Dear god, SO MUCH HEAT! why Circon why? ?

  20. Whee one of my favouritest tonks

  21. Circon finally three-marking my favorite tank in the game ?

  22. That Kv2 with 2.7k damg in tier8.

    Kv2 stronk.

  23. Great play again and again. I’ll try that setup, cheers.

  24. definitely youtubeworthy; gg wp

  25. “Sigh…Alright. Let’s go shit in this guy’s cereal.”
    Anyone else need that as a sound bite for a replacement of “Let’s find another target.”? Cause I do. Or maybe a ring tone.

  26. I get that consumable bug from time to time. Super annoying

  27. I thought about going E2 for Ace farming on Alliance-15. But somehow I got mostly top tier, and then you need way more then 3K combined to even get 1st class. T71 worked out better for Ace farming in the end tho.

  28. Thought i was the only one having the bug where you can’t use any of the number keys, i hate when that happens, dunno if it’s from the update or what, all i know is i have to switch windows and come back to fix it, sucks when you can’t use repair or med kit.

  29. Lol, Circon playing tier 8 heavy tank role in his tier 6 medium. Everything is as usual then XD

  30. 14:34 there is a face in the rock right where the team chat is…IT’S A GHOST!!!

  31. Just like….a woman’s intuition.

  32. …Fucking Awesome LOL 😉

  33. …VWP – Niz`

  34. 1776 assist top kek

  35. jumbo boy is such a troll tank even without the derp gun XD

  36. Game of games, circ <3

  37. 13 more of those and…… hajahahhahaha

  38. Circon, why u have so many heat rounds? This tanks should be played full he?

  39. Lol 0:20 in Chat “Oinky McBacon” lol ? If I should have a pig for whatever reason, Im going to call the piggy like that ?

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