just a young kv-2

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  1. Imperial Japanese Land Navy triumphs.

  2. Sweden tech tree is the single best tech tree in War Thunder now. You have the absolute classics (T-34, Pz. IV), the wacky Swedish designs, unique copycats like BT-42, A lot of derp guns like the 150mm recoilless rifle and the Bkan 1C, amazing Bofors 40mm platforms, the freaking ZSU-57-2, 100mm pen APDS at reserve, a few good APHEs, in general really good and diverse set of vehicles.

  3. The Spotify idea is a good one

  4. I really miss you mr sir you are definitely my favourite YouTuber rn

  5. I’m convinced Phly forgot how to use Zero Sight Control

  6. Welcome back Phly – Will stay subscribed on one condition: NO MORE CHILDREN.

  7. I think the next thing we need after this is the official WT Fuso, but I’m all for this smol and innocent looking machine that I feel is so misunderstood 🙂

  8. German mains cry and cope because Sweden has their precious 2A6 with addition of two Swedish 2A5’s that are better than German 2A5…
    Also T-80U

  9. 6:10 the Scandenavian tech tree?

  10. Phly what’s ur states 🍁 laws? I get it

  11. Please phly out the I-16 type 10. Thank you

  12. They should honestly make a combined Nordic tech tree. Love the BT42, baby kv2 my beloved.

  13. Petition to rename Sweden swedland

  14. call it Swenish

  15. phlydaily me and my Cousin watched you almost every day I love seeing you back 😀

  16. Every Nations Need a Sherman…
    (all Battleships: I need Shermans Turrets)

  17. is that hand grenades side turret?

  18. Day 1 waiting for a phlyjunior acct

  19. Swoogaria = Sweden

  20. Ah yes, the finnish assuly gun

  21. As a Finnish person – I am offended that we are UNDER SWEDEN.. no no noooo.. it should be so that they are UNDER OUR TECH TREE!

  22. Phly… I don’t see no OnlyFans in the description.

  23. The last top tier tank we need in swedish tech tree is the norwegian K2NO

  24. Swinnish tech tree

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  25. Your videos always make me laugh no matter the day

  26. It makes sense that Sweden wouldn’t have a Sherman, they were neutral throughout the entirety of WW2 so wouldn’t be getting lend-lease vehicles and such, and the Finnish were aligned with Germany out of necessity (it was that or get eaten by the USSR) and so pretty much only fought the USSR, so any Shermans they got would’ve been captured from the soviets (which could potentially have happened but the soviets were mostly using their T-34s).

  27. At when a new video on the beautifull AMX 10 RC ?


  29. What are you doing step tank!?

  30. Now i’m curios if Phly has seen Girls und Panzer xD

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  31. Filip Kotorman 9 Tågaborgsskolan

    In 1946 and 1947, the Swedish army purchased a total of four surplus Shermans (first one M4A2 and one M4A4 without weapons, then a Firefly with the Continental radial engine and one M4 with the 10,5 cm howitzer) from the Brits, mainly to gain experience with foreign tank designs. A few attempts were made to purchase another 50 as surplus (they were very cheap, less than a thousand pounds each – you could get something like 50 modern, fully functional Shermans for the price of a single new build strv m/42), but this deal fell through because of difficulties with finding enough spare parts.

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  32. isnt this the tank in Girls und Panzer?

  33. S-Win-Land.

  34. Hey look phly is on the same research point as me!

  35. Nordic Tech tree

  36. Phly – we got missile boi we got geek we got DOOR WEDGE 😂 😂 😂

  37. id like to see phly revisit the mig19 its a pretty cool plane

  38. ikkelolNL/BangUrDead

    “hope we didnt ruin anyone’s fun too much” *proceeds to spawncamp at starter BR* gotta teach em early

  39. war thunders kinematic damage system works perfectly

  40. 6:15 Call it Scandinavia?

  41. Sweden did actually buy 3 or 4 different shermans for evaluations which is a lot more compared to the trial they did with the T-80U so there might be a chance

  42. Maksymilian Górecki

    Man, I missed Phly soo muchhhh

  43. Pettion to call this the Bavy-2

  44. I’d be down for a tanks song spotify

  45. Maksymilian Górecki

    Shadows are really important, unless someone plays on low graphics and has them turned off lol

  46. No Sweden has to be named: no Sherman land

  47. I missed out on Tigore. I am less a Tigore. I want to whore for a Tigore. Phly… I’ll give you my 4th born child. Bring back Tigore. Somehow, anyhow. GuyDjinn needs to bring back the Tigore. 😢

  48. “Revenge is one’s greatest downfall” – PhlyDaily

  49. FV4005 ❤ KV 2 = BT 42

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