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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – K-91-PT. This Tier 9 vehicle blurs the line between tank destroyer and medium – but is it any good?


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Michael Daryl Dela Cruz

    Wait till QB gets a load of the Autoloader K91 from blitz lmao

  2. Really looks poor

  3. Funny the first visual impression is that of a later Soviet Elefant/Ferdinand

  4. They are all that we have been crying out for, they are Balanced!

  5. Encounter one of these yesterday while driving my SU 122 44. He hit me unspotted then came in for the kill. He bounced the next 3 shots and I killed him. I think I would rather have the SU 122 44. Same gun, and DPM, though half the hit points and not so great armor…

  6. Martin Van Lierop


  7. If the Panther 88 were a Russian tank destroyer.

  8. Peter Zavragin Вариант. D-17

    *It’s A Good Hull-Down But A Good Aggressive Tenk.*

    What Is It?

  9. I was hoping this thank would be like bobject version 4

    Sadly non of the reward tanks fit my style or tested
    Maybe next year they will ad some meta universal medium tank like obj140 or even better, tier 9 Chimera medium/TD hybrid tank

  10. It looks like something that could have been good a couple of years ago, back when TD’s didn’t have amazing hull armor…

  11. 1:15 QB no longer prefer DPM, this world has certainly changed

  12. what does “turret traverse” mean for TDs with no turret? when you move the gun?

  13. At least it’s not another OP-tank!

  14. I wish you could pick up the KPZ 50 t for Bonds Quicky in NA server, is that possible in EU ???

  15. Panzerkampfwagen Ausführung B

    tanks review >_>

  16. They just shit vehicles out with no care lmao

  17. My kind of tank

  18. So basically this tank sucks?

  19. Am I the only one that is triggered that QB didn’t put the rammer in the damage equipment slot?

  20. Looking at the armor of this thing, I feel like the only situation it can be useful is behind a high enough rubble pile or window. If you get an open field map, you are just screwed

  21. This tank is just a contradiction statistically.

  22. @QuickyBaby youre never going to increse the bitrate of your ingame footage, are you? Its 2021 man, your vids look the same as in 2016
    I still enjoy the content though, keep it up 🙂

  23. This tank makes no sense… a camper/sniper tank with low alpha and worse gun handling than the Borsig with 750 alpha gun? It’s a russian tank they will buff it later, but still…

  24. Sure, more tanks to ‘relax’ in the back to join spagettos and leoturds, oh dont forget to cripple spgs on the way and buff types and mice. Thats the way WG, ‘Scorched Earth II’ game in development. 😀

  25. This abomination reminds him of the old SU 122-54? That would be the absolute last tank that would come to my mind.

  26. Dead space 2? A man of culture I see 😉

  27. why not just play normal k91 in the same way

  28. It seems, that it is a tank for an arty player. Sitting behind and waiting and not moving. Maybe they prepare the community, if they set the sandboxchanges for arty life, nobody will play arty anynmore and the former arty player need some other tanks for there playstyle…

  29. How you get it so fast lol

  30. Not the tank for me.
    But looks like a nice not overpowerd thing for the game

  31. Bertus van de Appelenboomgaard

    STEM FVD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. places the hardening in the dmg slot … okay that works aparently

  33. When will they add Japanese TD line in the game

  34. B̸U̸S̸T̸Y̸ P̸R̸I̸S̸C̸I̸L̸L̸A̸

    they need to buff this things damage to 440

  35. Marius Valentin preda

    I Think QB should move that bounty Rammer in the first slot so he could get that bonus

  36. Just an armored Object 416…

  37. Almost 40tons.. consider that you get rammed now by a T7 meme light that weights around the same.

  38. @11:53 why is improved hardening in the firepower slot?

    • It doesn’t matter, as he’s using bounty equipment in the other slots. Bounty (or improved) equipments don’t benefit from the first slot enhancements. The first slot only matters with standard stuff.

    • @Doctor Gorgomel oh thank you

  39. IMO it’s just a K91 med tank dropped down a tier and badged as a TD

  40. A new russian tank that not’s OP….whaaaat….lol

  41. Q U A C K!

  42. Hmmmm, isn’t the improved hardening in the wrong slot?

  43. Hi, have not played in a couple of years but recently started again. And I was always using QB’s modpack, but cant seem to find it for latest version anywhere. The lastest I can find are from like 1.4, has he stopped updateing them or am I missing something?

  44. So. It’s balanced is what I’m hearing? WG hasn’t released overpowered prems recently and this is a step in the right direction?

  45. Nice vid QB, as predicted that machinegun on the front isn’t a weakspot.

  46. there are too many rewards/premium tanks in this game now. I don`t like it anymore. If you are “free to play” than the game is not nice to play anymore.

  47. All I got out of this review is that this TD is perfect for the braindead campers in Asia server.
    OK. 😐

  48. Permanently Disappointed

    “they’re not idiots”, really?

  49. People, watch skill4ltu’s video on the tank, there you will see how to play it

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