K-2, New Defender 2.0? | New Map Abruzzo | World of Tanks Update 1.16+ News

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World Tanks New K-2, New Premium Tank. World Tanks K-2, New Defender 2.0. World of Tanks New Premium Tank and New Ma Abruzzo. World of Tanks Update 1.16+ Patch News.

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In my final news in 2021 I am going to show you 1 quite a ridiculous tank coming to the game, most likely a premium tank called K-2. This one seems to be like a defender 2.0 in many ways. Also, let’s take a look at yet another new map called Abruzzo

What do you think?


  1. Last news episode in 2021, so once again HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you, much love!
    What do you think about all of this?
    Also, CODE for 22 small boxes: HAPPY22WOT (Not sure which servers working)

  2. The russian Chrysler GF, a tank everyone was waiting for… 🤮

  3. So this is the same cancer as the Chrysler K but for USSR, with ammo that needs you to spam gold ammo

  4. No way??new prrrrremium??they didnt put new prrrremium in game since 1million years,finaly!!!!

  5. Dainius Cikanavicius

    Fnxs cod vork

  6. the pronunciation of the new map should be with “hard Z”. “Abruzzo” is an italian region. kinda like “pizza” the pronunciation of the “zz”
    Beside this, gg as always, and Happy new year!

  7. The games dead now they changes he. I tried getting back in to it and the kv2 and death star are useless

  8. Noa Rønbjerg Kjær

    looks ugly

  9. this is a is-4 with the stock gun. 🙂

  10. Of course its a Russian game so why not another Russian tank we have too feew russian tanks in the game. What the game need is 100 new maps insted and fair game handling but we playing by russian style so nothing is fair game unless you can pay lot of money.

  11. I cant wait for the muppets who buy this complaining about people spamming gold ammo at them.

  12. Some of these tanks can be used in tech tree

  13. I hope that new map is not too open and have many buildings to cover me, LOL

  14. I want another tier 10 polish tank

  15. So, a modified IS-6?

  16. Yeah new map but still constantly playing the rubbish quick game maps

  17. That new tank reminds me of the KV-4, same top speed, same kind of insane side armour, but with much worse gun handling and penetration. I never played with the Defender though

    I have good hopes for this new map, it looks like it should be good for all kinds of tanks, and it looks pretty 🙂

  18. 196 pen? That more like an updated IS-6 for the 2022

  19. doesnt this look like the t1-t3 map they had in the past ? both city and go center and up again ! “san marino” ? just larger .

  20. This K2 is ST I tier 9 in tier 8 premium

  21. This is going to be another tank to break the matchmaker. Put on (ideally bond) turbo, bond stab and full gold and it is broken as hell.
    160 side armor, that’s not all that’s to it. checkout at 1:30 these lines above tracks, 99% there won’t be hitboxes, quite likely it will even be spaced armor and rest is going to be a Vshape. KV-4 have just 150 on the side, but it is flat and it still is a crazy sidescrape machine. This will have 160 and vshaped (most likely with extra spaced protection). It reminds me of IS-5 side, which have also good side armor, but this is twice as thick. Upper plate have also nice angling, so unless they make lower plate weak and add some weakspots like turret overmatch or cupola, side having a weak plate and many other things, it will ruin the game completley.

  22. The K-2 in this state will be unplayable. 50 less alpha than the Defender, but the same total ammo, LONGER reload, WORSE accuracy, LOWER top speed…it has nothing going for it at all except that side armour, which the Defender isn’t exactly lacking in. This tank will 100% receive buffs, there’s no doubt in my mind, because otherwise they’re just releasing a bad tank that most players will avoid, and anyone fighting it will get frustrated like they do with the Defender.

  23. terrrible gun… its soviet so even if it had a 1.0 dispersion, it would still laser beam shoot across the map.

  24. Looks like an IS-4 prototype to me. WG could easily buff and move it to tier9 since there is a prototype for IS-3 in game already at tier8 (but not released yet).

  25. new map reminds me of hidden village.

  26. This looks so much like ST-I/IS-4 hull with IS-3 turret

  27. The map looks alot like a blitz map im not so sure can a wot blitz player confirm it, I’m almost sure I saw that map in wot blitz

  28. K-2 feels like the Chrysler K all over again but russian, maybe it will be a reward tank (but unlikely)

  29. Abruzzo looks great!
    I wonder what the property prices will be like and if there is a decent school.

  30. Great, new toxic tanks.

  31. Unlucky stock,-/f2p grinder.
    Lucky Bots…..

    Nothing to say more w/o getting in rage.

  32. Looks like a tier 8 IS-4.

  33. I like the map, the AT7 would be really good on this map. Happy New year Dez.

  34. Defender isn’t OP. It’s called 0 skill required potato friendly.

  35. a tier 8 IS-4 basically 🤷‍♂️

  36. its funny because its literally the st-1 hull with is3 turret and is6 gun and it looks so bad, i see nothing to be scared of, this is just free damage

  37. at least K-2 doesn’t seem to be op broken tank

  38. WG releases reckon missions so the player base can test out maps that are in development and give feedback to improve gaming experience.

    *WG makes new map that nobody tested, that nobody knows about and that will most likely suck.*

    player base: “Are we jokes to you?”

  39. So it looks like it just has a naked IS4 hull. Oh and of course everone will be spamming 270 pen gold rounds

  40. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    Oh no I’ve been waiting for a new premium tier 8 tanks, its been so looooooooong since they released a new one. Yes thanks wargaming, Im just gonna be there in the corner with my tech tree tanks.

  41. Looks like a tier 8 IS-4 but with the stock turret of the IS-3

  42. Hull: 160/160/120
    Rounded Turret: 250/160/160
    If I’m a T6 or even most T7’s I’m not even going to bother shooting at this thing Imma just run away. Good lord, WG.

  43. I wouldn’t worry about the gun dispersion as the hand of stalin RNG will guide the shell true to target.

  44. That gun seams the gun from an IS men… The D-25T gun lol

  45. Wow the hull like a is-4

  46. mark angelo abelgas

    I hope that the K-2 heavy tank least a Real background history on its blueprints what purpose and when and why this tank? I’m already enough with tier-8 Russian heavy premium tanks like Object 252u.

  47. Just me or is that a stock is4

  48. Gerard Planell Bosch

    They are working on maps 2.0

  49. it is Chrysler 2.0, designed to make you and enemy both fire more gold

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