K-91 Master Class in World of tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The K-91 has one of the worst win ratios of any Tier 10 medium in World of Tanks. Here’s a master class so you can avoid the pitfalls!



  1. Hi everyone! Trying out a new format for a possible series here so please give me your feedback or suggestions for improvements. I explained at the start of the video that I want to make a series of videos that are specifically not tank reviews, which are intended as an introduction to a vehicle, but instead focus on the advanced details to enable an experienced player to take the tank to the next level or alternatively have food for thought to incorporate and change into their own builds. If you hate the idea and think it’s not suitable let me know, if you think there’s improvements to be made suggest them or alternatively if you loved this video and want more pitch in below!

  2. I like the idea begin the format, also love to see you show off the strength of the K91. I love the vehicle and always felt it’s easily brushed off as the gimmicky tank that is not worth the downsides by many.

  3. Lukas Lešnjak Pelko

    Hello QB, could you please do a masterclass on the Manticore?

  4. So in the garage normal equipment and in game bond equipment….

  5. Nice

  6. 😎🍿

  7. I don’t play WoT anymore, not I intend to, but I do find this type of more in depth content more interesting

  8. very informative well done

  9. Man im going to miss daily QB vids when this year ends.

  10. Interesting break down. Thx.

  11. Yes thank you i really need this ( i’m also new to wot so i don’t rly know anything.)

  12. I really wanted this tank for the exact points in this video, but I ran out of Premium account time so I can’t really get past the Tier IX now with how little exp I get

  13. Yeah go for it….

  14. I would love to see the fv4005 in the next episode.

  15. Watching this I realize how little thought I’ve put into field mods and equipment usage. Want to try this on my char

  16. Brilliant setup, requires a lot of skill, so maybe not for the average player, but it is really great to watch

  17. This video is wonderful! I am a console player, and this seems to be just what I needed to jump to that next level of mastering my tanks. I greatly look forward to seeing more of these!! Thank your for your dedication to teaching the player base and helping us improve. Great content! PS please do the Strv 103B next 💜

  18. Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe

    Great idea

  19. Really good idea, focusing on trying to make the most out of a tank. Particularly with new equipment and modifications there’s a whole boatload of different choices now. Whist you gave your two preferred choices with this tank, where there any other contending set ups? And what you thought about them? For example turbo or something like that? Also maybe sometime down the line could you do it as a collaboration with someone? Play a best of three, most combined dog wins or what ever stat…

    Idk some ideas, hope it helps.

  20. i like this series

  21. Borrasque masteclass pls Camo Setup, Damage or Spotting?

  22. I dig it, keep it up QB! 👍

  23. The Devil Never Asks Twice

    Can you tell to which comics character would you compare this “tank” to? 🙂 Where were you all the tonkers when there were no tonks in quake? On the other hand, who would want to visualize, in this detail, something which is generally considered a sci-fi ideological coloured wanking with the past.

  24. yes continue this type of videos please ! i love my K91 too its perfect to see your equipement layout details and its nice working !! gg

  25. QB pls make a video with Obj 416 with Low Noise Exhaust System – stationary camo is around 65% !

  26. A highly in depth analysis of a tank, with equipment choices, specifications, strategies to use per vehicle etc. from an experienced player is always welcome. I enjoy your tank reviews but doing this in a tank that you have substantial games into makes it feel a little bit better.

  27. Ya, sure, but calling it a masterclass is bit too strong, I mean you are good player but nowhere near a level of master.

  28. I really enjoyed this kind of episode and Im looking forward to see more of these, great video!

  29. Sounds good to me with the new idea

  30. Quick tip that even QB seem to miss this alot of times. Even if you turn the automatic hull lock option, in td/tanks without a fully traversable turret you can just press the X key outside of sniper mode to lock your hull without the need to hold the right mouse button when looking around you.

  31. Talks about 50% cost consumables. *looks on in confused NA server*

  32. Did you check how directives would change the setup? A camo directive should free up the slot for the Exhaust system and you could take something else.

  33. lol having cvs changed zero things in that game

  34. My leo same equipment , but with purple vents and rammer

  35. Hey QB wondering how you’d work on getting a third mark of excellence in a Standard B on console?

    • That’s one of my best tanks, one of the few I’ve got 3rd marks on my PlaysforFree account too. I’d recommend watching any of my Standard B or Progetto 65 videos, there’s a lot of them because I love them so much!

  36. e100 next please

  37. Can you do a Master Class episode about the T110E5? I am currently working to get myself to tier 10 in that american tech tree and I was surprised by the fact that the M103 at tier IX and the T110E5 at tier X have the worst win ratio out of all heavy tanks in the same tier. Maybe you can explain why and how will I be able to counter the statistics using my playstyle. Thank you and keep it up! I really enjoy the format!

  38. Hey QB, don’t you think that your overall better recent results might be due to your time/credits/XP investment into field mods and equipment, giving you further advantages over the vast majority of players who don’t/can’t?
    The more I see this, the more I have the feeling that WG have given the tools to further break the balance between tanks, creating absurd situations like you’ve described here with the very strong camo of the K91.
    I fear that such Master Class video, even if nice on paper, will mostly show the players a way to setup a tank in a broken way and how to abuse it.
    Not sure this is an healthy thing for the game. 🙁

  39. I like the tanks that kind of forces you to play well.

  40. STB-1 please

  41. STB1 pub you as he used you as cover in the bush

  42. Oh no QB and a new series. Like i’d love it, but the track record isn’t great…

  43. Holy bananas this dpm is insane

  44. I dont know whats happening with wot for me but why is that that I dont get any exp for my ST-II and other tier X-s??

  45. 👍🏻 for master class.

  46. Love how accurate it is yet a leopard 1 with a .24 cant hit a 4005 or a maus from point blank.

  47. This, actually, is quite helpful for a video. Keep it up, Quackybaby. We might need more of these Master Classes

  48. Absolutely love the K-91. All bond equipment installed, premium consumables, 4 skills per crew member, this is beast like.

  49. rather go to work, don’t play such a junk game gg wg pff

  50. id love to see a master class for every single tank in wot… a short miniseries of … ehm.. many years

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